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Opi Correct & Clean Up Refillable Corrector Pen 4ml

OPI Correct & Clean Up Refillable Corrector Pen

Key features

  • OPI Correct & Clean Up Refillable Corrector Pen

Honest reviews


Doesn’t work that well

The tip gets so clogged with colour in a few minutes, that it becomes fairly useless. Just use the side of an old nailfile to get rid of those excess bits, works a lot better.

Sherri Ashland, OH

A good product – in theory

I liked this pen in the beginning, but after you use it a few times the tip becomes not as sharp, and it becomes harder to remove exess nail polish around the nail. You have to rub quite hard and many times back and forth to make the nail polish go away. It also gets a minus because there is only one refill tip included. It should have been more because you have to change it after using it 4-5 times..

Colleen Sellersville, PA

Great Idea but Could Be Better

It’s nice and it’s a great idea–definitely something useful for a “girly girl” to do her own nails. When polish gets outside the lines, onto cuticles and skin, it’ll come off with time, but this pen enables you to work it off sooner. This is especially handy if you have somewhere to be, like a date or wedding, and can’t just wait for the excess polish to come off on its own. The thing is the tip doesn’t necessarily get saturated with polish remover, so you have to work at it a bit, rubbing the spots and streaks and periodically wiping the tip off on something like a paper towel, tissue or piece of paper.Fortunately, being at the top of their game, OPI has thought to make this pen refillable and even include an extra tip. I haven’t refilled mine yet, so I cannot say whether or not the process will be easy. Sounds so from the instructions, but the jury’s still out on that. The price is certainly right, so it’s a good idea to have one or two, plus they make good stocking stuffers. All in all, it’s a great idea, certainly better than waiting for polish to work itself off and way more accurate than a cotton swap dipped in remover, but it does take some work. Would be nice if the tip were made of something that could get more saturated to remove polish better–without dripping, of course.

Harriett Belfield, ND

Great for Correcting Mistakes

I’ll admit, I’m terrible at applying dark nail polish. I usually resort to painting and then cleaning up my messes. This refillable corrector pen makes cleaning up my messes a breeze.

Lenora Hull, IL

Not worthy the money I paid for it

I never could get the polish remover into the pen; a Qtip dipped in polish remover works just as well!

Sherry Plainville, GA

Works good!

Works good to correct any overage of nail color. Easy to use and tips seem to last quite a long time. I would recommend this product!

Marianne Lawler, IA

Nice corrector pen

This is a nice pen I like to refill it with my own nail polish remover but it’s great to remove small spots and just make sure to take the resedue out cause it’s a pain to take the off

Britney Mc Farland, WI

If you do your nails at home, you need this in your life

Beats the pants off of using qtips and stretching your finger and praying that you don’t accidentally brush your nail during clean up because you JUST did your nails and don’t want to redo one. Comes with two tips – an angled edge and a straight edge (which is stored in a weird spot, but whatever). Doesn’t leak either, which I was pleasantly surprised at.

Angelita Newbern, AL

Good idea, bad design

The design of this pen is terrible. First off the tip is awful, you need to rub so hard and so many times back and forth to get even the smallest amount of nail polish off your skin that you’re pretty much rubbing off a layer of skin. Second, again with the tip, it’s so hard and stiff that it hardly absorbs and remover which causes the excess rubbing which also causes the tip to get dirty pretty quickly, I only got 4 uses out of one tip.. I like the idea, which is why I’m still giving it 3 stars, but the tip makes the pen pretty much unusable. You’re better off just using cosmetic (pointed) q-tips and nail polish remover, works much better, faster and not nearly as annoying as this pen sadly was.

Julia White Oak, NC


Can fill this with whatever fluid you choose, i have some with alcohol for my gel manicures and one with non acetone remover for regular nail polish

Carla Red Creek, WV

Yay! And Nay!

The concept of this corrector pen is awesome. But I find it leaks when I try to use it covering my fingers with nail polish remover. Maybe I filled it too full or maybe it’s a flaw in the design I don’t know for sure. What I do know is that it was more trouble than it was worth.

Shauna Paola, KS

Great Cleanup

Although my cleanup pen was received empty and is difficult to fill the little hole with remover, it cleans up nicely. Don’t forget to clean the tip as you go along to keep the color from bleeding into the cleanup pen’s tip. It is a decent product but I did as well with a wooden stick cleaner with a piece of cotten ball and remover on it.

Terrie Stockton, IL


ive used better pens. to me it wasnt really worth the price but maybe its just the remover it came with. the tip is pretty hard and its like u scrape the paint away on your fingers which u could go with a cuticle pusher.

Cassandra Oviedo, FL

Leaked remover everywhere.

I had high hopes for this product so I could do my own manicures at home. It was awful. It randomly leaked nail polish everywhere thereby ruining the nail polish. Obviously, that defeats the purpose of having a manicure. I tried multiple times to seal it better so it wouldn’t do that to no avail. Tossed it in the trash. I’d rather have the kind my manicurist uses so well. It contains no nail polish remover. Instead, she dips it into one of the dispensing bottles.

Edith Brookville, KS

OPI Polish Corrector Pen

This works really well for little clean-ups around the nail bed and on fingers. I like that it’s refillable, though I haven’t yet had to refill it.

Lisa Lisle, NY

Nice corrector pen

This is my second OPI corrector pen and I had the first for years. I like that you can refill it with your own nail polish remover once it runs out. It also comes with one spare tip. Dark polish will stain the tip, but I just clean it by dabbing it on a paper towel until it doesn’t leave any polish stains. Nice tool to have to clean up those small spots of polish I inevitably get on my skin.

Libby Osburn, ID

Its a Good Tool!

When you need to clean up that excess polish from your cuticles and fingers this thing is the best! I just need more tips! LOL

Blanca Molalla, OR

Very helpful!

I enjoy having this pen to clean up my nails after I polish them, I’m quite messy! It does a good job getting off the polish. I wish the pen tip was smaller, or maybe had a smaller one on the other end. It’s very thick and can be awkward for me to use, I have small hands and small nails.

Eunice Burley, WA

What a great Idea…

I like this product because it help me to clean up any little mess I might have around my freshly made nails, its easy to use and works so much better than using a Q-tip or those wooden nail sticks… a must for any woman.

Monica Lowland, TN

i love it

i use this every time i paint my nails , i usually make a mess and this helps me clean it up

Mallory Fort Gay, WV

Perfect for correcting manicures and pedicures

I tried some other cheaper brands and came back to OPI. It works perfectly to clean up nail polish around your nails as you do your manicure or pedicrure. It is refillable and it includes an extra tip. I have my nails done once a month professionally but the 3 weeks in between I keep it up myself and this is perfect for the job!

Effie Fort Leavenworth, KS

Works pretty darn well.

So obviously this pen is to clean up around your nail while polishing them. The tip of the pen is a long slanted felt tip, that initially has a little nail polish remover on it, but I’ve found it works best if you dip the tip into nail polish remover before use. Also, another tip is included to use once the tip is too dirty to work, because after cleaning up dark polishes the tip needs to be cleaned or else that color will go on your fingers on the next use and you can see the white tip slowly turn the colors of the polish your cleaning up. The pen works really well to clean up around the nails, but I would recommend that you wait until the polish has dried for the best results, otherwise it just kinda moves the polish around and you risk messing up the polish on your nail, if you’re not really steady. I really like the pen, I don’t think it’s 100% necessary, but it definitely makes the process of polishing your nails easier.

Georgina Campbellsburg, KY

Easy to use.

I love how handy these pens are. They make doing my nails so much easier and quicker. I don’t have to be so careful because I can always go back with this little pen and fix it. The tips are durable too. Great pen!

Gayle Sharon, MS


Loved this product. I have searched high and low for a really good corrector pen. This one is a keeper.

Cleo Fenn, ID

Nice product

I have to buy this product in replacement of my Avon nail polish corrector pen.For some reason, they stopped selling the Avon nail polish corrector pen.

Bridgett Zarephath, NJ

Works great!

I will continue to buy these pens as I need them. They are easy to use and work very well. Worth the price.

Francisca Green Lane, PA