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OPI Gelcolor Collection Nail Gel Lacquer, Lincoln Park After Dark, 0.5 Fluid Ounce

Opi gelcolor collection is the new, polish-on gel formula. Soak off gel lacquer.

Key features

  • Cures in 30 seconds
  • Proven to maintains shine after 2 weeks
  • Fast application and simple removal

Honest reviews


Love OPI Colors

Love OPI quality and consistency. The gel version perfectly matches the regular nail enamel version. Can never be disappointed in what you get – only wish they would offer more of their colors as gel polishes.

Celeste Lopez, PA

Super thin – not recommended at all!

I had high hopes for this color – I really wanted a nice deep purple that would have the shine of gel but was sadly disappointed. The polish is super thin and runny, so it pools by your cuticles and looks nice and dark, while the actual nail looks sheer and sloppy. By the time you get enough coats to make the nail look good, there is so much pooled around the edges that it just looks ridiculous.

Allene Pocasset, OK

Lincoln Park After Dark Gel Polish

Lincoln Park After Dark Gel Polish is a nice dark redish purple, the color is great, however the polish is a bit thick. With the OPI gel polishes my gel manicure will usually last about two weeks. However, I am always changing my color so I normally don’t go a full two weeks.

Leanne Normandy, TN

Nice deep black color

Be very careful applying this color. It will bleed into your cuticles and sides of nails. Apply a VERY thin coat! Other than that, great black color :=)

Helena Makoti, ND

Worst Gel I’ve Ever Tried

As a Cosmetology student, I’ve played around with a couple of brands of gel. OPI has been the biggest pain. I’ve used Shellac, ManiQ, and Gelish and I feel that this OPI is way too runny and cures poorly, even with OPI’s base and top coat (which I also do NOT like). ManiQ is a runnier gel, but this stuff won’t sit on your nail long enough to paint the rest of your hand. Also, I have this EXACT color and the gel is a glossy dark purple brown black mess rather than the pretty deep plum polish. I can cure thin coats for up to three minutes each, and after I get the top coat on, it’s still a streaky gooey mess underneath.So long story short, NOT worth the money AT ALL. I recommend CND Shellac, Gelish is good if you’re on a budget (colors require about 3 coats at least), and ManiQ is great if you are experienced with gel and wanna pay a little more, as they are also runny (BUT opaque and it stays on forever). BUT NEVER BUY THIS OPI JUNK, please please please.

Jenny Granby, VT

Good color, only ok when applying

This has always been one of my favorite nail colors. I do my own gel polish nails at home and although I really do love to wear this color, I have found it to take a little longer to cure than all of my other gel polishes. The color also settles a lot in the bottle so you really need to make sure you shake, shake, shake and then shake the bottle some more to make sure the color completely mixes before applying.

Frankie Castle Rock, CO