ON SALE Blue Bath Brush with Long Handle. Topnotch Shower Back Scrubber.

Quality Blue Bath Brush use with soaps, gels, scrubs, body washes. TopNotch Body Brushes

Key features

  • Quality Bath Brush with long handle for wet use in Bath or Shower, or as Dry Body Brush for Exfoliating or Dry Skin Brushing. Also great for as Cellulite Massager or Back Scrubber.
  • Hygienic and long lasting. Simply rinse after use and hang up to dry. One Year Product Warranty.
  • 14″ Blue Long Handled Brush with Non Slip Ridges and Specially Angled for Back Scrubbing. Medium Bristles.
  • Attractive colour. Great gift for men or women.
  • Risk Free Purchase. 90 Day Full Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee on all TopNotch Brushes. 1 year Product Warranty.

Honest reviews


Nicely curved, not too stiff

I can’t tell you how many bath brushes we have bought over the years. It is interesting to see how they go in and out of fashion, making them easier or harder to find. Sometimes loofa or net or other scrubbers take over the market for awhile. But the brushes always win in the end, just because they are so practical!When my husband’s last brush became too grody, we started looking for a new one, and I was glad to find this one on Amazon.Like our other favorites, it is plastic which stays nicer longer. It has a loop to hang it. It has a nice curve to help reach the hard spots. And the bristles are relatively soft, allowing for cleaning without ripping up your back. It also works well for legs, if you don’t want to bend that far, or if physical disability limits it.Perfect for our use, exactly what we were looking for! Glad to find it here on Amazon.

Kristin Cleveland, OK

Nice brush

A good brush that seems well made. I like that the bristles are not too soft and not too hard.The entire brush is just under 14″ long (the handle only is about 10″), which is long enough for me. They should change the description from “long handle” to “13.75 long brush”.The translucent blue plastic is attractive.My brush did have a small defect however. It looks like a little chink of plastic was knocked out but no big deal.Overall 4.5 stars so I’m rounding up to 5.NOTE: I received a free product sample for review.

Faith Vesper, WI

Enjoy using this brush wet or dry.

I like this brush because the bristles are soft enough so they don’t scratch my skin. At the same time, they are firm enough to give that mild tingle which feels so good. I had never thought about using a brush like this as a dry brush for exfoliating until I read the description on the product page. Now that is one of my favorite ways to use the brush.If I have any reservations about the brush it would have to concern the length of the brush. The entire brush measures 14″ in length with nine of those inches being the handle by itself. That works, but it would make for an even more luxurious feel if I didn’t have to change hands and directions so often while using the brush in the shower. I’ve not had any problem with rinsing the soap out of the bristles; the brush rinses clean every time. The handle has a very definite patterning effect on it and that helps me hold on to the brush quite easily after it has gotten wet and soapy and there is a hanging loop on the end which feels like a nylon material. The hanging loop allows me to make sure the brush is left in the best position for air drying between shower uses.All in all I have to say I’m enjoying using this bath brush. Both wet and dry applications are working well for me and the only slight bother is the length of the brush.I received this brush in exchange for a review. The opinions expressed are my own.

Sofia Venedocia, OH

Good shower brush

This bath and shower brush is nice to have hanging in the shower. We were sent one to review, and after using, find it to work very well. The bristles are medium, and I like them quite a bit. My wife wishes they were just a tad softer. I just feel cleaner when I have the stiffer bristles scrubbing my back.The entire brush and handle are just under 15 inches long, and that handle part is only around 9 inches. So it’s not that long, but it is plenty long enough for me and my wife. Neither of us is that tall, and we both have pretty good flexibility. (There’s really no spot on my back I can’t reach with my hand, the brush just makes it easier.) The handle has ridges on it to make is easier to hold when wet. There is a hole in the end of the handle and short piece of cord attached so you can hang this on any type of hook.There is not a lot you can say about a shower brush. Bottom line, this is a decent product and does what it is suppose to. Good to have hanging in the shower.

Marylou Lebec, CA

Good shower brush for those that like firmer bristles

This shower brush is 15 inches long and has a curved handle. The handle is see through and tinted blue. It has a series of ridges on the handle so you can still grip it even when it’s wet and soapy. It also has a rope that allows you to hang it up after using it so that it can dry. I would suggest rinsing it out good before you hang it up to maximize the life of the brush. In many way’s it the typical shower brush just like you can purchase at many grocery and general merchandise stores with one small exception that may be good or bad depending on your preference. Some shower brush bristles are too soft for me personally and they don’t scrub my back enough. This brush is firmer and really gives your back a good scrubbing. I like it better for that reason but if you prefer a gentle cleaning then you may not feel the same way.Sample provided for review.

Verna Tuskahoma, OK

Very nice bath brush

Since I have been using this brush for a couple of days, this is my opinion/review after using this brush thus far:After taking my morning showers with my new body brush, I found that it did exactly as advertised (very good quality brush) and is worth what it will cost you.Also, I found that the bristles are just a bit stiff, yet in my opinion, I found this to be a plus.This is a very nice brush in my opinion, if you decide to try it, I think that you’ll like it also.Received this brush for testing and review purposes.

Mona Patoka, IL

Bristles medium firmness

Great price on this brush. The handle is a good length and it has a tie on the end to hang it up. The bristles are medium firmness, not too soft. You can get a good scrub, but if your skin is very sensitive it might be a little too rough. For me it is just fine.

Bridget Lake Como, FL

Just the right size and stiffness

I’m happy I got this brush in exchange for my honest review.This brush it the right size and the bristles are the right stiffness for me. The curved handle makes the brush manageable. I like the fact that it comes with a string so I can hang it up to dry.For the price; I highly recommend this. When it wears out, I’ll get another one.

Kerri Lubbock, TX

Good Brush with Bristles Just Right for Skin Brushing

My old body brush, much used, has finally lost its zip and must be retired, but, though I’m sorry to see it go, I’m delighted to replace it with this new body brush. I have spent a few minutes skin brushing and find the bristles to be a perfect texture for that purpose — not too stiff, not too soft. It features a nice long handle, easy to use on my back in the shower. All in all, this is a good brush to rely on for skin brushing and keepiing your skin healthy and glowing. I am happy to recommend it.

Johanna Dublin, NH


I was happy to receive this shower brush for an honest review. I was excited to try this brush and I was not disappointed. First off, I liked the color of the brush. It is a beautiful blue and has a cord for proper hang up after you are finished so it may dry properly. It did at first to appear rather long for someone of my size, but as I used it I found it worked quite well. The handle grip on it allowed me to have full control. I found the bristles were not too soft nor too hard, and felt good on my body. Truly, there is nothing like a good brush to get a good scrubbing on all sections of your body in the shower, leaving you feeling, clean and fresh. This brush definitely did the trick.I also tried it as an exfoliating brush on my feet. This is not something I do often, but I wanted to give it a try. I was surprised at the good job it did. All in all this is a good product, at a reasonable price, that delivers what it says it will.

Rose Mouthcard, KY

Good for the shower or as a back scratcher

I received this at no cost in exchange for writing a review. Here are my comments.1. This measures 14 inches, of which the brush head is 4 inches. While other reviewers have not found that to be long enough, for me it works fine.2. The bottom of the handle has ridges so that it doesn’t slip in soapy hands, and the brush bristles are nice and soft. This works well in the shower and also as a back scratcher because the bristles cover such a wide area compared to the narrow head on my wooden Ergo-Form back scratcher that I bought at BBB for 5.99.Bottom line: Handy to have around the house.

Carolyn Walker, SD