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Opi 2011 Halloween Zom-body to Love

OPI Zom-body to Love (Glow in the Dark) Discontinued

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Finally one that REALLY glows!

I can’t even find ZOM-BODY TO LOVE locally because the spa I go to didn’t bother getting enough for customers. They had it sitting amidst the other polishes available for mani-pedi clients but didn’t even have it swatched so not even the cosmetologists knew they had it. The bright green caught my eye and since I loooove green I asked what it was and I am so glad I did.The color is gorgeous in the bottle but you won’t achieve the same hue even with multiple coats. This is a thin polish to allow for the glowing effect. At three coats I can still see through my polish a little and the color reminds me of surgical scrubs. It’s very flattering on my very fair skin and I wish she’d given me just one more coat. She wasn’t sure that the polish would be very glowy and I forgot all about it. Later that night I turned the light out to go to bed and startled myself when my toes made a nice green streak jumping into bed.I bought a cheap-o glow-in-the-dark polish last year and even with several coats got only a very faint glow. This polish, however, is full-nail bright glow. I absolutely LOVE it and suggest it to anyone who is looking for a high-quality glowing polish that’s still pretty by daylight. Grab it fast because it’s going-going-gone everywhere!

Katie Austin, TX

Nice Color

You do have to put a lot of coats on. It turns out to be a pretty green and its so cool in the dark. It glows really bright.

Eileen East Saint Johnsbury, VT

Excellent Fun for Halloween

This is a fun little treat for Halloween. The product is thin which makes it easy to apply neatly but requires more than one coat. First coat looks a bit like your nails are sickly and will not provide sufficient glow power. With 2-3 coats the color and glow intensify. We used this under black crackle polish by Mia Secret and nails still glowed.

Anne Winnemucca, NV

It does glow.

Not much to say, it’s quite sheer unless you do a few coats. It does glow, (though not as much as another brand’s) and it looks pretty nice.

Muriel Fabyan, CT


I love OPI Products anyway, the glow with this is strong, and it is a fairly clear tint, so it can be layered over other products and not effect their color too much; but still giving them a lovely glow.

Alana Bay Pines, FL