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Olivella All Natural Virgin Olive Oil Moisturizer From Italy

Olivella All Natural Virgin Olive Oil Moisturizer From Italy helps moisturize and rejuvenate skin. Povides benefits of deep moisturizing while you sleep.

Key features

  • Helps moisturize and rejuvenate skin
  • Contains antioxidant Vitamin E (Tocopherol), Phenolic antioxidants (present in olive oil) and anti-aging properties
  • Helps retains skin’s natural humidity
  • Product of Italy
  • Not tested on animal

Honest reviews


Affordable Luxury in A Tiny Bottle!

Listen to me ~ if you believe none of the other reviews I am here to tell you this product is a miracle! I rarely write letters to companies but this one did it for me. I had to let them know they’ve got the right stuff!I am 42 and have had combination skin that gets much oilier during the warmer months. This product is one that I have used for two years now exclusively as my night oil and it has become a mainstay in my cabinet.Here’s the trick, though. After cleansing my face (I also use Olivella bar soap) I leave my face dripping wet. One short pump and those few drops glide over my entire face, my ears AND the front and back of my neck. It doesn’t take much at all but a moist face just isn’t enough. Just massage it in as your face air dries and the moisture left behind is heavenly. Not the slightest bit oily at all. And don’t skip your lips. No fine lines around mine and my lipstick proves it – no more creeping into fine lines around my lips. They’re smooth now.I have a tendency to be a night owl so I often don’t wait until before bed to apply this wonderful elixir. If I know I’ll be working late into the night, I’ll apply it in the early evening and allow it to work overtime.What’s ironic is that when I first started using the soap, I couldn’t justify the cost of this moisturizer. It seemed far too much for such a little bit. But when I consider how much cream I had to scoop out of jars over the years, this is now an actually very inexpensive product with so much promise. I assure you whatever your complexion, your skin will thank you for adding this to the regimen.I no longer use an eye cream, no special neck cream at all – all I need is Olivella and my skin thanks me every day. Finally a product worthy of a letter and a review. Do try it and again, do not apply to merely moist or dry skin. Wetter is better and as an extra treat, when you’re done, rub the residue into your cuticles. Even my manicurist is shocked over how I no longer have raggedy cuticles that I’ve suffered since forever.Miracle in a bottle for sure!I get it at Harmon’s in my neighborhood for around $15 and change.

Althea Westminster, CO

Nothing special

I don’t think this product is very good for an older person (59) with dry skin. It seems to just evaporate off the surface and leaves my skin looking very dry in the morning. It might be good for cleansing or using with another product over it. I will not buy it again and have to look for something else. The scent is a little bit strong for sensitive people, also.

Adele Deatsville, AL

good moisture

I like the smell and feel of this. Very good moisturizer. It is oily (obviously) so if you don’t like that consistency, this is not for you. But it absorbs well and my skin feels great in the morning after having this on overnight.

Etta Divernon, IL

Olive Oil As A Moisturizer-Yes!

Who would think olive oil could be a moisturizer but it is and it does a great job. Those with oily skin incredibly can also use this because you only need a small amount and it is absorbed into your face quickly. Does not feel greasy and you wake up with a smooth face.

Lou Burns, OR

Great product. Bottle Pump could be better.

I like the product a lot. I’ve been using it a few days now .. I have super dry skin with some breakouts. I was worried this product would be too oily, but it does soften and dries relatively fast.. I use it day and night now. My only gripe is the bottle/pump mechanism . The pump is a bit hard to depress which is why I knocked off a star. This bottle will last "forever" I’m sure! I use about 2-3 pumps per application.My skin does feel soft all day.

Aurelia Muskego, WI

Overall a GREAT product

First and foremost what i love about this product is that it’s natural, is not used in animal testing, and has a very low toxicity rate) with no cancer causing chemicals, […]nlike most of the common moisturizers out there. All it takes is a few drops to cover the face and works best after a shower. The scent is moderately strong soap-type smell but will not stay with you for long, although some may not be pleased with it. It absorbs into the skin rather quickly so your face does not seem oily.I find Olivella is best used overnight because when i woke up i had a fresh young glow to my skin and was pleased with the results. Some should be advised that you may be allergic to the ingredients and do a test before hand. Even if you are not allergic, when i first used the product my skin did break out but i had remembered reading somewhere how since the it can actually help normalize your skin that breakouts are sometimes a common thing in the beginning so i continued to use it. I’m glad i did because it definitely proves it’s worth keeping.I also have mix combo of oily/dry skin so i try to focus on the dry areas while using benzoyl peroxide on any areas that seem they are about to break out. I found this combination to work better than anything i have ever tried so now i can proudly say i have finally found my secret to healthy skin. Hopefully this may help others!

Estella Wadestown, WV

Wrong Picture- But love it- It’s an oil

This is oil not a lotion. Love it though. All natural and just great for my dry facial skin. All natural too.

Rosemarie Morse, LA

Nice Product for the Money

I like this product as it goes on light, absorbs fairly quickly, and doesn’t smell. It lasts a long time.

Lilly Ottawa Lake, MI

Great moisturizer

I wasn’t sure what to expect since I don’t think I’ve ever tried using an olive oil moisturizer, but I was delighted by the results. It makes the skin immediately soft and supple. I’ve also noticed a better complexion since I’ve started using it. I would likely purchase this product again.

Rosalia Drifting, PA

Nice scent. Nice moisturizer!

Goes on smoothly. I apply it to my face/neck in the evening. But I can’t say how it’s working for my fine lines as it’s only been a short while since I’ve been using it. Does not feel oily, which is great!

Justina Medora, ND

I have been using this for months and still love it

I bought this product back in the summer and when this bottle runs out I will order it again. I am 42yrs old and I have used very expensive products in the past. I am going to stick with this now.

Mai Hatton, AR


I use this during the day on top of olivella moisture cream. I suspect I paid an awful lot of money for what appears to be plain old olive oil, but I must admit it is very moisturizing and one tiny pump dispenses enough oil to cover your entire face and neck. It absorbs quickly and has no scent that I can detect.

Edythe Clutier, IA

It’s wonderful!

I agree with most of the reviews, it’s a wonderful oil and 100% natural. I apply it at night before going to bed, and my skin has improved within few days, it’s magical! Let me share with you that my skin is acne prone, and I had no problem at all, really! Try it you wont regret it!

Nona Orting, WA

Favorite moisturizer!

I really love this moisturizer. It makes my skin so smooth and soft and it really nourishes my skin. My only complaint is that it makes my face so moist that when I have my cell phone up to my cheek or I touch my cheek my make up comes off with oil all over it. I have to really wipe my cell phone off after talking on the phone b/c there’s so much oil on my face coming through my make up. I don’t put too much on in my opinion. I use 2 pumps . 1 pump barely gets me past my cheeks , so two gets up to my forehead and I could really use just a little tiny pump, but I stop at 2. So I don’t think I’m lathering tons of oil on my face needlessly. Besides that, I love this moisturizer and will never use another moisturizer if I can help it. Buy this!UPDATE:I just decided today to try putting this on right after my shower like it had suggested. I was skeptical to try that at first b/c water and oil don’t mix. I guess I was nervous some type of separation would happen with the oil on my face! lol. But I tried it immediately after getting out of the shower today with only one pump instead of two and WHAT A DIFFERENCE that made. I had no idea using it when my face was still a little moist would really help with the absorption that much and it doesn’t feel like my face is covered in oil anymore. It was a good moisturizer before, but now using it the way it was recommended ( my fault for not doing so sooner! ) I completely understand why they tell you to do it that way and recommend it even more!

Jennifer Farnam, NE

Wonderful moisturizer.

When I bought this moisturizer I was expecting a lotion but instead I received oil as moisturizer, I’ve never used oil for moisturizer before, I found out is a very good product, nice moisturizer, it doesn’t seat on your skin, it absorbs quick enough, and blends so good with any sunscreen I have used with it, contrary with any others moisturizers I’ve been used on the past, which they will come out in small rolls when I rub the sunscreen on top of it leaving a horrible mess all over my face is just a nightmare especially on morning time when the time is so limited. I will buy it again, love it love it, I will recommend it especially to people with dry to normal skin.

Debora Pyrites, NY


There are many reasons why you get brown spots on your skin (pregnancy hormones, pigmentation problems due to a pimple, exposure to sun, and just plain age). I did some research and found that there are three HUGE solutions that, combined together can stop the spot from getting darker, and start to heal it. There are three major factors that work together to help treat, eliminate and hide the brown spot. Here’s what I found:1)ALWAYS WEAR SUNSCREEN! This is definitely crucial, otherwise no matter the cause of the age spot, it WILL get bigger if your skin does not have adequate protection from the sun. I wear Oil of Olay Daily Moisture Lotion w/SPF on top of this product.2)Citric Acid is a key all natural bleaching ingredient. This coming from fruits such as oranges and lemons, lemons having the highest amount of citric acid.2)Olive Oil! Yes the same thing that works on hands to soften them also works good for brown spots. The Vitamin E in the Olive Oil moisturizes your skin, and stimulates the cells in your skin to regenerate. This is especially good in its most raw form because in order to remove the dark spot, you have to treat through 21 layers of skin!3) Athough this product does not include buttermilk, I still apply buttermilk twice a week to the spot (and my face) twice a week in addition to this product. Get ready to plug your nose because it works best if it’s spoiled! I put mine in a pump bottle that dispenses nail polish remover. I use a cotton swab, dab a couple times then wipe off.I have one brown spot (and there’s no way I’m posting a pic of it). I noticed it after a pimple healed. But I was also in my first trimester of pregnancy. So hormonal or because of the pimple or both? Not sure. But, from the first week I started using this product it worked immediately!! The bottle is extremely slow but a little goes a SUPER long way! I only use a tiny bit each night and under makeup. Make sure to massage it in well. After all, it is an oil!!!This is truly an INCREDIBLE product!!! A+++! Here’s the major ingredients that make it work (that actually back up the research I did: Olea Europea (Olive) Fruit Oil, Squalene, Citris Aurantium, Dulcis (Orange), Retinyl Palmitate, Tocopheryl Acetate, Lavadula Angustifiola (Lavender) Oil, Cananga Odorata Flower Oil. **THIS IS THE INGREDIENT LIST IN IT’S EXACT ORDER.**Before expensive and sometimes dangerous medical routines to remove brown spots, try this! I love it and I will continue using it every single day…..You WON’T regret it!

Tracie Bluefield, WV

I love it.

This product is great. It leaves my skin soft, and not greasy because I have oily skin. The trick for using this oil is you put it on you skin while it is wet, so that the oil soaks in when your skin dries. It leaves your skin nice and soft.

Carmen Glennville, GA

I’m not sure what the hullabaloo is over this product.

I’m not sure what the hullabaloo is over this product. It’s the most expensive olive oil per ounce with a little scent you’ll ever buy. I’m fair skinned, slightly on dry side, rarely break out.I used this for a solid month and am completely indifferent to it. I re-bought my Clarins Multi-Active Jour that I love (I was trying to cut corners). My skin is back to the amazing soft skin I know and love that results from using Clarin’s skin care.This product just didn’t excite me the way it seems to excite other people.

Renee Port Gamble, WA

Delicious Face Oil

I was comparing this to the olive oil by DHC and I like this a lot better. The company even sent me a sample packet so I could try it out first. I like that this one has squalene and a mild scent to it. I have oily skin so this is too oily for me to use during the day but its great at night. I’ve used it after doing an at-home light peel with 10% salicylic acid and much to my surprise I woke up with no chapped skin. It didn’t burn or irritate my skin at all afterwards, whereas most face creams would. I will continue to use for this purpose (post peel face protector) and for days when my face is especially dry.

Janie Marana, AZ


This stuff makes your skin look radiant and elastic. It absorbs quickly, and makeup will apply smoothly after. The smell is nice & natural (orange essence).I will keep using it daily, and see if it is as effective in a few weeks as it seems to be now.

Ashley Soudersburg, PA

Olivella All Natural Moisturizer – I love, love, love!!!

I love this moisturizer. It is very effective. So many moisturizers claim to make your skin moist and dewy, but leave my face feeling quite dry. This product is excellent! It moisturizes extremey well and makes my skin look dewy! I would definitaly order again.

Erica Coalfield, TN