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OLVAY Vegan Makeup Brushes. Professional, Premium Quality, Cosmetic Kabuki For Minerals, Bronzers Or Blush. Easy Blending For Loose Or Pressed Foundation. Non-Shed, Super Soft and Easy Blending. Cruelty-Free. Bonus Bronzer Brush and Travel Pouch.

Reasons You’ll LOVE This Brush Set! – Professional quality brush – Designed to deliver a flawless, expert finish – Super-soft brush hairs provide sheer even coverage – Tapered brush head ensures full coverage in difficult to apply areas – Dense Taklon bristles make it easy to blend and buff – Delivers fast, effortless results – Luxurious non-shed bristles hold their shape and pick up powder beautifully – Ideal brush for powder, loose or pressed, minerals, liquids, concealers, bronzers and blush – Handy free-standing design – no mess – 100% Vegan Taklon Bristles – Hypoallergenic and Hygienic – Great design – shaped for comfort Makes An Ideal Gift too! Bonus Brush and Pouch Included 100% Money Back Guarantee – Buy with confidence Check Out Our Exclusive Offers and Promotions ★ 5-STAR Product and Seller Reviews From VERY Satisfied Customers ★ BACKED BY OUR MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE – All Olvay products are backed by our Money-Back Guarantee. If for any reason you’re not happy with your order, contact our friendly Customer Service team and we’ll give you a full, no-hassle refund. We stand behind our products, we love them and when you try them, we know you will love them too!

Key features

  • Best quality taklon brush. Use with mineral/liquid foundation for a flawless finish. Stands upright.
  • SUPER SOFT – read our 5 star customer reviews. No other brush is softer. Retains shape & softness.
  • NON SHEDDING. Just read our 5 star customer reviews for proof that these will not shed! Guaranteed.
  • ❤ 100% CRUELTY-FREE – Be assured that no animal was farmed, harmed or mistreated during production.
  • Be Sure To Check Out Our Special Offers & Promotions. Great Savings On Multiple Orders.

Honest reviews


Great Asking Price for a Great Brush

The Olvay face makeup brush is great for applying foundation. I love the even coverage and natural look you get from this brush. It gives me an airbrush finish to my skin when I use it. It is by far the best brush I own. It doesn’t shed and it’s very easy and quick to use. You can also use it for applying powder and bronzer. The bonus blusher brush is a great addition also. It picks up blush very well, and the coverage is outstanding. It is 100% vegan and cruelty free. It also comes in a handy pouch. I highly recommend this product as there is nothing negative I have to say about it! You have nothing to lose as it comes with a 100% no questions asked refund policy.Sample provided for review.

Betty Pleasant Valley, IA

Soft and pliable, yet firm enough to apply powder where you want and not all over

The Olvay make up brush is lush, fabulous, and doesn’t leave bristles on my face, the bristles stay in the brush. The little pink one is great for blush, soft but firm enough to keep a line. The larger brush I tried with both loose powder and compact powder. It did equally well on both, with good coverage. The handles are well sized for easy holding and being able to apply the powder without the brush sliding around.Included with the brushes is a plastic pouch, so they can be easily stored and traveled with.These brushes are a great value and are so soft and comfortable to use. Real quality here.Product provided for evaluation

Ernestine Brentwood, TN

Two Brushes for the Price of One!

I was thrilled when the manufacturer asked me to test these brushes out for them, since I just this recently started using mineral make-up again.Each brush is unique – the larger one has a bit stiffer bristles and makes for an excellent mineral foundation brush and ALSO an excellent brush for blending. When you use this brush to add a bit of powder over your liquid foundation it also keeps the powder from settling into those fine lines we all seem to have once we hit a certain age. It is also great for setting powders such as you use with Derma-Blend make-up.The smaller brush has slightly longer and softer bristles and is perfect for your purse, but it is also great for powdered bronzer’s and blushes. It gives a softer look to eye-shadows when used for a final blending.

Guadalupe Carrier, OK

Dense and Soft

Love these brushes. They’re both nice and dense and soft on the skin– but not so soft as to be ineffective. They hold a lot of loose powder (I didn’t have to keep "reloading") and didn’t make a mess of it. Felt great on my skin and gave me a nice blended overall foundation and blush.I’ve had zero shedding with either brush and they feel like they’re made to last. The zippered pouch is a nice touch as well. Good value for the most important brush in my collection.I received this for review.

Melinda Java, SD

Very soft, excellent for loose powders, as well as, pressed blush & pressed foundation

Currently Olvay is offering the smaller blush brush as an added bonus.Neither brush shed for me & these Olvay brushes are guaranteed to never shed!A few years ago, I purchased some makeup brushes that were so scratchy, I couldn’t use them. However, these Olvay brushes have Taklon bristles which are very soft. Talkon is also hypoallergenic & cruelty free.Even though the BukiBrush is slightly denser & fuller than the smaller blush brush, both brushes are dense, soft & pick up & hold powder without wasting makeup. I tried each brush with pressed make-up (blush & foundation) …both were great. I tried the BukiBrush with loose mineral powder & loose foundation, too. Again, it performed great for me. I don’t have any complaints. I appreciate the flat base on the handles so I can stand my makeup brush up rather than lay it down while I’m using it.These brushes come with a carrying case. The larger one also has a sleeve. I love putting my brushes in a sleeve to prevent the bristles from bending at awkward angles.Approximate length:BukiBrush….. 5 1/4″ from tip to tip. Handle is 4 3/4″ longBlush Brush.. 2 1/2″ from tip to tip. Handle is 1 3/16″ longBoth brushes have dense bristles & tapered heads for full coverage in small, difficult to apply areas.Brush maintenanceAny brush that is used daily should be cleaned weekly. If you use the brush with creams or liquids it might need to be cleaned more often than the brush you use with powdered makeup. Shampoo in warm water will work great for cleaning, rinse thoroughly, blot or press carefully with a towel to remove excess water & lay down or angle the bristles down to dry. Don’t stand the brush to dry.Excellent quality. 5 starsRisk free sample provided

Jenifer Calumet, OK

Luxurious brushes for applying and blending powdered makeup

These makeup brushes from Olvay are very luxurious, made of synthetic sable bristles that are hygienic and cruelty-free.The heads are very plush, with rounded ends, and they are remarkably soft on the skin, yet the fibers have just the right amount of stiffness to do an excellent job applying and blending any powdered makeup.The handles are also well-made, of metal on the kabuki brush and of dense plastic with a metal ferrule on the foundation brush, very comfortable in the hand.These brushes also wash well, without shedding. They ship in a zippered clear vinyl storage pouch.These are high-quality makeup brushes that are a pleasure to use and they are an excellent choice to replace all those worn-out brushes begging to be thrown out!A sample was provided for testing and evaluation.

Gertrude Gumberry, NC