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OPI Don’t Touch My TuTu

This is a professional quality nail polish and is very strong and durable. OPI Nail Polish works wonders on either natural fingernails or acrylic nails.

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a great natural neutral

I really like this color but it takes 3 coats to see it at all! It is very very sheer. It is a nice neutral that whiteish, not tan or beige which I really liked!

Bertie Lodge, SC

Perfect for jelly sandwiches

This polish is perfect to make a jelly sandwich with any glitter. I got it after seeing PackaPunchPolish’s youtube video of her sandwiching this and Pirouette My Whistle (which I also got). If you don’t like the annoyance of taking glitter off, this is great to wear for a soft look. My nails are stained so I like to wear a couple of coats of this. It’s like a concealer for your nails.

Bianca Kyle, SD

best color (and vendor) ever!

After looking for a pretty, pale neutral for 10+ years, I’ve found it. It doesn’t streak, and whitens my nails perfectly. One coat is nice; two even nicer. I ordered this from Beauty Shine on Thursday and came home to it on Monday. Very happy customer.

Connie Franksville, WI

Love it!

I saw the swatches online to see how it looks like on, I loved it cause is not opaque! If you are looking for an opaque finish this isn’t going to do it unless you apply about 4 or 5 coats! in that case i’d recommend looking for Essie marshmallow!

Nancy Britton, SD


I love to use this when I am in the mood for sheer nails. It makes me nails so pretty without obnoxious color(s) or glitter(s). It’s also handy to use in a thin coat over any manicure that might need just a shade of toning down. It arrived quickly, well packaged. Would order from seller again.

Ester Dorothy, NJ

Don’t Touch my Tutu = classy neutral !!

I’ve tried almost all the white-ish and pink-ish colors from OPI since I love neutrals. I loved the Don’t Touch My Tutu color and am stocking up on Amazon. 2 coats will give you a sheer, classy, polish and three coats is a little more opaque but still sheer. I love it – new fave!

Beatriz Indio, CA