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ON SALE Topnotch Bath Brush Back Scrubber Long Handle

Key Product features;Medium bristles,Cord for hanging up to dry,14″ handle with non slip ridges, Angled for reaching difficult areas, Suitable for use all over your body including face and feet, Excellent for exfoliating,Helps to improve skin health and reduce cellulite,eBook provided “The Dry Skin Brushing Guide”

Key features

  • Quality Bath Brush with long handle for wet use in bath or shower, or as Dry Body Brush for exfoliating or dry skin brushing. Also great for as cellulite massager or back scrubber.
  • Hygienic and long lasting. Simply rinse after use and hang up to dry. One Year Product Warranty.
  • 14″ Pink Long Handled Brush with non slip ridges and specially angled for back scrubbing. Medium Bristles.
  • Discover how to get healthy looking glowing skin and the many health benefits of daily skin brushing with the TopNotch eBook Guide provided.
  • RISK FREE 90 Day Full Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee on all TopNotch Brushes. 1 Year Product Warranty

Honest reviews


Enticing & Pretty- My New Favorite Item in My Bath Tub!

Never thought I’d find myself writing a review about a bath brush but after using it I changed my mind. I can’t tell you how nice it is to get out your favorite natural body wash or yummy coconut soap and start lathering up your back with this pretty brush. The bristles on this are firm, and I scrubbed hard, but if you have sensitive skin, you may want to brush lighter. My back tingled afterwards and felt like it was getting a good exfoliation too. My boyfriend said my back felt smooth and he loves rubbing it (win win!). It is very pretty (looks great sitting on my tub next to my plants), solid quality, and was packaged really nice. My boyfriend surprised me after eyeballing the PINK brush saying he was looking forward to using it too, so made me extra glad I got it. Would make a great addition to a gift basket full of luscious bath products for a loved one or for your special lady.

Denise San Augustine, TX

Its as hard as a rock.

The brushes are deadly. If you want a seriously rough brush, with stiff bristles, this the the brush for you. I have only used mine once, so maybe after a few washes it might soften up.The handle is fairly short, so you have to be limber to reach your back, or small

Shelly Hannibal, NY

Nice long handle, and bristles are just right

My family has had a long series of back scrubbers over the years – loofahs, mitts, puffs, and even a few brushes. Most of them either didn’t reach all the parts that needed washing, or they were too soft or too scratchy. I had a natural bristle brush once that took the skin off and then molded!This brush is just about perfect. It has a plastic handle with well-attached plastic bristles, so it can be bleached or scalded to keep it sanitary. The bristles are stiff enough to give an invigorating scrub without damaging my skin. It has a loop of cord to hang it conveniently in the shower between uses.I tried using it dry as directed, and was amazed and a little embarrassed by all the dead skin that came off on my legs! I’m not convinced that massaging with a brush will do anything about cellulite, but time will tell and I will update this review if I notice any difference.The only complaint I have about the product is the price, which seems high for a back brush. I received a complimentary brush for the purpose of testing and review.

Blanca Benoit, MS

Pretty long handled body brush

I am a long time user of bath brushes and always thought I had to have one with a wooden handle for some reason. Now after using this pink one I have no idea why.When this arrived, I was amazed and pleased by how pretty it is. The pictures don’t do it justice at all. It is a gorgeous shade of translucent pink.The main characteristic of a great body brush is the bristles. Do you need expensive natural ones? No! They turn black after a while and I”m not sure if it’s mold or what, but I just threw away an expensive one I had with a wooden handle and natural bristles because they had turned black at the part where they meet the wood.The bristles on this are not too soft and not too rough. It feels wonderful against the skin, and the bristles are the perfect texture and firmness. It feels soft and yet has enough spring and body to really scrub the skin. I like to use this with liquid soap and this does a better job of really scrubbing the skin, while stimulating the circulation, than any other brush I’ve used.I love to feel super clean and like I’ve really scrubbed my skin, and feel it stimulates the circulation while getting all oil and dirt out of the pores. This brush works great and I love how it looks. The handle is the longest I’ve seen on a body brush so I can get all of my back with it. If you’ve never tried a good body brush you will like this one. It’s perfect. And it looks good too.*I was sent a free sample for testing and review.

Lucille Vandalia, IL

Back brush must have

I’ve been looking for a back brush that wasn’t to rough or stiff and this one fits the bill! The bristles are very soft after the are wet. It also cleans really easy and drys fast. I’m very pleased with this purchase!

Faith South Acworth, NH


I had a wooden handle brush and of course it got spunky and cracked pretty quickly. I’m very happy with this purchase. The brush is the right firmness for me. Recommend

Etta Pisgah, AL

Great scrubby brush

I love this brush. The bristles are stiffer than some I’ve tried, so my back feels very clean. The plastic handle cleans easily so there is no disgusting build up or cracking. The brush comes with a loop to hang it in the shower and has a nice long reach. I had no trouble reaching my back. I also have a bad knee and it was very easy just to bend over and get my feet and legs.Very nice brush.Product sent for evaluation

Antionette Viola, KS

Great brush

This is a very sturdy product. It has a curved long handle so you can reach your entire back. The bristles are firm enough so you can really feel clean but still soft. I would definitely recommend this product. I might buy a few more to make Christmas baskets for family and friends. Also, I love anything pink being the only female in a house of 7 they will know for sure which one is moms!

Barbara Saltillo, MS

great bristles, but just a bit too short

I’ve been trying out various back brushes lately for the shower since the ones I used to get are no longer being made (or impossible to find) and I thought I would try out this one.First and foremost, the bristles are great. They aren’t SUPER HARD where they scratch off your skin, but they are firm enough that they really clean well. I hate back brushes with the fluffy, soft bristles. But I also hate the ones that feel like steel wool. There’s a happy medium in there and this brush is perfect, in that respect.It’s also nice and sturdy- no snapping handles or flimsy plastic with this back brush.My issue with it is the size. It’s not short, but it’s not long enough for me. I like one of those brushes that are extra long, the ones that reach your entire back when used "over the shoulder". Another issue is the size of the brush head- it’s bit smaller than what I like.However, the pros outweigh the cons with this one- sturdy and durable and long-lasting takes precedence over perfect size, since all the "perfect size" brushes I have tried either snap in half with the tiniest bit of pressure or wind up mildewing and falling apart after a few uses.So if you can deal with the slightly compact size, and firm bristles, I’d recommend this brush.

Myrtle Van, TX

Those tough to reach places.

Who doesn’t like to make sure all those hard to reach places are taken care of. A little dab of body wash on the scrubber and the soft bristles gently clean your back. It was a nice experience as I have always just used a wash cloth and my hands. I was super excited when I got this in the mail and took shower almost immediately after opening it. It was everything I thought it would be. Soothing, soft, and cleansing! Love it! Feel like I went and had a spa day.

Alisa Meyers Chuck, AK

Great choice if you like a more aggressive scrub

This shower brush is 15 inches long from tip to tip and it has a curved handle. The pink handle is transparent and looks nice. It has ridges on the handle so you can still grip it even when it’s slippery when wet. It also has a rope that allows you to hang it up after using it so that it can dry. I would suggest rinsing it out good before you hang it up to maximize the life of the brush. It’s the typical type of shower brush that you can purchase at any grocery or general merchandise stores with one small exception that may be good or bad depending on your preference. Some shower brush bristles are too soft for me personally and they don’t scrub my back enough. This brush is firmer and really gives your back a good scrubbing. I like it better for that reason but if you prefer a gentle cleaning then you may not feel the same way.Sample provided for review.

Lilia East Barre, VT

Great quality

Perfect for the shower, nice long handle to reach everywhere needed. The brush is a very nice bristle – not too hard or too soft. I like that it has a plastic handle, as opposed to the wooden ones which tend to crack and mildew after prolonged use.

Grace Fort Wayne, IN

Good Back Brush

This brush works well and its just the right size, sturdy, and durable. Not sure if itcomes in other colors, this pink is nice.

Jamie Cedar Grove, NC

Great for dry brushing

I only recently heard about dry brushing and wanted to give it a try. I was very happy to find a brush that actually came with a dry brushing guide. For dry brushing it works great. Easy to reach and with light strokes it feels like it’s doing what it should be to help. The guide was very clear and helpful. In the shower it is great for reaching my back and scrubbing my feet. I haven’t had it long and the bristles are still pretty stiff so it’s not quite something I can use for overall washing, but I think it will get there with more use. My husband immediately stole it and said, "I don’t care if it’s pink, that thing is awesome."

Beulah Garden City, MO

excellent brush

This brush was better than expected. The handle is very sturdy and the bristles are soft. Was able to reach hard places with the long handle. Like the loop on the handle so I can hang in the shower to dry.

Susie Wilkinson, IN

Feels good

This is a bath brush that is primarily used to wash as person’s back while taking a bath or a shower. This brush is not limited to backs as it is gentle enough to be used in all parts of the body. I tested the brush, dry, for ex-foliating, then I used a 10x mirror to see if it worked. Yes it worked. The bristles are gentle yet they are firm.I have another back brush, with a wood handle, that I got from Walmart. I tend to like the brush that I am reviewing better, mostly because it is lighter weight which makes it easier to handle.Another thing that I like about this brush is that it feels good against the skin. When my back started itching I used this brush to scratch it with.Based on the good price amazon is selling this product for and the fact that it ships Prime, I must say that this is a winner. Just remember that amazon’s prices are violative, and their prices can change daily.[sample provided]

Jeannie Cash, AR

My search is over ….

I’ve been trying various bath brushes, a couple a year, for several years, and never found the "right" one. Most of the time, the bristles are just too soft to do much. I was beginning to think that no one made a brush with stiffer bristles.I was offered a sample from the manufacturer to try out, and provide an honest review. I can honestly say, I really LOVE this brush!The bristles are just stiff enough — not too abrasive, but stiff enough to feel like they’re really DOING something. The handle length is just fine for me, too — I’m tall-ish (about 5’8"), and I can reach what needs to be reached with no problem. The handle is textures so that it doesn’t slip in soapy hands.I like this enough that I’m planning to purchase another one for my guest bathroom, and possibly one more to pack for trips. It’s really that good.

Nita Huntsville, AL

It Feels so good…medium bristles…brush is about 14″ long…try dry brushing too

All the bath brushes I’ve purchased through the years have been too soft for me. Ever in search for a firmer brush, I finally stopped wasting money on bath brushes because I thought they must all be too soft. I was asked to provide an honest review for the TopNotch Body Brush – Quality Bath Brush & was delighted to have finally found a brush with medium bristles. Perfect for me. The bristles don’t squish together when I’m trying to wash my back, but stay firm enough to do a great job cleaning my back & provide an invigorating tingle too. The brush measures about 14″ from end to end & is long enough for me to reach all parts of my back. The handle has ridges so it’s easy to hold when wet. The brush is see-thru, medium pink & has a nylon hanging loop.I was curious about the free Dry Brushing eBook offer so I checked it out & am going to try it. According to the eBook, “dry skin brushing is a traditional way of massaging the body that stimulates & refreshes the lymphatic system & the skin.” There are many benefits of dry brushing, among them are: improvement in skin texture, cleansing the lymphatic system, rejuvenated cells, muscle toning & more. According to ayurvedic medicine the whole body will function & feel much better when dry skin brushing is done properly & regularly. I suggest you take time to check out the eBook. You might want to give dry skin brushing a try. It feels great too.One year guaranteereview sample provided

Jillian Claytonville, IL

Feels Great

I really enjoy this brush. It is stiff enough to really feel it, but not so rough it hurts. I pour some body wash on it and give myself a nice, exfoliating scrub. I love that I can reach my back with it…it Is addicting. Sturdy, nice bath brush. RecommendI received a free sample for trial. I was not compelled to write a review. This is my honest impression of this product.

Bridget Lajas, PR

Great exfoliator

This brush is not only great for hard to reach areas, it works wonders on my feet. I scrub my feet with it in the shower every night and it leaves them feeling soft and smooth. Just what I needed after wearing heels to work every day! My husband even steals it and uses it for himself. May have to purchase him one as well. I would definitely recommend this product!

Nadia O Brien, OR

Great Brush

This back brush is nice. I could reach my hold back. The handle is long enough to reach everywhere I needed it too. I soften the bristles first by soaking it in warm water before I used it. My back felt fresh and clean. It would be a great brush to try. This is first back brush for me.

Rochelle Wells, NV

Fantastically exfoliating

I like good exfoliation, and this brush is the best one that I’ve tried for feeling really clean.The bristles are perfect, they aren’t scratchy, just firm enough to provide a good scrub, they do soften just a bit in hot water, but not too soft. The length works well for me, and the brush size is just right. The handle is sturdy enough that even with firm use it hasn’t snapped. That’s been an issue in the past. It’s ridged in just the right place to keep it gripped with wet hands.My skin feels softer, and my back feels really clean using this brush. The color is great too, the bright pretty pink is very happy looking.[The product reviewed was provided to me at no cost for the purposes of review. I received no other compensation, and my review is my honest opinion of the product.]

Henrietta North Wilkesboro, NC

but this brush is the best. I love the long

Never thought I’d be writing a review on a bath brush, but this brush is the best. I love the long, STURDY handle that makes it easy foe back scrubbing. And I’ve had no problem with bristles falling out. I have dry, itchy skin and love the relief I get with this brush – from soothing the itch to sloughing the dry skin. A very good quality brush.

Malinda Centreville, MS