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OPI La Collection De France You Don’t Know Jacques

OPI Nail Polish You Don’t Know Jacques! NLF15 France Collection

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  • OPI Nail Polish You Don’t Know Jacques!
  • France Collection nlf15

Honest reviews


really cute!

identical to the photo, really creamy and smoothe but it turns out this color is a little “mature” for me, being 23 and all. I wanted it for fall and thought it would look fun and indie but it pretty much just looked like an old lady color on me. Pretty cute though i guess. In an earthy way.. only it has not so earth-friendly ingredients so I suppose wearing it to look earthy would be pretty stupid. yeah. get it if youre old.. or just older than 23.

Claudia Ault, CO

Good color, lousy consistency.

If you’re looking for a biege-brown color that doesn’t make your hands look “corpse-like,” you’ll like this. It’s the color of mud… or khakis that sat in mud. And it looks good on fair skin. I deducted two stars because 1) It requires three coats and the consistency is streaky (maybe I got a bad bottle). I even used Seche on top and it still didn’t dry. 2) It’s one of those colors that’s easy to get sick of. On day three, it had to go. It was beginning to remind me of cat barf. Sorry, but true. Good to have in the collection… but probably for no more than a season or two.

Marsha Paradise, MT

Loved it!

I love this color and it was mailed out to me very promptly! The polish isn’t old or thick (I was scared it might be old back-stock) and it was packaged well.

Debbie El Sobrante, CA

great dark brown/purple

To me this is nor just a brown color, it has some purple in it. So for me it is a perfect dark brown/purple for your nails. When my nails are short I do not like to use this color. it does not look right to me. but I have light skin color and this is a wonderful color. it also looks really good on my friend she is a dark chocolate brown skin color.

Leola Post Mills, VT

OPI You Don’t Know Jacques!

This is one of my all time favorite shades. It’s like a purplish/brownish color that looks add but is beautiful for fall and winter. It is a bit dark but I love that, it a sophisticated color age appropriate for anyone. The formula is great, requiring two coats to obtain full opacity but well worth it. I have very pale skin and I love how it looks. I suppose if you have darker skin it’ll look somewhat neutral but beautiful none the less.

Angelia Hagerhill, KY

Wonderful color. Just a tad plum-ish

I really enjoy this color, out of all the colors I ordered this was the one my fiancé wanted me to try on first! It is a bit darker and more purpely than I thought but it is still beautiful! I was going to buy a mocha color but this one seems to do the trick with a slight plum shade =]

Chrystal Haynesville, LA


I love OPI nail polish and this color although at first does not look all that good from the bottle is amazing on. I am in my sixties and it really is a nice neutral color that goes with everything. I am usually a pink, red, mauve person but am adventurous so I tried it. I even had my toes done in it too. Great color for any season although I am not sure I will give up my reds in the winter especialy during the Holidays. OPI goes on smoothly and I like having my own bottle of polish when I have my nails done because that way if I need a touch up I can do it myself.

Alma Okay, OK

Pretty Color!!

“You Don’t Know Jaques!” is a cross between plum/brown and mauve. A really subtle dark color if you want to get a darker nail polish but too afraid to go all out black. This color is a good transition to darker colors. I am black with light golden skin and this color compliments my skin very well. It looks very professional and classy. It will look great for a night out or a romantic dinner… Seems to suite every occasion. As far as this brand of nail polish, I love it. It dries very fast and lasts pretty long, just make sure to clean and buff your nails before you apply nail polish to help prolong the staying power of this nail polish.

Elise Youngsville, PA

Great Darker Neutral

This color is a rather dark taupey brown. It’s a great color for the fall and reminds me of chocolate pudding!

Mara La Porte, TX

beautiful color

This OPI nail polish you don’t know jacques is very pretty color ,no matter what color of clothes you wear it goes with everything no changing of your nail polishes saved me a lot of time to do my nails and spend more time with my children.Great quality and no chips on my nails I had it for 2 weeks stil looked good on my nails.

Marcy Kit Carson, CO

Odd color, but I like it.

I first purchased this thinking it was going to be a dark grayish brown? Sounds odd, but it looks like a nice subtle dark polish in the picture. Once it is on it can appear to be so many different colors, at times this nail polish looks purple gray, brown, or just flat out dark gray? Its a nice color but I wouldn’t reccommend it to anyone with a dark skin tone.

Annie Finley, OK

A unique nail polish color

I originally saw this on a friend’s nails and immediately knew I had to buy it. This is one of the most unique nail polish colors I have encountered in a long time; it’s like a mix between gray, brown, and purple – it’s absolutely gorgeous.

Lucia Reeds Spring, MO

Neutral Color

I have this one now and have gotten a lot of compliments on it. I ordered it after having it put on at the salon. It will be one of my top colors. My daughter isn’t a fan of brown … but she is now. It pairs good with Thanks a Windmillion.

Rose Burrows, IN


It looks nothing like the picture, it just looks like a plain dark brown, I would leave a picture if I knew how lol. Just don’t get it thinking it’s like the picture. I will admit it looks nice on me and I’ve grown on the brown color but it is really just like a darkish creamy brown color.

Gabriela Morrill, KS


This OPI color is a must have in your personal or mani biz collection. It is so stunning on toes and looks amazing no matter what the season is. Most impotantly, this color doesn’t detract from your fancy over priced high heels at all. This color goes great on toes with any color open toe shoes!

Desiree Crooked Creek, AK

This Season’s Color

I’ve never bought OPI nail polish before this product, I actually bought it at a local salon and not on Amazon, Love the Nail Polish and this was absolutely this seasons color. I will admit it reminds me of a mud puddle…but its definitely original and it’s flattering to any outfit. LOVE IT!!

Sydney Murfreesboro, TN

Just OK

I admired a grey/brown shade of nail polish on a friend. I looked for the same color and found this color, ‘You Don ‘t Know Jacques’.It seemed like the same shade, but alas, it was not. It looked sort of muddy on my fingernails. I realize that each person has their own shade that fits their coloring best. This color does not look good on me. No fault of the nail polish, it is my nails and body color that don’t match. Just like make-up must be suited to you’re coloring, I have found that some shades of nail polish are the same.Opi has always been my go to nail polish,and it will continue. It was a revelation to me to find that some nail polish colors don’t suit me. When I think about it, of course, I realize how true that must be for everyone!Not Recommended for me. prisrob 08-06-12OPI Best of the Best – 10pc limited edition mini lacquer collectionOPI Tickle My France-y

Justina Alton, MO

Not as great as I expected..

I thought this color would just be amazing but it’s kind of dull..It’s a lot browner than I wanted. But it’s an alright fall color.

Lakisha Bacliff, TX

Love the color

It goes on really smooth and shiny :)doesn’t really chip…it’s been on my fingers for 6 days and I only had to do small touch-upsYou do have to apply 2 layers to get that full color thoughOverall, I would definitely get more nail polish from OPI.

Paula Cove City, NC