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OPI: Lacquer Black Shatter, 0.5 oz

Apply one coat of Black Shatter over any completely dry shade for an irresistible “shattered” look.

Key features

  • OPI Black Shatter Nail Polish
  • Katy Perry Collection

Honest reviews


goopy crappy

Sally Hansen makes a better black shatter called black crackle. This brand is horrible for shatter. It is so thick and goopy like tar it is hard to apply and if u dont try just right the shattering will look like crap. They also have a line by opi called nicole..its so cheap looking. i honestly dont understand why opi is so expensive when sally hansen does just as good if not better! save your money.

Lesley Cathay, ND

It Works!

Received speedy delivery from this seller which is always a plus!As soon as I opened the package I tested it out over polich I had on my nails already. As soon as the polished dried it was perfect.Here is a tip on how to get the best results:#1 Let you bottom coat dry completly.#2 Only use a thin coat of the shatter.#3 Do not over coat the fist layer of Shatter, because it will NOT give you the right effect. (Very Important)Again do not overlay the first coat of shatter!Black shatter in my opinion looks better over very bright polish. Using dark colors will take away form the shatter look.The only con I have about this product, I used my shatter twice and it is already becoming thick. I’m not sure if this is an issue for everyone but my product is getting thick.Beyond that I really like the product.

Cora Bradley, WV


This black crackle looks great. It seperates perfectly the way it is supposed it. Good price, cheaper to buy on Amazon than to pay for it at the salon. I have many colors for my girls and just do them myself. Buy the Poshe top coat with it!!!!

Sabrina Springfield, PA

The original – don’t buy any other brand of “shatter”!

Don’t be fooled by another other brand. If you want quality, buy this. The original "shatter" polish. PLEASE NOTE: the best advice I can give is that for each nail, you have one shot. You cannot apply more than one coat to achieve the desired affect. Make sure there is adequate polish on the brush to cover the entire nail in three strokes. Work quickly, then watch the magic happen as it dries. Do not attempt to go over wet shatter polish again, it will ruin the entire nail design. Applied smoothly and dried quickly. Highly recommend.

Ursula Christiansburg, VA

A nice change of pace!

Loved experimenting with this nail polish. My only complaint would be it takes a bit of practice, as how much polish you have on the brush during application can make the effect vary. I found myself using it over really intense colors I wouldn’t usually wear. It looked the most fun over a really bright highlighter hot pink. It was nice over metallics as well!

Elvia Frackville, PA

Good product.

OPI is consistently high quality. I love the way that this shatters on my nails and the color of it is so vivid. The only problem that I have had with this nail polish is that it dries very fast inside of the bottle and on the brush. After 6 or 7 uses, you will start to notice a thick, dry texture around the brush, making it hard to paint the nails. Cleaning off the brush after each use would probably be the best idea.

Chelsey Webster City, IA


i USE THIS RELIGIOUSLY!! I will do it with bright colors, neutrals, nudes, water marbel etc. I just regret that I didn’t get more than one bottle!

Magdalena Englewood, TN

Like it a lot

I got this for my mom. She really liked it! It went on smoothly dried quickly and cracked amazingly! It cracks matte but with a topcoat it’s so pretty.The only thing is after a while it got a bit thick I’m not sure if that’s because of the climate here in Trinidad and Tobago…but i added a splash of nail polish remover to it and it was good as ever.

Carrie Port Clyde, ME

Fast shipping!

My OPI Black Shatter arrived promptly! I haven’t used the product just yet but I’m sure I’ll love it after I practice a few times. Thanks for providing the product. I’m a happy customer and I’ll be ordering from this company again.

Milagros Phenix, VA


I can’t say enough about this nail polish. It’s nearly effortless and looks amazing. Thin coats will get you very spidery cracks, too thick and it won’t really crack, a normal amount gets you cracks like in the photo.

Kristi Wenonah, NJ

Still have it

Purchased this years ago and it still works! Gotta love opi! It’s a little thicker than it should be but I still love it.

Mellisa Center, ND

Bit of a learning curve, but worth it!

I’m not the best at doing my own nails, but I enjoy it and have improved over the years. I spend a lot of cash on my hair so it’s hard to justify spending $30 (or so) a week on a manicure. Unfortunately I’ve spent a fortune on my nails anyway, because I’m a polish junkie, but that’s all beside the point.I love the look of the shatter polishes, so despite all of the warnings I decided to give it a go. Frankly, I probably had the polish for a month before I got up the nerve to do it. I am equally pleased and displeased with the results, but in applying the polish I think I gained enough knowledge to make a second application go smoother.So here are my notes as a first-time user:- I was overly cautious of making sure my base color was dry (2 coats of “Oro” by Nubar from the Liquid Metals collection – looks great under the black shatter!). I let it dry for an hour or so before applying the shatter. All tackiness was gone. Seemed to work.- The instructions say to apply a light coat. I would say apply a normal coat like you would for any other polish. This stuff is VERY thick and dries VERY VERY fast (reminds me of tar). If you put too little on the brush it dries too fast and you’re done. Just put that whole mess out of your head and apply it normal – bearing in mind how thick it is and how fast it dries of course.- Because it dries so fast, there’s little room for error. If you don’t like how it went on, you either live with it or start over. You can’t take a lot of time trying for an even coat. It will dry up before you can even rethink what you are doing.- NO Retouches! If you think you didn’t put enough on in the first pass you have to start over or live with it. A second pass results in a glob of black mess that doesn’t crackle. I’m going to go through this week resenting my left hand index finger due to this. humph- A high gloss top coat is necessary. Otherwise it looks like garbage. I used Nubar Diamonte.All in all, based on my general ineptitude at anything truly creative, I think it turned out well. I’d like to try the silver shatter next, over a black polish like Liquid Leather. I hope I helped, enjoy!

Julie Arvada, WY

Okay… It’s all in the application

This was okay, I really love the OPI color that supposedly goes with this one. It’s my favorite and I reviewed it here as well.Update: Last nite, after posting the above review. I had on the nail polish that I stated is my favorite (OPI’s Not Like The Movies).I then shook OPI’s Black Shatter for about 3 good minutes. I then applied thin to medium coats to my completely dry nails. Voila!!! they are rocking right now!!! It is truly in the application. Make sure you shake the polish vigously before you apply to each nail.

Bertha Duvall, WA


it cracks just like the picture shown. I do my own nails and this shatter lacquer makes it look like i got them professional done. I love the look.

Angelina Sherard, MS


This has to be the coolest nail polish ever. I love it….I like the fact that I can wear black and another color under almost gives a cheetah vibe off. Fast shipping….and I feel like it doesn’t need to go on perfect it’s almost infailable

Frances Scottown, OH


Made out of like a rubber substance gave me memories of my very first nail polish as a child . I can peel it off if I don’t put the clear coat on top. It’s also matte so the clear coat is a must. Do not wear with dark nail polish as it gives no real affect I bought it with not like the movies (silver) and had to remove it and use it each time with bright neons like lime and hot pink. It’s nice but not to die for as advertised everywhere I would have kept my $14 and felt better about it.

Francesca Nerinx, KY