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OPI Avoplex Exfoliating Cuticle Treatment, 1-Fluid Ounce

This unique blend of natural alpha hydroxy acids and opi’s revolutionary avocado lipid complex eliminates dry, rough cuticles while replenishing essential moisture and lipids.

Key features

  • Tames rough cuticles
  • Exfoliates and hydrates
  • Light, cucumber citrus scent

Honest reviews


Good stuff

This is a good cuticle treatment – I am back at taking care of such things, so this is helpful – dab a little on every day – makes a big difference!

Kristin Orange Springs, FL

Not much difference

I see no difference in my cuticles, don’t see any exfoliating properties, is more like a cuticle cream. I have been using this daily for a few weeks, won’t buy it again, just buy a cuticle cream, will do the same and probably cost less.

Crystal Hercules, CA

Wonderful results. Rinse if your skin tends to be sensitive.

This product works great! The bottle applicator is easy to use placing the right amount in the right location. The gel cream is neat staying where you put it til rubbed in. Not there is a glycolic acid ingredient which did cause some temporary tingling and redness on my fingertips but it is this same ingredient that provides such effective exfoliation. I did rinse the product off although I note others writing here do not.Bottom line, works great, just use in the evening and rinse afterward if you have sensitive skin.

Danielle Grubville, MO

Best Cuticle Treatment On Market

Years ago (about 8) I worked at a hair salon as a receptionist while I went to college. I purchased this product since I am prone to getting hangnails. The original tube still contains some product! And guess what?! It WORKS! I highly recommend this product for men and women that would like softer cuticles and less hangnails.

Jordan Scobey, MS


This Stuff is great, you only need to use it a couple times a week so even if you forget the oil youll be okay. it works better with oil though.

Antoinette Pollock, LA

Good stuff

This is my product of choice for healthy cuticles. I have tried many and this works the best. Amazon sells it for less than local stores.

Lynne Sharpsville, IN

cuticles? what cuticles??

Love this product, as usual OPI doesn’t let me down. I apply this before pushing back my cuticles and also on the rough skin around the nails; leave this in for about 5 minutes and wipe off. It makes it super easy to push back cuticles or to cut them off although its not healthy to have your cuticles cut as it exposes you to bacteria entering the nail bed and not to mention they hurt and bleed if cut off too much.

Brandy Aneth, UT

Won’t be without

I love this stuff for moisturizing cuticles. I try to use it after every manicure, twice weekly. (sometimes I’m not as good about it as I should be) It’s very moisturizing and smells amazing. It’s actually a pleasure to use and feels like pampering. It keeps my cuticles looking nice, and I keep a backup at all times. 🙂

Lynda Millwood, VA

Five Stars

This treatment has really helped my dry cuticles.

Adrienne Montclair, CA

really like this

This is different. Not a once a week treatment, this has AHA’s in it, and you massage it into your cuticles several times a week to get them, then keep them looking neat. A different approach to a problem I have all the time. Working really well, nails looking well manicured and neat, all by myself. 🙂

Lula Pickerel, WI

Wonderful product

This is a wonderful cuticle treatment. It works very quickly and better than any other product I have used. Buy it, you won’t be sorry!

Colette Seiad Valley, CA

Get the OPI Avoplex OIL instead

(I bought both) and really love the Avoplex oil MUCH better. This is a decent product, but the oil way outdid it.

Veronica Roodhouse, IL

highly recommended

This is great cuticle treatment. Loosens them right up for clipping. I use to find this at local store and hadn’t seen it in a long time, so I tried other products and wasn’t pleased…I thought this had gone off the market. I was so happy to find it here.

Heather Grand Tower, IL