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Opi Gelcolor Nail Polish, My Chihuahua Bites, 0.5 Ounce

OPI introduces the latest advancement in the increasingly popular gel service category: Gel Color. Each coat cures in 30 seconds and features a custom brush for fast, polish-on application. The 100% color gel formula wears like a gel and looks and feels like nail lacquer that lasts up to two weeks without losing shine. Fully cures from foundation to finish in only 4 minutes and removes with ease.

Key features

  • Manicure with Gel Color lasts up to two weeks
  • Wears like gels, feels like nail lacquer
  • Cures in 30 seconds

Honest reviews


Hot! Hot! Hot!

I love this color. It has just the right amount of pink and orange mix. Great hot summer color. With a tan or darker completion it stands out even more. Gives off a bright cheerful glow. Friends and other ladies at the salon have asked the color and are now huge fans of it too. Being that it OPI it wears fabulously.I lurches both the OPI gel ( for my fingernails) and the OPI nail polish for my toes. My review is the same positive one for both products. I’m a happy girl….. Thanks OPI.

Kelli Holly Hill, SC

LOVE the color

I have been waiting for OPI to come out with a deep cherry/wine color in their Gelcolor. This is a perfect winter shade. I highly recommend OPI to anyone who uses gel nailpolish.

Florence Watertown, TN

Yodel me on my cell

This is a nice color it is a darker blue than the color shown is has some sparke to it wish it was lighter like show on the bottle daker but nice

Lakeisha Fanwood, NJ

Love everything about it!

It’s an amazing color, easy to apply, and lasts as long as it should. I definitely recommend it to anyone looking to have their nails done professionally, or who does their own nails at home.

Terry Revere, PA

Great polish

I purchased this polish for my daughter a nice bright spring polish looks beautiful and she loves it would buy again

Melinda Placedo, TX


VERY disappointed with the color.The first thing I hated was that it took 4 coats to completely cover the color of my NAIL! So that was not only a waste, but that many coats never looks good either way.Secondly, the actual color. It reminds me of something an 80 year old grandma would wear. Its super light but with a strong light ‘rose’ color to it. Hard to explain, but to sum it up I normally like ALL shades of pink and I’ll probably be throwing the bottle away since I cant return it, and I know I will never use it again. Oh well….Nothing wrong with the seller though, shipped fast. :)It just wasn’t for me….

Abbie Corolla, NC

A bit more challenging to use to make it look good

It does give a matte finish, but I realized that I needed to wipe off the residue before i could see it. It does show imperfections very well. A bit more challenging to use because you need to put it on very carefully and smoothly.

Rachel Bryceville, FL

Beautiful brown color

I’m Hispanic with olive tone skin, thus warm colors look best on me. This is probably the best and only nail polish that looks perfect on my skin. Plus I’m in the military and this color is "allowed" 🙂 one of my favorite colors!!

Corrine Adams, OR

fun color!

I have been doing my own "shellaced" nails for over a year now. I do feel like you get more for your money when buying OPI vs CND. I think both brands equally worked well but I am used to the OPI handle so it is easier for me to bright color! reminds me a of cajun shrimp. Also I have a chiweenie (Chihuahua x Weiner dog) so of course I had to buy this color.

Alyson Milner, GA

I love it

Came timely and wrapped securely. I love the color. It’s a beautiful red and it shines beautifully. Its paints on nicely also. I’ve had it on for 4 days and it still looks brand new.

Randi Riddle, OR

Love the Matte Finish

I use mostly sheer or light colors and I love the look of the matte with them. It does matte even further after a day’s wear so I don’t get the complaints about it not being matte enough. You could just rub the nail with a piece of paper to soften the shine if it bothers you but I don’t find it a problem.

Miranda Benson, IL

Has a gray hue

While OPI is one of the best gel polishes i dont know who this color would look good on. It has a gray tint to it. First OPI color I do not like.

Gayle East Orange, NJ

Long lasting…but color WAY darker than expected!

Overall, I had a good experience with this polish. Here are the pros and cons of my experiences.PROS(1) LONG-LASTING – This polish lasted almost 2 full weeks! It probably could have lasted longer, but I took it off to switch to a different color. Just be sure to properly prime your nails before polishing (with a primer specifically designed for gel polish) or else you may experience peeling.(2) EASY APPLICATION – I have always loved OPI polish because of the big brush that makes application easy…this GelColor polish has the same great big brush! Also, I love this polish because you can put a nice thick coat without having to worry about it taking forever to dry.CONS(1) COLOR – The color is NOT what I was expecting at all. I thought this would be a bright blue that would be perfect for the summer. When I got the package I was very surprised how dark the color was. While the color is nice, it would be much better suited for the winter than the summer. The color is very dark with some shimmer.In summary, I always have good experiences with OPI, and this polish is no different!

Shana Franklin Park, NJ

Sparkly pink

A bright medium pink with lots of sparkle, not for your french manicure. Has good lasting ability, I can get at least a week to 2 weeks without too much chipping.

Elva Bloomingdale, NJ