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OPI Expert Touch Lacquer Remover, 16 Fluid Ounce

Professional formula removes nail lacquer fast, while hydrating & mosturizing cuticles.

Key features

  • Clears away dark shades of nail lacquer fast
  • Leaves cuticles soft and supple
  • Non-drying formula with a pleasant aroma

Honest reviews


Does not work on gel nails

I read the reviews and they say that it works on Gel nails, hence I was eager to try it out. I soak a cotton ball and wrap it in foil. It took only a little off my nails.The only plus side is the remover does not have a very strong acetone smell.

Clare Ridgway, CO

I Love It

OPI Expert Touch Lacquer Remover is wonderful, you don’t have to use a lot and it remove the lacquer very easy.

Alexandra Kingston, WI


Great product but I find that the polish remover in the drug stores is just as good as this product and I find that I can stock up on more product that buying online. That is hard for me to say because I buy a lot online.

Francis Jackhorn, KY

Gets it all off & doesn’t stink!

This is the only nails list remover I will ever use. The smell doesn’t stink up the whole house, nor does it give me a raging headache. It takes off stubborn glitter polish or dark, staining polish easily without drying out my nails or fingers. Get the big bottle and decant into a smaller bottle for every day usage.

Trina Midland City, AL

Does a great job!

The OPI Expert Touch Lacquer Remover does a great job! works fantastic particularly removing the gel out of my nails. Love it!

Maryann Vernon, MI

Worth every dollar… the best!

After using the drugstore brands and being totally frustrated by their poor performance and rising prices, I decided to give the OPI Expert Touch Lacquer Remover a try.Yes, it is more expensive, but it is in a much larger bottle. Enough is dispensed on your cotton round that you are not constantly tipping the bottle back and forth to get the round wet as with other brands. Ultimately, you use less product as well.It removes polish easily without an offensive odor. Discolored polish dried residue from the past also gets picked up.It is simply a superior product!

Kim Allendorf, IA

Definitely better than what I’d been using!

After reading the other reviews here I was hesitant about buying this product because it IS more expensive and if it didn’t work well then…I wouldn’t be happy. However I am VERY pleased as this stuff seems to work more quickly and removes ALL of the gel polish rather than leaving bits and pieces behind. I will definitely continue to use this product and recommend it for others who use gel nails…

Lindsay Thebes, IL

Just buy it!!

I have not used anyother polish remover since using OPI Remover, it’s fantastic and does not dry out your nails at all, its a must!!

Cecelia Rich Hill, MO

Best remover out.

Works fast and even removes the hard to get pesky corners with ease. This is a must have for anybody that does their nails.

Sheree Catarina, TX

Great product!

Great product! I have gel nails, and this polish remover is amazing; super gentle on both nails AND skin. Love it.

Georgette Logandale, NV

Love It!

It gets the nail lacquer off fast and doesn’t dry my cuticles. This 16 ounce bottle will last a long time. I highly recommend.

Brenda Manor, PA

love it

Only remover i use for my gels. i do add heat to my removal makes it easier to get the polish off.

Charmaine Mc Cutchenville, OH

goood but still damage the nails

The only problem for gelish nail is removing them. I once used very cheap remover and it damaged my nails a lot, so I changed to this one. I guess this one is a little more soft than my previous cheap one, but it still hurts, damages my nails even though it’s better than my old one.

Maricela Smith, NV

Lacquer polish remover

This is very good for removing all the layers I have on my nails after one week of applying strengthener. Very pleased with it.

Emily Woodcliff Lake, NJ

The best

This remover is the best I’ve ever used. I’ve shared this product with my coworkers and everyone agrees that we would never go back to using the drug store brands we previously used. This size seems expensive but it is the best value and you use so little to remove the most stubborn polishes that it is well worth it. One satured cotton ball will remove all ten nails easily.

Janna White Earth, MN

Works like magic on Nail Lacquer

This removes shellac and lacquer much quicker than using acetone alone. I use it on my toe nail polishes and it removes the polish in one or two swipes with a cotton ball. Great product.

Dollie Slatington, PA


Big size , very gentile on my nails have nice smelland remove very easy any color , gel or glitter nail polish

Rosa Milnesand, NM

Great Product!

Very happy with purchase and container is a good size. Removed polish easily and very quickly. Will definitely order again.

Gayle Pequannock, NJ


This product works faster than regular polish remover, but it seems a bit harsh on my natural nails when removing gel polish.

Clara Iron Station, NC

Great prodcut/price

exceeds the quality of drug store brands, price is good. i’ve tried a lot including butter london, zoya, etc…this works as good or better and is a fraction of the cost.

Germaine Kalona, IA

A Lifetime Supply of Nail Lacquer Remover!

Opi nail lacquers are arguably the best nail polish around, but you can only remove this nail polish using this product. Since two soaking cotton balls are all that are necessary for the ordinary manicure, this bottle will last you forever. Fortunately, it is worth having around that long!

Nichole Milton, DE

Good Product

This remover works well for the gel polish products. Buying it in this size bottle is more cost effective than the smaller bottles available locally. It is much more kind to your nails than using a pure acetone product.

Kaitlin Corozal, PR


Best product, hands down, for removing polish…5 stars !! I have tried many removers and none have worked as quickly or as thoroughly as this product, and my nails have remained strong !! Love it and recommend it !!

Jewel Junction, UT

So Fast!

Wow! Instead of scrubbing the polish off my nails, it comes off in an easy swipe. It can’t be good for you, but neither is the polish and some things are worth the small risk!

Valarie Jonestown, MS