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Olukai Nohea Canvas Print Dark Cyan/Sweet Lime 7.5 Womens Shoes


Key features

  • Canvas
  • Made in US
  • These great slip on by Olukai feature a drop in heel, a moccasin toe, and a canvas upper. A removable, washable footbed to extend the life of the shoes.
  • Moccasin Toe
  • Anatomical Footbed
  • Slip on style.
  • Canvas Upper.

Honest reviews


Makes my hair greasy

I have super oily hair and when I use this, it almost seems like I didn’t use any shampoo at all.It smells really good, and might work great if you have dry hair, which is maybe what it’s intended for.I have used other Suave products with better results and wanted to try this scent. My husband and I have both used this multiple times with the same results. I would not recommend using this if you have oily hair.

Bertha Stewarts Point, CA


I’ve tried a lot of expensive shampoos and conditioners over the past couple of years trying to repair the damage from years of smoking…, not to mention aging… And by far, this Suave is the best! I don’t know if it’s finally just time (from being off cigarettes) or it’s just a magic product, but I can’t believe how much better my hair looks and feels from just a couple weeks of using this! Both shampoo and conditioner for a little over $5?! And the bottles are Huge! I know everyone is different and what’s good for one person isn’t the case for everyone…. But I just wanted to express my love for this Suave. It’s quality and it’s cheap. That’s not an easy combination to find.

Madge Mark Center, OH

Love the smell and it makes my hair soft!

One of the best cheap shampoo’s out there. I love the smell and it makes my hair feel soft. Would buy again for sure!

Kimberly Guntown, MS

Really does work as well as Aveda

The only difference between this product and Aveda is the price. Glad I found this shampoo and can save a lot of $$.

Rosalind Carlisle, IN

Good for the price

This is a fairly basic shampoo that did an pretty good job cleaning my hair. I would say that it could be a bit stronger, it felt almost like a cross between conditioner and shampoo. This can be a good thing, and I liked it, it had a good feel to it but it didn’t give a really clean feeling. I think maybe they should market it as a shampoo and conditioner, then I would give it 5 stars.

Angelia Atlantic, VA

Good For Fine Hair

I use this most of the variety of shampoos on our shelf. It’s got a pleasant and mild smell (most shampoos make me sneeze) doesn’t irritate the scalp, and leaves my very fine hair clean without drying it out or making it limp. Not much more you can ask of a shampoo. It’s not the magic hair solution of my dreams but it’s a good solid performer that gives me more decent hair days than bad.

Barbara Vernon, NJ

Not as good for me

When I saw how huge this bottle was for only $2.88, I really hoped I would like it, but it didn’t work well for me.Probably should have avoided it since “moisturizing” shampoos can be too heavy for my hair and it was. The result was similarto one of those shampoo/conditioner combos which I cant use. I read someone was using it as a body wash so maybe I will try that since it seems wasteful to discard it even though its inexpensive.

Andrea Stella, NE

Very nice to your hair

This is a great shampoo. Not sure if its the combination of ingredients but it makes my hair really nice.

Serena Gaston, SC

Suave Professionals Almond and Shea Butter Shampoo can’t be beat!

I loved this shampoo. It did a super job on my hair. It has a subtle fragrance, lathers up nicely and leaves my hair feeling clean. I get identical results with this shampoo as with higher priced designer brands. I can’t justify spending lots of money on something that rinses down the drain, so Suave Professionals is the shampoo for me! Definitely happy with this purchase.

Melba Dexter, NM

Bought for price…RE-purchased for quality!

I am a college student on a tight budget, and I originally bought this shampoo because of the low price. Because this shampoo is less than $3…I definitely didn’t have high expectations in terms of quality. I was sure wrong! In my opinion, the quality of this product is better than that of shampoos over 4-5x the price. The scent is very nice and makes my shower smell like a professional salon. Especially when paired with the accompanying conditioner, this shampoo makes my hair feel very soft and silky. I have already re-purchased this product in-store several times. I would definitely recommend!

Claudette Oliveburg, PA

shampoo 洗髮水

It make your hair smell good, but it also leaves it soft and silky..a fine shampoo. It would be more convenient to use.它使你的頭髮的氣味很好,但它也留下了柔軟,如絲般。它是使用更方便。這是一個很好的洗髮水。

Leann Greensboro, IN

Fantastic shampoo

This is a great shampoo, not only does it make your hair smell good, but it also leaves it soft and silky.

Aimee Huntsville, KY

This is now a staple product

I am an African American woman with a natural 4a/4b texture. I like this shampoo. It doesn’t strip my hair and it’s very moisturizing. I mainly bought it because of the ingredients. It contains things like emollients, sweet almond seed oil and jojoba oil. They are all things that are recommended for my specific hair type (low porosity). The companion conditioner is even better. This is the first time I have ever found a matching shampoo + conditioner combo that I both like. The low price is a big positive. I bought these large (28oz.) bottles from Wal-Mart for $2.88 each. It has a decent smell too. These are going to be my staple products for now on. The only thing I would change would be to add a pump. It would be more convenient to use. I recommend this product to anyone, regardless of their hair type.

Olga Manitou, KY