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one ‘n only Argan Oil Curl Cream Derived from Moroccan Argan Tress, 10 Ounce

The one ‘n only Argan Oil Curl Cream helps define beautiful curls. The rich formula helps eliminate frizz and is humidity resistant. The Argan oil used in the formula, moisturizes and revives damaged hair.

Key features

  • Eliminates frizz
  • Humidity resistant
  • Revives damaged hair

Honest reviews


works ok.

I originally bought this item to use in MY hair, I am black and filipino so I have a lot of S curls going on and it is hard to find the right product that won’t make my hair oil, but also adds enough moisture. This product smells wonderful however, it doesn’t work the way I had expected in my hair. I originally use Redken ringlet which is AWESOME, but pricey so I was hoping THIS would do the same amount of wonders for a lesser price. On the UPSIDE, i used this product in my son’s hair; they are black, filipino, columbian, white, and panamanian~i know WHAT a mix…but it defines their curls and they walk around with their curls looking like shirley temple!!~LOL maybe I have to have my hair a little more wet when I apply it? but it’s perfect for my son’s hair, but my hair is a little more coarse than theirs…but STILL a great buy…didn’t work for me, but I found a great product for my boys:)

Darla Eagle Creek, OR

Definitely works

Just like the oil, this is to me the cheap alternative to Moroccan Oil products. And it works just the same. It is rich and creamy and leaves your hair feeling hydrated, your curls look and feel exactly the same as with the more expensive cream.

Sierra Naco, AZ

Great Product for My Curly Hair!

I am really liking this product thus far. Although I discovered it does have alcohol in it, I like using a variety of products and so I throw this in from time to time. It is very smoothing.

Deborah Westfield, NY


its not edible.. it is for your hair. I have used it also as a body lotion it smells so good. it is not sticky or greasy in the least. I don’t know if it curls your hair but I use it in my hair and as a body lotion. the smell is just so mild and addicting. I think they advertise this oil in many products now and I see why. I went thru t.j.maxx and smelled other products with this oil in them but they are not this good.

Wanda Selman City, TX


not a fan, did not see any change in my hair I have black people briollo texture hair and is natural, I thought it would be like wen hair product, I have not use wen so I cant compare

Yesenia Lake Minchumina, AK


I absolutely love this product! But I found that it looks a lot better if you flip your hair upside down & use your hair dryer while applying, gives you more volume & speeds up the drying process. It doesn’t make my hair greasy like other products do & it gives me a beautiful tight fluffy curl. I use the entire One N Only Argan Oil set & I would recommend it to anyone.

Corinne East Bank, WV

Very thick

Bought this for my daughter’s hair which is corkscrew curly. I find that it is very thick and doesn’t go through her hair easy, instead it sits in white clumps, by the end of the day it’s kind of flaky. I think it’s just too thick. Might be better for a different hair type.

Carly Nunez, GA


It WORKS…it holds my curls doesn’t really tame my frizz but does wonders to my keeps my curls there gives a good hold without being hard textured..

Teri Tatamy, PA

Love it

Love the smell, love how it makes my hair feel nice and mositurized, just wish it was bigger, but overal I would repurchase.

Keri Moneta, VA

Best Products

For natural black hair it gves a natural curl and beautiful shine at the same time. Love it.I would recomend this to anyone thats going natural

Martina Ninilchik, AK


It seem to work better on my hair when it is wet. I really like the smell. 4 stars because I ordered the curl cream but got the other one instead. But it works well enough.

Estelle La Pryor, TX

Soft and lovely

My curls feels so soft I want to touch them all the time! This product smells really good. The price was excellent also.

Viola Bentley, MI

Love all Argan Oil Produces

Great for any hair type and worth getting if you need a great hair product to use for everyday life.

Myra Fruitland Park, FL

Great oil healthy…it does the job properly

I use this product since i have lost alot i dont use so much chemicals on my hair to get restore. I love Argan oil cuz it’s so productive on the hair and on the skin.and this cream it really.does do the curls on my hair and.also to style my hair too…everything depends your purpose for it. I use it in a daily basis. Im a female.

Chandra Lake Norden, SD

It’s pretty good

I have dry, coarse, curly hair. Argan oil is great for it. This doesn’t have a whole lot of hold, though. I have to use it with a few other products to get the tight curls I want.

Rosanna Bajadero, PR