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Opi Avoplex Nail and Cuticle Replenishing Oil, 0.25 Fluid Ounce

Moisturizes and conditions cuticles and nails with OPI’s exclusive avocado lipid complex.

Key features

  • Hydrates and replenishes
  • With antioxidant Vitamin E plus Avocado, Sunflower, Sesame, & Kukui Nut oils
  • Ideal for rough heels and elbows
  • Exclusive ProWide Brush

Honest reviews


Works Wonders

The oil penetrates into the most lifeless of nail. Gives supreme moisture and hydration. An excellent help for your brittle, broken, and just won’t grow nails. Purchase plenty, never be without.

Deena Alpine, WY

Didn’t see a change

Bought this because of all the good reviews and I needed some help with my bad cuticles. I stuck with it for a while and really gave the oil a chance, but it just did nothing for me.It does have a nice smell though.

Kara Fort Necessity, LA


Just buy this, what a steal!! Almost 20$ at salons, and pretty much worth it!! Great smelling, absorbs fast. You get a giant .5 oz bottle. This is my favorite cuticle oil!!!!

Abbie Carmel Valley, CA

nothing spectacular.

i dont have very bad cuticles but decided to give this a try since its winter and my nails and cuticle could benefit from some moisture therapy.i’ve been using it for a few weeks 2-4 times a day. it is basically oil that you are supposed to rub into the nails and cuticles however i find that the oil dries off relatively quickly which is why i have to re-apply several times a day when i feel my cuticles are dry.i havent seen much of a difference. if i had any other oil, i’d just use that. i dont see any reason why this particular product needs to be purchased.

Miranda Carolina, PR

Great product.

I was using this product a few times a week after I got it, and have been very impressed with the results. My cuticles look healthy, and they are no longer dried out or peeling. After your cuticles start looking healthier, you only need to use this product about once a week to maintain good looking nails. Worth every penny.My friends have even asked if I have started to get manicures. OPI Avoplex is awesome! 😉

Eva Ashby, MN

OPI Avoplex Nail & Cuticle Oil

This OPI does miracles. Use it on fingernails and toenails.Keeps a manicure looking new and fingers looking younger.The bonus is what it does for toes! No more rough skin around toenails,Actual toenails look healthier, whiter and so much healthier. Preventsingrown toenails as it keeps the skin so soft the nail grow correctly.I use in morning and before bed. Just dab alittle on with polish brushand rub in if you have time or just dab and forget. Not greasy in your shoes.Great smell, but very light.Will ALWAYS USE !!!!

Candy Woodland, NC

awesome product

This product is amazing. I love how it makes my fingers and toes feel. I even rub it on the calloused area on my feet. Like the smell, too!

Rene Fairview, NJ

Great for nail care lovers like me!

I’ve used a lot of cuticle oils but for me this one tops the list. I really love using this after I take off nail polish or after I’ve soaked my nails to help bring my nails back to life.

Eve Leesville, LA

Love it

After reading several reviews on this I decided to give it a shot and am abosultey glad I did. It’s not to oily and the smell is kind of mellow so it’s not overbearing. I use it twice a day and have noticed a major improvement after only two weeks. I will definitely continue using this. Two thumbs up

Briana Proctor, WV

Can be used for a long time

I always have one drop on my thumb and massage my nails. I especially like its smell, which is sweet and fresh. After using the nail polish remover, it can moisturize my nails gently.

Lee National Stock Yards, IL

easy application, light smell

A lot of people rave about cuticle oil pens because they’re so much easier to apply, but I honestly feel like this brush is much easier and much more generous with the oil. If you can apply nail polish sloppily, you can figure this out, lol. I don’t limit the application to the cuticle, either – I frame the entire nail in a full square/circle, since I get dry skin and hangnails all over the place.The oil itself works pretty well. It goes on and is viscous enough to stay in place without dripping everywhere. I typically apply it, let it sit for a few minutes, then rub it in and go about my business. I like that the oil doesn’t have a really overpowering smell – I don’t smell like I was just frying something in the kitchen. It doesn’t smell FABULOUS, but the smell dissipates quickly.I gave it 4 out of 5 stars because I wish I didn’t have to apply it every few days – but when I do, it REALLY helps. I live in a hot hot dry dry climate and I am constantly washing my hands, and since I’ve started applying this regularly, it’s made my nails look healthier, the polish stay nice-looking longer, and I’ve had fewer hangnails and dry nasty skin. My cuticles have also evened out and stopped cracking. Woo hoo!

Nora Bulan, KY

Try this for healthier cuticles

There is nothing worse or more painful than dry cuticles that tear. Using this oil helps to replenish oil in an area that is depleated due to nail products and every day wear and tear. amazon carries an amazing selection of various OPI products sold by other vendors who are very reliable.

Anne Foley, MO

Excellent Cuticle Oil – Super Nourishing for nails too.

I cannot live without this super rich nail and cuticle oil. What with household chores, traveling, gardening – my nails can look like a wreck and my cuticles begin to easily dry out, peel back and sometimes get hang nails.The bottle comes with an applicator brush, but I peferred to transfer the contents to a small dropper bottle. I use regularly as a night time ritual – rubbing a little drop onto each fingernail. Instantly adds moisture that seeps in deep. I don’t wear nail polish, so the nails look natural, healthy and cleaned up when I use this oil. Highly recommend.

Ada Tea, SD


perfect. just what I needed. ive just gotten into "taking care of my nails" and this stuff works miracles w/ dry pealing cuticles. I love it, AND it smells really good! wasn’t expecting that

Janna Rillito, AZ

This smells so good!

I love the smell of this cuticle oil. It’s slightly foody, perhaps vanilla? But it brushes on with a light, non-greasy feel, and the brush is OPI’s normal thick brush, which aids application.It really moisturizes! And I am positively reinforced by the pleasant smell, I just want to keep putting it on 🙂

Karina Vidalia, LA

Doesn’t seem all that great

It’s fine when you first put it on and massage it around but within an hour it’s like it never touched your cuticles. Will not likely buy again. 🙁

Patrica Abell, MD

Asbolutely great

I love this cuticle oil. It’s very easy to apply every day, with a wide brush and all. You can also carry it around like an actual nail polish, since it’s the same size. It does what it says it does, and the results are pretty immediate. It moisturizes and replenishes your nailbed and your cuticles, and that’s very important, especially if you’re constantly changing nail polishes, like me. That could potentially take its toll on your nails, and it shouldn’t. This product is absolutley great! I really love it.

Lilly East Alton, IL

Works well

It is always good to moisturize your cuticles and this product does a good job of it. In addition, I apply it a few minutes after using a top coat on my polish. Helps it dry more quickly.

Ora Misenheimer, NC


I’m still on the fence. I purchased this because I thought my nails were very dry and thought this could help. I think it helps (and the price here is better than in stores) but I think my sally hansen cuticle oil is much more nourishing and portable. I know there is a portable avoplex as well. Overall it is good, but I think my sally hansen one is better.

Mavis Tallahassee, FL

Awesome item, awesome seller!

I’m very pleased with the product. The packaging is really nice and I love how it comes with a little pamphlet to read more about the product and ways on using it.I’m also very pleased on how fast it was shipped and delivered to my house. I am looking forward to buying more products in the future with this seller!Thank you so much!

Reba Superior, WY

The Best !

This is the Best Cuticle Oil i have found ! and it Smellls wonderful ! if good smelling stuff like this was in more salons , people would not say how BAD they smell ! i LOVE this Product !

Susan Gardendale, AL

Fast absorbing & smells great

Nice smelling cuticle oil that absorbs fast. What more can a girl as for?I use it every night & it’s definitely helped with the condition of my nails & cuticles.

Lindsay Crapo, MD

Just hmmmmm…

The oil is great when it’s on your finger nails/cuticles but once you wash your hands…poof all gone…cuticles look dry again. There are hand lotions out there which last better than this oil. I will use it up but will not purchase more. Sorry!

Deana Fruitland, MD

OPI products

I love OPI and their products. This oil makes the cuticle feel so soft and replenishes nicely. I will be using a lot more of this.

Mara Rainbow, TX

ok but not sure it is worth it

Easy to apply and great smell but not sure it has made any difference in my nails or cuticules, they all lookk same an dhas been using it for over 1 week twice a day

Cortney Honey Grove, PA

cuticle oil

GREAT product to "moisturize" your cuticles to prevent "hang nails’. Pls try this product. OPI has great products. Their nail polish is also great.

Kayla Uniontown, PA


Softens cuticles and delivers moisture to the area around the nails. I like to use it after having the manicure done.

Marianne Princeton, CA

Great price!!

I found this at a great price on Amazon. This is seriously some of the best cuticle oil I have used. It absorbs quickly and really helps with those dry cuticles in the winter.

Alisha Texico, NM


Say goodbye to dry cuticles! This is the best cuticle oil available, I think. And it smells soooooo good too!

Tricia Fair Haven, VT

Good product!

This is a good cuticle oil. It works and makes cuticles smooth. The only com I have to it is that it wipes off pretty easy. I put it on before bed or in the morning and it doesn’t last long. But I have definitely seen a big difference in my cuticles since using this. I would buy again, just wish it had more staying power.

Christa Clearfield, IA