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Olivella Face and Body Soap, Fragrance Free, All-natural 100 Percent Virgin Olive Oil From Italy, 3.52-oz Bars

Olivella “Fragrance Free” bar soap, specially formulated without added fragrance, features the natural gentle characteristics of the Olive. Designed to maintain the skin of the most exacting users Comprised of 100 % Virgin Olive Oil, Olivella preserves the rich natural components present in virgin olive whose properties protect skin and make it unique, especially compared to other soaps in the market.”The Natural Mediterranean diet for our skin…”

Key features

  • Specially formulated without added fragrance, features the natural gentle characteristics of the Olive.
  • fragrance free

Honest reviews



Not as great as anticipating : ( Moisturizes ok. Smell is not the best, but isn’t that bad like others make it seem. Will keep using it and the rest that came in the box (you get a lot of them). You may still need to use another different bar of soap because this one ONLY moisturizes. I use a normal deodorant and this soap wont clean it off your body.

Estelle Custer, WI

My crazy sensitive skin likes this a lot and it cleans wonderfully

My dermatitis acted up again earlier this month, and while I’ve used Cetaphil and Aquaphor and Dr. Bronner’s, I was so insane with itch that a friend recommended I find an olive oil soap (without coconut oils, as I’ve been using “natural” hair products with a lot of coconut oil and derivatives and it was possible I’d developed a sensitivity). In searching, I happened upon this brand and decided to order and try it.It’s really gentle and leaves my skin soft, smooth, and non-itchy (the last being hugely important to me). It does have a strongish olive oil scent, but not a perfumey one. Makes sense it smells like OO, no? Some find this offputting, but it doesn’t linger. You smell it while showering, but not after. I’d also add that this lathers discreetly, but adequately and nicely. It’s not sudsfest, but enough to know you are getting some surfactant action going and getting off the dirt and grime (if you’re grimy, hah).My rash is gone and I’m now ordering more of this. I don’t use it on my face, which is the most sensitive part of my body. I still use the Cetaphil on that (and the Kinerase Gentle Cleanser when I have makeup to take off). But for the neck down, this has been great.It does have a slippery feel, but not slimy as another commenter posted. At least in my opinion. I had ordered my original bars from iHerb on sale, but this is a competitive price for the 12-pack, so I’m ordering this one. Hope they don’t mess up and send me the scented. I can’t use that one.Update: Well, I found a saponified OO soap bar I like as well, if not better. It’s a Greek OO one and it REALLY is unfragranced (ie, Olivella has a stronge OO smell to it, very vegetal one might say). It’s called ApteraOlive Oil Soap – 4.3 ozand I give it a slightly higher thumbs up than Olivella for being really fragrance free and even LESS sudsing action–which prolly means gentler. Ordered a dozen this AM from Mother Nature, which also sells it through amazon for those who hate the OO smell of Olivella and those who want a slightly less slimy/slippery sensation. Olivella is more “oil” feeling than Aptera. I will probably use both, as I like both and think for the allergy-prone, rotating products is a good idea, anyway. Two great products that are good for your sensitive skin. Yay.Enjoy and have happy skin!

Yvonne Hightstown, NJ

Never mind the smell

I bought this to use with Olivella moisturizer after reading some positive reviews. Yes the soap has a strong veggie-like odor when first unwrapped, but after it gets wet the smell dissipates and you have a long-lasting gentle on the skin bar of soap. I like it because it got rid of some stubborn blackheads without being overly drying. A much better soap than Neutrogena and more economical if you buy the 12-pack.

Rachael Ellijay, GA

Happy Soap 🙂

I tried this soap on a whim, as I have very sensitive skin, and traditional soaps do not agree with me at all. I have been using this soap for the past few weeks, and I really really like it. I feel that it suds better than other olive oil soaps that I have used, and I really like the smell. The price makes it a steal. I will totally purchase this again, that is, when I run out in a year or so :)UPDATE: I have been using this soap now for about 6 months, and I love it. I will never go back to using regular detergent soaps, as my skin just loves this stuff 🙂

Karin Munich, ND

Good Soap

I’m becoming more and more aware of what I put into my body and what I use on it. This is a very good soap.

Ofelia Goshen, CA