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opi Holiday “The Muppets” Excuse Mo!! C10

2011 Holiday “The Muppets” Excuse Mo!! C10

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  • 2011 Holiday “The Muppets” Excuse Mo!! C10

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OPI nail polish

I gave this nail polish only three out of five stars because it’s another one of those "sparkle only" colors without a true base color. These types of colors do not show up very well.

Audrey Butler, TN

excuse moi!

it’s a very fun color, hard to take off. it doesn’t just come off with a cotton ball and a nail polish remover, you gotta go in there and take it out with a pusher. but seriously fun and very girly!

Janis Gold Run, CA

Miss Piggy!

This is great color great for toes or fingernails. Excus Mo!! Love the name.But I think these might be out of print cause this the Muppets collection.

Verna Dakota City, IA


This is actually a cool pink. It’s not dark enough to be funky and loud, but not light enough to be sheer or dainty. It’s quite feminine, pretty, and even appropriate in conservative workplaces. It’s a nice in-between pink that you will reach for a lot.

Bettye Trappe, MD

very pretty

This is very pretty and girly. Maybe isn’t the best for professional adults to use on their hands but it’s great for the toes. I think it looks like a barbie party on my feet. :)Only complaint is that the glitter makes it scratchy. A top coat is recommended.

Marylou Indianapolis, IN

Not my fav

This particular color is a little bit more burgundy than I had hoped. I had expected it to be more pink. Still glittery, but not my favorite.

Mari Grygla, MN



Bethany Dingess, WV

Best glitter!

This is easily the best glitter polish out of the Muppets collection. It’s a great sparkly pink and only takes two coats to make it look nice.

Flossie Gracemont, OK

Pink confetti! (But not just for seven year old’s)

This is a light pink-berry glitter base color, with flecks of blue, green, silver, and pale pink glitter in it…it’s a smaller glitter than the others in the Muppet’s series, and I painted a coat of Designer de Better underneath, but no one would know because you can’t see it after one (admittedly generous!) coat of the Excuse Moi! polish. I also used two coats of topcoat to reduce the roughness of the glitter on my nails, but I knew it was glitter when I bought it, so no big deal. Normally I don’t wear pink colors on my fingers, since I have really pale skin and it tends to look “precious” but this stuff is so eye-catching it’s just cheerful! I bought two more bottles of this stuff since it’s a discontinued color, and I don’t know when OPI will come out with a similar pink tone. (There’s a product I have yet to try by Seche Vite that apparently can restore goopy nail polish, drying nail polish…so if I need it and it works I’ll let you know how that goes…)

Sonya Bedford Hills, NY