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Ole Henriksen Blue Black Berry Enzyme Facial Mask, 3.5 Fluid Ounce

A luxurious, aromatic gel mask that will renew and condition sensitive skin

Key features

  • This potently calming blend of lavender, papaya enzyme, blueberries, and blackberries gently polishes the skin
  • Relieving facial stress and delivering smooth results
  • A hydrating, reparative gel mask for all skin types

Honest reviews


What a gem!

I’ve been using this for about 3wks or 4.Use it about 3x a week. My skin is super, super sensitive also combination.Stress ages us, personally as a college student – this has been my face first aid. One time I was crashing at 5am from midterms and assignments, when i looked in the mirror i was dragged down even further by how much my face looked like it aged from stress in just a day. I gave this a go, washed it off after 25 mins and went to sleep. When I woke up my skin looked so healthy … like I just came back from vacation. My face brakes out when I stress and before I went to bed I saw two little red irritation marks and they were gone too. My skin looked so calm and fresh and healthy. I was gobsmacked. Where was my “I just pulled an all nighter” face?The more I use this, the better and better my results are getting. In my second week I started seeing the benefits. My blemish scars from like 6 months are even fading (my skin takes a life time to heal sometimes). There’s no tingle, no irritation just smooth gel with a lovely lavender smell.What.A.Gem* This has also worked for my mother who deals with enzema

Saundra Phillips, WI


This is like a detox for your face. The luxury reminds me of something you’d get in a hotel’s spa while on vacation. I love it. Not only does your skin feel better, the enzymatic debridement makes it feel better too.

Florine Tenmile, OR

Great mask

I did a lot of research on amazon and Sephora. I use it a couple of times a week, or when my skin get’s crunchy during the cooler months. It makes my dry skin few smooth and dewy. Worth the price.

Pat Saint Robert, MO

Leaves my skin hydrated and calm

I have skin that is dry, sensitive, and itchy, especially in the winter time. It’s also acne prone (sigh) so I’m very picky about the products I use. I love this mask! It makes my skin feel hydrated and look much healthier. It also feels great on – it has a light gel-like texture and a cooling effect so I’ve found it is very calming when my skin is feeling otherwise irritated. For example, I recently had my third facial peel at my doctor’s office and this helped me get through the days after when my skin was peeling, raw, and in pain. It’s a great product. For a different texture I also really enjoyFirst Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Instant Oatmeal Mask-2 oz.. I find that similarly that one leaves my skin feeling moisturized and calm, but it has more of a creamy texture

Viola Henry, NE

Great mask but still too many toxins

My favorite enzyme mask ever is the Tata Harper resurfacing mask, but that mask is $20 more for about half as much and was my old go-to mask years ago. After a long flight and then staying at my parent’s with their wood stove which makes the air in the house REALLY dry, I needed a mask that was going to moisturize and refine my skin. I knew I’d be using it a couple times a week for awhile so because this is cheaper and you get a lot more, I got this instead of the Tata Harper mask.My skin was looking pretty battered after the long flight – it was clogged up, breaking out (which I almost NEVER do) and super dry. I like to put this mask on while I’m still in the shower – I find that the steam makes it even more effective and then leave it on for awhile after I get out of the shower. Leaving it on for just 10 minutes is effective, but leaving it on for 20 or 30 is magic.After just one use, I notice a huge difference. My skin was clearer, looked fresher, and wasn’t nearly as dry. I love the smell (more lavender than anything else) and I also really like that you can slather this on over the under-eye area. Makes a big difference there, as well.The only thing I DON’T like about this mask is that it’s not natural/non toxic (regardless of Sephora’s “Green” classification) see it’s rating in the cosmetics database here: […]Normally, I would avoid it since I’ve mostly phased out all my “toxic” skincare products but time & money just didn’t allow for me to go the Tata Harper route this time.

Lena Walton, KS