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opi halloween 2011 pair’em scare’em **black shatter AND zoom-body to love

1 opi black shatter 1 glows in the dark “Zoom-body to love”

Key features

  • 1 opi black shatter
  • 1 glows in the dark “Zoom-body to love”

Honest reviews


dont recomend

i hate having to pay for something that doesn’t work. paid for the freaking item & the shipping and handling and then you get a piece of crap in the mail.

Jody Pepperell, MA


i love both of the nail polishes but when i bought these i was going by the picture. when i got them in the mail i was extremely happy but like i said i went by the picture which i was not happy about at first, but now i love it and that is why im givng it 5 stars

Pamela Hopkinton, RI

opi pair em scare em

I LOVE THIS SET. the green takes a few coats to show up but i love it more than the purple glow in the dark from tattoo ta-boo. the formula is just like any normal opi, unlike the purple thats gooey and gritty. the shatter doesnt work as nicely as the sinful colors one but its ok.

Tori Atwater, MN

Must use more than a “couple” of coats!

I got this polish and I had read the reviews saying that the polish wouldn’t come out the correct color unless you used MANY coats so I was ready for this! I used 6-7 coats actually, lol! It came out AMAZING! It looks just like the bottle on my fingers. I let the polish dry for a few hours before applying the shatter because the shatter won’t work if the polish isn’t 100% dry. It came out amazingly well. I’ve never posted pics before but I’m going to post pics for sure if I can figure it out. I HIGHLY recommend this polish to everyone who asks me about it…which is just about EVERYONE!!The glow doesn’t work for very long. I put it by a light for about 3 minutes and got aproximately 2 minutes of glow time. NOTHING like I got with my wet and wild glow polish that comes with the tombstone lid…but it isn’t this gorgeous green color either. I like this MUCH better.

Young Imperial, TX

A fun surprise

Fun fun fun. I still get a kick out of using the glow in the dark and painting mummies over the glow in the dark color, then locking family and friends in the dark and listening to them laugh! Never gets old!

Karen Maumee, OH