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Omega Labs Fungus Treatment for Finger & Toe Nails 15ml/0.5oz

Buy Omega Labs Nail & Cuticle Treatments – Omega Labs Fungus Treatment for Finger & Toe Nails 15ml/0.5oz. How-to-Use: Apply twice daily directly to clean, dry effected area.

Key features

  • fungus killer

Honest reviews



Product caused a severe allergic reaction, i.e. blistering over 20% of each foot when only applied to one toe. I have used other products in the past and never had a problem. Supplier put two stickers on top of each other so could not read "Stop use and consult doctor if." Thus, I could not read it. The manufacturer did not have the info on their website so I needed to go to dermatologist to get prescription which took 9 days to get over the horrible rash. Beware.

Natasha Richland, WA

It works but it will take a while

It seems to be working. I know that getting rid of this stuff can take several months. I can see healthy nail near the cuticle. Its easy to use. I alternate this with straight tea-tree oil.09/2013 – This is now several months later and I can confirm that this indeed works. It took forever but the my nail is about 95% better. As the nail grows out and I cut the affected area, it will be a 100%. Recommend.Would give 5 stars if it worked faster.03/2014 – The nail is completely clear and healthy. It took a very long time but this product works well. You just have to be patient and keep doing it.

Flora Manzanita, OR

Don’t bother

There is no smell, which is great, but I cant tell what it’s doing. This could be water for all I know. I use this every night like it says, and it has been at least 5 weeks, and nothing. There are no ingredients listed on the bottle which makes me skeptical.

Kristie Blue Ridge Summit, PA

actually works!

takes dedication to remember to do this twice a day but it actually does kill the fungus on, under, around your toes and toenails. I have noticed that ANY fungus killer that actually works weakens the nails so the fungus part actually flakes off but this is actually almost as effective as the prescription brand (PGULA solution) that I have but WAY cheaper!

Jasmine Sheridan, OR


I’ve had some issues on the nail which I must have gotten from the gym. I applied this twice a day and after a week I noticed a big difference in the nail. So yes, it worked for me. I has a slight flowery scent which is nice as it drys instead of a chemically smell like others.

Tommie Cofield, NC