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Opi Gelcolor Collection Nail Gel Lacquer, Funny Bunny, 0.5 Fluid Ounce

Opi gelcolor collection is the new, polish-on gel formula. Soak off gel lacquer.

Key features

  • Cures in 30 seconds
  • Proven to maintains shine after 2 weeks
  • Fast application and simple removal

Honest reviews


Funny Bunny is the best white for nails

Funny Bunny is my very favorite OPI color and since they don’t sell it anymore I bought the Gel and the regular polish from Amazon. I’m so happy I found it on here!! It gives great coverage with 2 coats and in my opinion the perfect white for nails. I’m a big fan of white from Essies Blanc in the summer with a tan to Waltz and Marshmellow and Funny Bunny beats them all to wear alone without a French Manicure anytime of year.

Elba Bippus, IN


In reading reviews for this color, I thought it was going to be a SHEER, Translucent white with a blue/purple/pink shimmer. As soon as I opened it, I knew the reviews were wrong. This polish could not be any more OPAQUE!!! It is completely white with NO color whatsoever. Still – I applied it. The first coat was horrible! Un-even-And I paint nails very well. I applied a 2nd coat – worse. After the 3rd application – I had to take it off. Not only was it SO thick it looked horrible – but it is an extremely chalky white color and just looked disgusting. It is in NO WAY Sheer!!! I have photos of this terrible color and will post as soon as I can. I will never buy this again! YUK!

Misty Brinnon, WA

Amazingly Deceptive Awesome Color

This color is actually not white like the top would make you think it is. Instead it’s like a super iridescent pink. You will love it. It’s like if you slightly tinted a bunny with pink mist. I guess it’s part white and part pink. I have gotten a lot of compliments.

Liz Grand Isle, LA

White w/a purple blue shimmer underneath.

Nice color. Has purple and blue colors mixed in a shimmer effect (kind of like oil) so it changes color with different angles, is mainly white though. Is nice to mix with other colors to add cool tones.

Sheri Redway, CA

great gel nail color

great price so much easier to have on hand for touch ups and taking with you to the salon to always have in case the salon does not have your desired color…

Aileen Pennville, IN

Works great as a base under nail design

Works great as a base under nail design, as a white tip or just by itself. It’s not a crisp white, sort off white – but I like it better than whitest white. Looks great with neon colors

Kerri Smithfield, ME