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One ‘N Only Brazilian Tech Keratin Kurl Deep Conditioning Treatment, 3.4 Ounce

One of the world’s rarest oils, argan oil is derived from the argan tree. Rich in essential fatty acids, omega 6 and vitamin e, it is valued for its ability to regenerate and nourish dry and damaged hair. One ‘n only argan oil is a premium finishing, smoothing and conditioning product.

Key features

  • Multidirectional 2″ Barrel Rotates To Add Volume And Shine
  • Push-Button Forward/Reverse Controls
  • Nano Titanium Technology

Honest reviews


Marketing ploy; not “natural” at all

To be fair, this product does work. Why? Because it has a silicone in it, Dimethicone, which is in all shampoos and conditioners nowadays.For those wanting a natural product, I would advise you to read the label: First ingredient: Dimethicone. Next: some other stuff. Next: right before the last ingredient, which is Yellow Dye #11, is Argan Oil.Since by law, ingredients must be listed in order of their amounts….and knowing that this product is practically clear, (meaning there is only minute traces of the last ingredient which is Yellow #11), then it is obvious that the second to last ingredient of Argan Oil is obviously in minute amounts also. I’m guessing barely a drop in each bottle.So…does this product work? Yes. Silicones slick the hair down and make it less frizzy. Is this product a “natural” product using Argan Oil. Uh….not really. It is first and foremost Dimethicone. The Argan Oil is basically only added so they can title it “Argan Oil”. (in my opinion) This product does not claim to be “natural” on the label….but I think most people buying it are assuming it is primarily Argan Oil, which is a natural product.Why would you not want to use it then? Because Dimethicone is bad for the environment. A simple google search tells you that it is “suspected to be an environmental toxin and to be persistent or bioaccumulative”. It is also classified as being “toxic or harmful” to humans.If you are looking for something natural, try inexpensive coconut oil to smooth your hair. A very tiny amount does the trick.This product just makes me mad because I believe it to be typical marketing hype.

Elsie Washington Court House, OH

Argan Oil

Just tried product. Left hair a bit limp. I will try a few more times. Applied just as directed but could possibly used too much even though I used very little

Sharron Holly Bluff, MS

I, and my hair, love this product

I’ve begun to use this daily. I’m natural and learning what works for my thin, wavy hair. I use this after taking my cornrows out in the morning and my hair is shiny and looks very healthy. It smells good too!

Rosanna Whiteside, TN

It is not the “one and only”; read the ingredients……

I thought I was purchasing Argan Oil for my hair, but when I received the bottle in the mail, I was disappointed that it contains predominately other oils with only a little argan oil. I would not have purchased it if I know this before hand. It does smooth the hair, and make it shine, but not what I thought I was getting.

Amy Wentworth, MO


Dont over do it small amount so not greasy does gave shine and a silky look to your hair after couple use!

Kerri Bear Creek, PA



Madelyn Minden, TX

Great product

I used this oil on my hair to help with dryness and it’s helped so much! Way easier to manage and so much softer.

Lucia Fancy Farm, KY

This is a must have

I use this daily and it is a must have with my hair type. It workes great. I will buy more when it comes time to buy again.

Marietta Woodstock, CT

The wife likes it

My wife bought this and uses it often. She said it works as advertised. And i like the smell and feel if her hair after she uses it.

Latisha Benton, TN