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Opi Expert Touch Lacquer Remover, 4 Fluid Ounce

Opi expert touch lacquer remover is more effective than traditional polish removers, because it is strong enough to fully remove even the darkest shades without staining than nail or skin. Leaves cuticles soft and supple and has a fragrant, fruity aroma.

Key features

  • Clears away dark shades of nail lacquer fast
  • Leaves cuticles soft and supple
  • Non-drying formula with a pleasant aroma

Honest reviews


Not for Shellac

Tried to use this for CND Shellac nails and it just doesn’t work very well. It works better than what you buy at the store but not much better. I got the CND remover, which I discuss in another review and it works great.

Adele Hudson, KY

amazing product

i received it thinking it was bigger because usually you need a lot of remover to take of polish but this remover is amazing you barley need any for both of your hands. I will definantly be repurchasing this product!

Emma Manassas, VA

like it

works great, not as rough as acetone, but still gets the job done. i tend to like this one better than the CND remover

Vanessa West Babylon, NY


This stuff will take your polish off fast and easy! I love this stuff and should have bought the biggest bottle they had. 🙂 but the 4oz lasted quite a while for me.

Kay Bellaire, TX

Very powerful

I purchased this product to remove a ‘shellac’ manicure my daughter talked me into. Pretty but no ordinary polish remover gets that stuff off. This worked! I am going to keep it around as my new favorite for all polishes.

Vilma North Bay, NY

Good product

Good product which doesn’t have a strong smell, it’s appreciable. Small bottle but I’m not using it every day so it’s good.

Kay Arbuckle, CA

Great – from a skeptic

This was the first tie that I have purchased a more expensive nail polish remover. I kept thinking what could possibly make a polish remover any better for gosh sakes!The answer is "quite a bit" actually. This product, another winner from OPI, blazes through polish removal in a flash. You may pay more initially, but I think that you also use less with this stuff – so it helps to even out the cost. Plus, it is much faster than ‘drugstore’ brand I think. As far as if it dries out my nails more or less? Well, it seemed to be less harmful, but perhaps that was just all in my head? I don’t know about that exactly, but I do know that I am a convert to this polish remover!

Carole Eden, TX

Good for gel polish removal

Pretty tough stuff. Strong odor. Works great for gel polish. Took about 10 min to soak and though I’m sure it’s not much stronger than acetone from walmart, I like it.

Patty Medley, WV


If you need an acetone remover, this one is the best. Removes all my thick glitter nail polishes like a dream ( Im talking about OPI liquid sands and Zoya Pixe, plus base coat and Seche Vite top coat ) with one cotton ball in less than 3 minutes. That is a huge surprising for me, add more loving because I dont have to rub my nail a lot.The first time I used it, assuming that it would be like Pure acetone, soaked it generously into cotton ball, applied on my nail which were painted 4 layers, slightly pressing for 2 seconds then wiped the cotton out, About to start rubbing but my eyes were rolling, the painting where this remover touched were all gone, showed my bare nail under, just a bit residue of glitters scattered. Im so exciting that I would be enjoying my nail things more often coz I was lazy everytime I had to remove stubborn glitters or dark colors.This remover does contain acetone as a main ingredient yet combines some nourishment so it doesnt dry my nails. If you’re afraid about the "drying effect" , just apply lotion on curticles, thats the easiest way. This one is a bit expensive but a little goes a long way and I will buy the bigger size to save money.

Briana Miltonvale, KS


I use this for removing OPI Gel color. It is essential and works in about 10 mins if you keep your hands just a little warm while the nails are soaking.

Luann Clitherall, MN