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OPI Katy Perry Collection, Black Shatter, 0.5-Fluid Ounce

Spring/Summer 2011 Katy Perry Collection. Dazzling, colorful & totally unique.

Key features

  • Black Shatter
  • Create a shattered effect when applied over dry nail lacquer
  • OPI Nail Lacquer was voted Best Nail Polish in Seventeen magazine’s Best Beauty Awards

Honest reviews


I loved this.

This was really fun while I had it. It dried up on me since I lost it when we moved . by the time I found it it was thick and horrible.

Mayra Hammond, WI

Fun nail art!

I like shatter polishes, even though they are not quite as popular now. You can make lots of fun looks with them with different colors. This OPI Black Shatter one was the first one I bought and it was great! You apply your normal color, let it dry, and then apply the shatter polish. It cracks on your nail and leaves a nice cracked appearance. You can apply it horizontally, or vertically, for different looks. Sometimes I would switch up every other nail. I liked red/black, white/black, and yellow/black combinations the most. Apply a topcoat after everything to make it look sleeker on your nails and last longer. I do have to say, that over time, this polish becomes a little thick and goopy in the bottle. Shatter polishes definitely don’t have the shelf life of regular nail polishes, which can last for years and years. But for a fun look, I would definitely recommend trying one out!

Sue Dutton, MT


I waited a while to use this polish and have been waiting to write a review until I’d used it (DUH!). I like it, I currently have it on top of a mauve-y purple shade solid on my toes and french on my fingers. I was disappointed that the shatter isn’t that noticeable. I just kind of looks like black. Don’t get me wrong, I like black polish, but I was expecting this to shatter like the silver shatter, which actually looks really great and shatters really wide so the polish underneath can be seen. I guess I was expecting it to pop more in contrast with the color of the polish and the black of the shatter. It’s a great polish and it doesn’t chip easily at all, but I’m just not thrilled about the way it looks. Maybe I’ll try a different brush stroke next time. I heard that makes a difference.

Hallie Sheppard Afb, TX


This polish is ok, I hoped it would be better though. It comes out really thick and dries clumpy, not smooth. It also dries as soon as you put it on. The thinner you make it, which is hard to do, the smoother it is… So, thicker means bigger, clumpier cracks, thinner means smaller, smoother cracks. If you practice you may get it down.

Sasha Girvin, TX

A new twist on polish

Can I please just say that I love all OPI products. I was skeptical at first when my daughter wanted this polish. I ordered it anyway because I’m a pushover when it comes to what she wants (within reason). HUGE HIT! She loves it and thinks it’s so cool because all the girls at school are wearing it. Thanks OPI for making me a cool mom to my sometimes picky teenager.

Lily Pillsbury, ND

Love it!

I have bought allot of different ones and I just love them all. Awesome buy too. Use them all on my nails.

Molly Rome, PA

Perfect black shatter

Black shattervis the best shatter of all I got. I got white,silver, black, only black looks perfect. I even tried gold Sephora but still …Idu want to buy one shatter color, this a a must!

Elaine Ravenna, KY

Very pleased

This product works very well. You can’t go over it multiple times like regular nail polish so you have to work quick. It also doesn’t look well with dark colors underneath, a light color looks better.

Lila East Tallassee, AL

Hot Trend in Basic Black

Keep in mind that shatters are thicker than regular polish and they dry quickly, so you have to work fast. Apply the strokes as you normally would though. Shatter polish is all the rage these days. If you’re into this trend, it’s important to have the basics of black, white, red and silver. Additionally, there are many vibrant shatters from which to choose, everything from turquoise to rose. Shatter polishes, in my opinion, are a great way to extend the life of your manicure and pedicure. I like to apply a moisturizing base coat followed by two coats of polish and finished with a glossy top coat. A day or so later, I reapply the top coat. After a week or two, depending on the polish’s quality, all polish will begin to chip. That’s when I apply the shatter and top coat to instantly add another week or so to the color without having to remove it all and start from scratch. I was afraid black shatter would be too Gothic or punky, but with a shiny top coat and the right attire, it’s quite classy and unique, a real eye-catcher. This shatter looks fantastic over all the polishes that OPI created with Katy Perry, so have fun experimenting.

Sarah Sarah Ann, WV

It dries quickly

The black shatter creates a beautiful effect on my nails.The only down-side is that it dries too quickly!After a month, the nail polish kinda congealed and it was very thick. The shattering effect wasn’t nearly as pretty as before. (which is why this only has 4 stars)I read some suggestions online and put a drop of two of nail polish remover in it. Lo and behold! It’s back to it’s mint condition!Personally, I think the special shatter effect is worth the trouble. 🙂

Agnes North Bend, NE

love it

its nice very good color but u need 2 or 3 coat overall nice color i love it n enjoy it

Sadie Williamsfield, OH

Black Shatter is a MUST have

I read alot of reviews by people who are unhappy with this product. I for one LOVE IT. as soon as I got it I was alredy making a list of all my colors that I could not wait to try it on. Just watching it form into its shatter effect is amazing. and I have had nothing but great experience with this product. I also recommend that you put a clear top coat over it.yes, it does tend to clump up after the bottle has been used, but I just sit and shake it up for a few minutes and that seems to loosen it up. but of all the other shatters, the black is the best. I also own the wite and the blue, and both turned out to be complete disappointments.

Tabatha Wind Gap, PA