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OPI Gelcolor Nail Polish, GCP61 Samoan Sand, 0.5 Fluid Ounce

Like a rich, foamy latte or a sunlit beach shore, OPI Samoan Sand finds luxury in neutral hues. This sheer, streak-free polish highlights between pink and brown for a rich, yet subtle beige. Give your nails a pure au natural, clean and elegant look by gliding on a glossy, creamy coat. An OPI GelColor, originally from the Soft Shades Collection.

Key features

  • Advanced Gel Polymer
  • High-speed LED technology
  • Iconic OPI color at the speed of light

Honest reviews


favorite color!

I am very fair skinned and this color (I just do one coat) compliments me very well. With one coat, it barely covers the tips of my nails, so some white does peek through, but I like that. With three coats, it completely covers everything. I always joke that I have "Barbie hands" when wearing this because my whole hand is flesh-colored. It’s a nice, neutral color with a hint of salmon/peach, so not completely nude. The gel is good quality, too. I think I will only by OPI gel going forward.

Joann Waverly, NE

Perfect for women in the military!

I love love this color!! It’s hard to find good nude shellac colors that have good coverage on the nail. It’s a beautiful light salmon/peachy color. I use three coasts to get the color I want and it comes out perfect! I will continue to buy this color and I would recommend it to anyone that needs a good neutral for daily wear.

Mai Medford, WI

Pretty color if you like nudes

I have this in the regular polish and like it. When your Gel mani if first done it looks good but as time goes on it looks like the color of dry wall.For the length of time it takes to remove GEL polish I don’t use it often.

Lois Dundee, NY

Pretty natural

When people say these are like mannequin hand color nails so right on there are very natural look up swatches on line pretty.

Charlotte Metaline, WA

color is deceiving

Not my favorite – too peachy. I switched to Passion for a nude and it is gorgeous. I would not buy this again.

Jane Princeton, ID

Very nice basic neutral

I wanted to have at least one neutral color nail polish and finally picked this one. I didn’t want just a super light pink. I didn’t want a glitter or translucent color. I wanted a neutral, almost nude cream. I like this choice. I usually get bored about a week in and because it’s so neutral, I can put regular polish over it without issue for another week or so.

Gabrielle Brownsdale, MN

Perfect Nude

Its the most beautiful peachy-nude color. I love it. With 2 coats you can just barely see the natural nail. I usually use 3 coats when I want the color to be completely opaque. *****Also quick note, the line of OPI gelcolor is the same as their regular nail polish line so if you google the (name of the color) + swatch , then pictures will come up to show you the true color since the color swatch on Amazon can be a bit decieving. Hopefully this helps someone.

Vera North Chelmsford, MA