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Opi Gelcolor Collection Nail Gel Lacquer, Base Coat, 0.5 Fluid Ounce

Opi gelcolor collection is the new, polish-on gel formula. Soak off gel lacquer.

Key features

  • LED cures in 30 seconds
  • One coat provides a gentle foundation
  • Fast application and simple removal

Honest reviews


OPI Base Cost

The OPI base coat is a great foundation for any gel polish and it helps my manicures last approximately two weeks. I highly recommend this base coat, as it can be used in conjunction with any gel nail polish.

Tommie Greenwood, AR


Great product, I love it. I will never use any other product other than OPI. When I would get a gel polish in the salon, I was allergic to whatever product they would use. I have no problem with this product.

Mai Jonancy, KY

not as expected

Not as expected, doesn’t cure well in led. Needs two cycles for proper. Unless my led light has an issue. Allthough it cures all my other polishes.

Leona Laceyville, PA


I really do love the entire gelcolor line. I find that it really keeps my manicure intact for 2 + weeks. And this is coming from someone whose nail polish would chip the same day after I painted them with regular polish. I do the gel color system at home and it is super easy. So I encourage any beginners to try this out, especially if your manis don’t last with regular polish. Save your money at the salon and invest on this line to do at home!! ***( I use with the SHANY UV Nail dryer, super affordable).

Jodi Moodus, CT

this is a great find

I am so excited to locate this it is the same product used by my nail professional and I have searched for it. I am very pleased

Laurel Lattimer Mines, PA

Did great

Went on great hopefully will stay on great too had no problems at all love my OPI product keep up the great work…

Aileen Jackson, GA

Thinner than other gel base coats

OPI is a thinner style of base coat to work with than Gelish. If your nails are thin and break easily, this may not be the base coat for you. I have been using this in conjunction with the OPI Gelcolor Nail polish and can get by, but only get a week before I will start to chip and need to refresh or redo the manicure.

Juliana Sheridan, OR

Ok base coat… hardens in bottle

I’ve been giving myself gel manicures for over 2 years, and the weirdest thing happened with my OPI base coat. It hardened in the bottle! I know it was tightly closed and properly stored. But after about 5 months of having it and using it about one a month, it became hard and I wasn’t able to finish the bottle.When it was usable, I found it no better than the gelish vase coat that I had been using. In fact, my manicures with the OPI base gel only lasted about 7 days, and with gelish I can get 2 weeks. I really think it has something to do with your mail chemistry. But all in all, I’ve had much better luck with other brands and won’t be buying this one again.

Jeanine Falls Creek, PA

Good Product

If your doing GEL polish you need a base coat, I don’t have anything to compare it too I’ve only used OPI. Not sure if this helps but I guess I picked this base coat because I purchased OPI Gel polish. I will use it with other GEL brands too, no need to buy another brand of base coat if you buy CND shellac colors unless they say otherwise. I haven’t had the chance to try Essie Gel yet so with this I may buy the whole product line.

Gail Bevier, MO

lasts a long-long-long time!

I wasn’t sure what to think when I saw how thick this was but no problems at all-Highly recommend OPI over others I’ve tried.No chipping-no pealing. Great stuff!

Evangelina Swarthmore, PA


Love it only gel base that works for me. Tip put it under a heatingAd for a min or so before you use it makes it even thinner so easier to apply

Gilda Ruskin, FL

Performs well, but…

This seems to work much better than the gelish foundation – it doesn’t peel. It’s also a bit more difficult and time consuming to remove. I would say this is my holy grail base coat but after just a month and two or three uses, it has really started to clump and congeal inside the bottle. Of course, I keep it closed and out of light, same treatment as the other gel polishes I own. Never had this problem with any brand or with the OPI gelcolor shades. Not sure how long this bottle will last at this rate.

Martha Atlanta, NE

Works good

I always used gelish harmony base coat but for some reason the gel base would recede from the tip of the nail so I tried this one, O.P.I., and the receding stopped. Application is easy and smooth. It’s not as thick as gelish but it still provides added strength for natural nails. O.P.I. is now my preferred base coat.

Cecile Saint Clairsville, OH

You NEED This

OMG, so I started doing my nails myself and thought the base coat was optional. Umm…. nope! You need this. If you don’t, your Gel nails will peel right off. The Top Coat is just as essential. And for good measure, use the little alcohol cleaner before you put on the base coat to make sure your nails are super clean and dry. Now my polish looks sooo much better and actually stays on for a few weeks.

Emma Spur, TX

Better then most Gels

I feel like the most important part of Gels is the base coat! This is my first OPI and I absolutely love it! they look and go on so much better then some of these other colors! They also are not that thick so it looks more natural rather then thick and gloppy like some other gels I have used in the past. I would def. buy more colors in OPI

Hope Richfield, KS


Great product, great seller – I have been doing my own gel nails for about a year now – OPI is the brand that seems to last the longest in my opinion. Will by again.

Annie Greenville, CA

Love it

I’m a nail tech and I love this polish. It’s not messy, it’s an easy application process. I just recommend you invest in an awesome dryer for your nails to go with this great product.

Lynn Evansville, IL

Does the Job Well

This is a base coat for gel polish about which I have no complaints. It cures in 30 seconds with an LED light. Very convenient.

Crystal Swansea, MA