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Olivia Garden Ceramic and Ion Thermal Brush, 3/4 Inch

This synthetic bristle thermal brush features a vented ceramic barrel for faster and more consistent styling. This unique brush also includes an ion charged material designed to help smooth and shine hair.

Key features

  • Features a vented ceramic barrel for faster and more consistent styling
  • Includes an ion charged material design
  • Helps smooth and shine hair

Honest reviews


Super brush!

I have long, thin hair… but I have a lot of it and it has various textures… this brush has helped me defeat my hair! It is light, but powerful! I am happy to say that this brush has helped me defeat many bad hair days! Highly recommend.

Lou Oak Creek, CO

Not good for hair you don’t want to rip through.

I personally use Mason Pearson brushes, but they don’t have a round brush. I don’t know if I’m just spoiled by the fact that my MP brushes don’t pull and tug, but this brush is rough. Very rough. I will continue to look for another round brush that may be a little gentler.

Jacklyn Gray, IA

Great brush.

Big, easy to manage,very light. Left hair nice and straight . Best purchase and the price is even greater ,good cuality.

Patrica Eagarville, IL

Five Stars

Great product that does what it says it will do.

Victoria Diamond Point, NY

works for thick hair

I was afraid that the short bristles wouldn’t hold on to my thick hair, but I was wrong. I can easily and quickly style my shoulder-length thick hair with minimal pulling. The grip is comfortable

Helga Tannersville, NY

magical ability to hold onto your hair

your hair will easily ‘catch’ in the bristles, but not so much that it seems stuck. Use this brush with a Babyliss Pro blow dryer and you won’t be disappointed!

Becky Rockford, OH

Blow Dry Brush

Works fine, well made. Price was less than Ulta so I bought it.

Ernestine Yatesboro, PA

NOT as pictured

Totally not as pictured or described! I got a brush with a wood handle and the brush portion doesn’t look too sturdy with very short and sparse bristles. I tried using it, but it’s nothing special at all! Going to keep it because I feel weird returning a used hair brush…

Justina Quogue, NY

Didn’t perform as well as my old brush

I needed a new hair brush quickly after I lost myBio Ionic I Tools Silver Classic Series Ionic Conditioning Brush Large Round. Unfortunately, the Bio Ionic didn’t have Prime shipping. So I researched reviews on Amazon, and I went with the same-sized Olivia Garden brush. I was not pleased with the results. The BI brush does a great job at smoothing my frizzy, wavy hair, and it also adds a lot of volume and bounce. The OG brush did a similarly great job at smoothing my frizz, but my hair just didn’t have the same volume; it looked way too flat.I think this could be a good brush, depending on the look you’re going for. But I’m back to Bio Ionic.

Amalia Elgin, OH

Quick Dry Time

This brush is amazing! It literally cuts my drying time in half. I have very very long, thick hair, and this brush is the perfect size and does a good job at rounding out my ends.

Regina Beatrice, AL

Love the size, hate the snagging

I have above-shoulder length, layered hair and the brush size works great to straighten my hair. But I am so tired of the brush ripping out hairs. I think it does this because the handle is soft rubber. I thought I could get around this by holding my fingers in such a way that hair wouldn’t wrap around the handle. But no luck – hairs still rip out of my head every time I use it. I’m brush shopping again…

Rene Conway, AR

works as well as others

I don’t think there is anything too special about this brush. It works about as well as similar brushes that I’vepurchased at the drug store for $12.

Leeann Bartlett, NE

Brush great! but….

The brush really does what i had expected it to do; dry my hair quicker and leave a great shine when done. The size is perfect even for really long length hair even though little strings of hair get caught at the bottom end of the brush from time to time, this brush does the job well. Just one problem, after using the brush on my daughter’s hair (which is a good amount of hair) the handle came loose; disappointed. Brush is great but not durable so not worth the price i paid for which was about $25.00. So, unless this goes on sale, or you don’t have much hair this brush will work for you; otherwise, look elsewhere.

Jerri Jones Mills, PA

my favorite brush

I have about 20 brushes but this one is my favorite! It doesn’t get stuck in your hair, and it heats up quickly so you don’t have to spend a lot of time blow drying your hair.

Ivy Lyons, TX

Finally, a brush that grips the hair!!!

I was hesitant to pay what I did for a hair brush, but honestly, it really made a difference in styling my hair. I really like the grippyhandle, and the width was perfect for my thick hair. I would recommend this product to a friend.

Nora Loch Sheldrake, NY

Nice Brush

This was recommended to me by my hairstylist.I have thick medium length hair and this brush is good to them. I used a boar bristle brush but it was really harsh on my hair. I felt I was stripping them of the top layer everytime I used it. The size of this brush is good for long hair and I can style my hair in shorter amount of time. It also glides through the hair nicely. Its the only brush I use now along with the paddle brush.

Maryann Green Sulphur Springs, WV

Excellent Product

Excellent product but should come with directions….was uncertain about how to use the peg at the end and how hot the brush would get when used with a blow dryer.

Sheri Five Points, AL