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One With Nature Dead Sea Mud Dead Sea Minerals Soap, 7 Ounce Bar

At One With Nature, we are dedicated to crafting only the finest skin care products. Care is taken to design, develop and manufacture our products in harmony with nature and our customer’s needs. We are also committed to preserving the Dead Sea through our partnership with FoEME (Friends of the Earth Middle East). Environmental consciousness is the cornerstone of our business. Our soaps combine genuine Dead Sea minerals, thousands of years in the making, with a pure vegetable base and moisturizing shea butter to provide a truly luxurious cleansing experience. Our soothing bath bars relax muscles, stimulate circulation and restore the skin’s natural pH. Best of all, they are 100% natural. Our eye-catching colors result from a blend of plant and naturally-occurring mineral pigments found in the diverse climate zones of the region. The rich scents come from pure essential oils or other 100% natural sources. More than 1300 feet below sea level, the shores of the Dead Sea mark the world’s lowest elevation and the sight of one of nature’s greatest wonders. Fed by the River Jordan, the Dead Sea’s mineral rich salts and muds have unique therapeutic value, acting to deeply cleanse and tone while restoring the skin’s natural PH. This unique soap combines genuine Dead Sea salts—thousands of years in the making— with a pure vegetable base to provide a truly natural cleansing experience. Put simply—The Dead Sea is really old, but using this bar of soap will help you and your skin look and feel younger. You just won’t believe it until you try it. Experience the Dead Sea Difference.

Key features

  • Made with sea salts and mud from the Dead Sea, gently exfoliates skin with a light, nice scent
  • Tripled milled soap with Argan Oil and Shea Butter
  • Deeply cleanses and tones while restoring the skin’s natural PH
  • Unique soap combines genuine Dead Sea salts with a pure vegetable base to provide a truly natural cleansing experience
  • Made in Jordan with Dead Sea minerals

Honest reviews


Meadow of Lavenders

Lavender is a favorite and soothing scent of mine. This soap bar is all natural. If you read the ingredients, they just sound soothing and comforting. And this soap really is just that. It lathers nicely, leaves the skin comfortable and itch-free, and has a great scent.I think anybody who loves lavender would love this soap.Lavender scent.Soft, rich lather.Wonderful grip. (It’s not slimy or slippery.)All natural.

Teresa Lafox, IL


This Dead Sea Mud soap is WELL WORTH the price that you pay. It works just as good as some of the more expensive brand names that I have bought in the past, that cost three times as much as One with Nature’s!Thanks… Love it!Shannon Little

Neva Palco, KS

Love This Soap!!

If you are looking for a great shower experience, try this soap. I have tried this one and the rose one and I am hooked on both scents. The soap lathers quite well and you get more for your money definitely!!

Melisa Brookfield, WI

Closest Thing to a Miracle

I am going to start off this review with the following statement. I do not believe there is a miracle product. If there was, everyone would buy that product and nothing else. This Dead Sea Mud soap is not a miracle product.However, this soap and this soap alone, which I use to wash my face, has been keeping my acne and blackheads under better control than the small arsenal of skin care products I had in my medicine cabinet. Not only that, it has evened out my skin tone and faded acne scars (I don’t even think it’s supposed to do this but it has). So, needless to say, I am blown away. Do I still get pimples here and there? Yeah. Do I still have some blackheads to deal with in problem areas? Yeah. Though not nearly as many as when I was carpet bombing my face with salycic acid, benzoyl peroxide and all that nonsense.The price for the soap is actually a bargain for the whopping seven ounce brick you get. Forget those wimpy four ounce soaps that are typically sold at the store; One With Nature gives you your money’s worth and then some. There’s not much to say on the packaging, it comes in a plastic wrap that you’d expect a soap to come in.The soap itself has a very nice, sweet cinnamon scent to it. It’s not much, heck I barely notice it, but that’s kind of the point is that the product isn’t filled with artificial fragrances that could anger your skin. That’s the problem we’re trying to FIX remember! The Dead Sea Mud soap is supposed to be on the more exfoliating end of the spectrum with granules in it to scrub away dead skin. Now, personally, I use this soap directly on my hands and the granules don’t do much, that’s just me though. To get a real exfoliation with this, go to your local Target and get some of The Bathery’s shower gloves. Lather those up and have at it. Of course, don’t rub yourself raw I accidentally did that once.This soap cleans terrifically and has really brought my complexion issues which I have struggled with since middle school under control to levels that I haven’t seen in any other product to date. Again, will it work miracles? Probably not, but it’s pretty darn close. These soaps are fantastic and One With Nature’s customer service was excellent in helping me discern the difference between the Dead Sea Mud and Dead Sea Salt soaps. This is money well spent.

Brandi Rentiesville, OK

Love, love, love!

I am very picky about soap. If I’m going to buy a" fancy" soap (rather than my classic Dove) it has to be awesome. And this one is worthy of being considered awesome. It feels great on my skin, providing just the right amount of exfoliation. It matters nicely and it lasts a long time. But when I ordered it, it was only three dollars and change with free shipping. Now with shipping it’s tuning six to seven dollars a bar. I just can’t pay that much. I hope the price goes down. For now I ordered a six pack which comes to four and change per bar.

Ophelia Allenton, MO

No Sulfates!

I am sensitive to sulfates, and I have really dry skin, so it’s hard to find soaps that smell good without making me itchy. This not only smells amazing without chemicals, but it is a HUGE bar. I used it for the first time today & it’s silky yet bubbly enough to feel ‘soapy.’ The smell is not overwhelming, so it’s not an anti-guy soap, either. I love it & am really glad I took a chance. Thanks!

Darlene Lodi, NJ

Gentle with lovely lather!

My skin loves this stuff, havente even tried the other scents yet! Soft sudsy gentle exfoliating and non drying…had to buy more.

Penny Printer, KY