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OPI Dulce De Leche


Key features

  • OPI NL A15 0.5OZ

Honest reviews


Quality, Color Win Hands Down

OPI is the one nail polish I can count on for excellent quality–no matter what shade I use. The polish is creamy, doesn’t streak, and even without a top coat, keeps its shine for a few days.Since each one’s skin tone is different, it’s hard to tell you that Dulce De Leche is a ‘nude’ but, for me, it blends in well. I prefer a well-groomed look and not a shocking nail color. Since professional French manicures are costly and time consuming, this color is a wonderful alternative to maintaining that groomed look. Should you not have time to re-polish your nails, a small chip won’t be so glaring in the nude tone. If you have artificial nails (acrylic, gel), the lack of color near the base of the nail bed (as your nails lengthen between manicures)will be less obvious, using Dulce De Leche. Of course, if your skin is dark, this won’t work for you. Try to find a shade closer to your own skin color. This is a wonderful way to stretch the time between manicures.

Sally Kahlotus, WA

Nude with pink undertones

I was so excited to finally try this color out. It looked so pretty in pictures on the internet and when I finally got it, I was a smidge bummed. I feel this color is a little too pink for me. I thought it was going to be more on the nude side. I will use it, but not for days when I want nude nails, because this is more of a pink.

Geneva Vansant, VA


I liked this polish. It is a nice neutral shade that goes well with everything. And it wears well also.

Marisa Chatham, PA

Just Okay

This color is just too blah for me. It is too light and does not even show up on my nails. I don’t know if it is just my skin tone but I’m not impressed. I also don’t know if it was just old since I know it’s one of the classics but the color seemed to settled at the bottom and the consistency wasn’t normal.

Robbie Mill Shoals, IL


Like the color. Love OPI products. Wish they made paraben free products. My friends oncologist recommends no paraben products as paraben is an estrogen receptor and can lead to cancer. As such, I am ceasing any use of any products containing paraben..not worth the risk.

Carol Carolina, RI

Pretty Pinky Neutral

This color is so pretty, it is a great neutral rosy pink color. Coverage on this is great as well, very opaque!

Elsie Jermyn, TX

The BEST nail polish

LOVE this shade, blends right in with my skin tone, doesn’t show chips much at all. There is only ONEbrand of nail polish for me, it is OPI

Thelma Niagara, WI


OPI is the best, this color (Dulce de Leche) is great. Not too flashy, not too boring. Just kind of classy and neutral. Unfortunately, I just made the big switch to gel polish so I have no use for it but I may try layering it between the bottom and top coats of gel and see how it works. I would recommend this product!

Marion Vail, IA

Love OPI

The product was great and shipping was speedy. I have been eying this color for a while and finally decided to try it. I love nudes especially in a professional setting, but this one really didn’t stand out like the others in the OPI brand. The consistency was great and smooth but for me the actual color did nothing for my mocha skin tone. Still love OPI though 🙂

Holly Rutherford, NJ

Ok for Neutral Polish

This color is just ok if you are looking for a neutral polish color. I would recommend it if you like light colors.

Penny Norge, VA

Favorite OPI ever

This is my go-to color in my polish collection. Its the perfect neutral to complement my skin tone: winter pale, or summer tan. LOVE and definitely recommend.

Dorothy Berlin, MA