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OPI Italian Love Affair

OPI Italian Love Affair amazing long lasting nail polish from OPI the world leader in professional nail care.

Key features

  • Opi Italian Love Affair Nail Polish NLI27

Honest reviews


Are all U reviewers CRAZY?

Give us some information – how long does this nail polish stay on without chipping?Does it need a base coat and top coat?Who cares you luv it, luv it…… SAY SOMETHING ABOUT THE PRODUCT THAT DESCRIBES THE PRODUCT THAT WOULD MAKE US PURCHASE IT !!!!!

Josie Greenwich, UT

Nice Color!

I really like this color and this brand of nailpolish is popular for a reason. Love the name!

Elinor Colon, MI


The shade looks different from the picture here. It did not go on smoothly. You’d think it would. I have cheaper nail polish that glides on more smoothly. Did I just get a bad batch?

Judith Westerlo, NY

Nice but dried out quick

This color is a little translucent but if you had enough coats on it is a really pretty color. It is really feminine and pretty and goes well with everything. I used to wear this color all the time but I noticed that it started drying out really quickly. I don’t know if it was from using it a lot or what but I had to throw it away because it got too clumpy to use.

Maura Thayer, IN

Doesn’t go on very smooth, but I love the color

The color is awesome. It’s delicate enough for my fingernails (I don’t like anything but clear usually, I’m odd); but it just doesn’t apply super smooth like most Opi. I spend the money on Opi because it goes on so smooth and even… but this color in particular does not. So be aware you have to PERFECTLY put it on very carefully or it will look uneven.

Renae Lagrange, WY