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ONE ‘N ONLY Argan Oil Styling Cream HP-539414

The one ‘n only Argan Oil Styling Cream helps hydrate hair and eliminate frizz with its non-greasy formula. It also adds shine and is safe to use on color treated hair. Argan oil is rich in vitamin E to help condition hair to give it that healthy shine.

Key features

  • Eliminates frizz
  • Non-greasy formula
  • Revives damaged hair
  • Color protection

Honest reviews



Pros: one bottle lasts forever, affordable, applies well, light feeling, no residue, can be used on either dry or wet hair, noticeably smooths hair and fights the frizzies.Cons: It really only has one…the smell. Some people love it, but I find it is strong, long lasting, and it feels like I’m wearing cheap perfume. It is incredibly musky smelling, which is a scent I usually tend to avoid. Honestly, the smell reminds me of old lady perfume. But I enjoy how this makes my hair looks and feels, so I’m hoping I’ll eventually overlook that. I plan to keep using it.

Celina West Newbury, MA

Smells like my mom, or granmother…

The smell wasn’t horrible but wasn’t for me. It reminded me of my mother or grandmother. The cream itself moisturizes for a few minutes but then oddly enough my hair is frizzier/dryer than before I put it on. Not for me.

Benita Sycamore, PA

Love love love

I have a lot of fine, wavy hair. I used to use gel and wash and blow dry daily, and the gel would help me get volume but left my hair looking and feeling crunchy. Finally I decided to start using a curling cream instead of a gel and I tried a few which did the trick for the most part of holding in the curl, but blow drying my hair upside down did not give any lift and the roots of my hair would look so flat while the bottom of my hair would get frizzy and bigger. Finally I tried this product and it gives my hair enough texture without the top being flat, and my hair is super soft and wavy without feeling like it has any product in it whatsoever! My hair also has hardly any frizz at the end of the day. I am so glad I found this!

Joan Kennewick, WA

Love it

I received a small bottle of this as a sample and will be buying a full bottle when it runs out. I’m not a fan of their oil because it doesn’t have enough weight to tame my curly frizz, but this does the job. It makes the curls firm without being crunchy: think al dente pasta as opposed to celery. I might try the curl cream, but this is really good. I like the scent, it’s pretty strong but pleasant, kind of a spiced vanilla.

Brianna Pecan Gap, TX

Smells wonderful.

No doubt in my mind that this will last me a long time. It has a great smell, you only need a little bit and it goes a long way. Will rebuy once I run out.

Cornelia Ocean Springs, MS


Ok so I’ve only used this one and I have to say this is the best product ever. I applied a small pump amount and finger combed through my washed and towel dried hair, before blow drying and then straightening. My hair is sleek, soft and shiny. On day two (because I don’t wash my hair every day, yes I shower every day but washing the natural oils out of your hair is bad and because of that I have great looking hair – anyway….) my hair looks and feels as good as day one! Love it, love it, love it!My hair has a natural curl to it if left to dry on it’s own devices for anyone with similar hair.

Krystal Hospers, IA

Works on my fine thin hair

I switch between this and another product of a similar type (L’oreal Everpure) and this one definitely has it’s upside and special needs.1) I love the smell. Kind of a spicy vanilla scent. If it smells bad in another way, send it back; it’s gone rancid from age or heat. The oils in it will then be sticky and gross. I had a bottle like that, and it was terrible.2) It detangles really well. My long wet hair doesn’t have any tangles after putting this in that don’t smooth right out with a comb.3) Goes best in wet towel-dried hair, and be sure to rub the product over your palms and through your fingers so you don’t get globs of it in one spot when your hands touch the hair. You can smooth a little onto dry hair if you have curls to define.4) It’s heavier feeling than my lighter weight forumla version, but it also has a little bit of styling product in it which makes it work differently. I like this one better for pre-flat ironing or braid-outs for waves or curling with an iron, and the lighter weight Everpure one for every-day air dried hair.

Ethel Sioux City, IA

Worked Well on “Normal” Hair

I suppose most product performances are really going to vary from person to person based on hair types and what you’re trying to do with them/your specific needs.This styling cream worked perfectly for me. After experimenting, I knew I liked argan oils for moisture and creams over gels. I have what’s generalized as “normal” hair (silky texture, long, not thin or thick) and look for something that gives a little moisture and soft hold (nothing mega stiff). That’s exactly what I got out of this (the hold was pretty excellent, actually).My styling method is as follows: separate sections of very nearly dry hair, apply moderate amt of cream and roll into pillow or sponge rollers before bed and let set during sleep. When I took them out I had fantastic bouncy curls and great volume, very soft. It held for over 20hrs (12hr night shift plus all day errands the next day) on the first try out. No other products used.

Marion Chadwick, MO

I’ve only used this a few times.

This is ok, but I don’t like it as much as the oil or the oil spray. I don’t think I will be buying this again. Plus it was open was I received it.

Selma Madison, OH

No hold, tames frizzes a bit

I usually use Davines cream, but since the price skyrocketed, I thought I’d try this since I do like Argan oil. It’s ok. Nothing spectacular. I prefer a bit more hold to my styling cream (but not stiff or greasy looking- which this fits that bill).

Consuelo Little York, NJ

Great for hydrating and defining dry curls

It’s a good product. It’s simple to use and helps keep my thick, curly hair under control. I would definitely recommend. I’ve bought it multiple times.Cons: lacks control

Kerri Rodessa, LA

Tried lots of creams keep coming back to this one.

I have fine, limp, thin, coloured hair (how’d I get so lucky)? Lots of products make my hair greasy after just one day. I use this sparingly, keeping it away from my roots, usually applying it from the ears down (which is where most of the damage occurs). It makes my hair soft and silky and the scent is not over-powering. When I style my hair it gives me light hold. My hair looks more polished and ‘finished’ when I use this product than when I blow-dry without it. This is an excellent product.

Estella Luther, OK