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Old Spice Wild Collection Hawkridge Scent Body Wash, 16 Fluid Ounce

Introducing Wild, a collection of deodorants and body washes from Old Spice with scents inspired by raw, manly ingredients to capture the enticing, instinctual power of nature.

Key features

  • That’s because Wild has been crafted with natural ingredients in mind to leave you smelling and feeling great all over.
  • Prepare to be kissed on the beak of man power.
  • When your body flesh is covered in Hawkridge Body Wash, there is nothing for women to do but smell the tingly freedom song of a raptor lullaby and accept that science cannot explain the feeling in their hearts.
  • For Guys with Swift Minds.

Honest reviews


Great! (but read)

This is a wonderful new scent from Old Spice, my new regular. I would consider this the polar opposite of their swagger stick and wash. Hawkridge is much more “relaxed” and nice smelling, then the usual “manly” and “cool” smelling scents. The girls I’m with really like it, but I know a handful of guys who don’t want to worry about not smelling “manly” enough. So, if you’re worried about that, stay away from this particular scent.It’s a nice change of pace from what I usually wash with/wear.

Roslyn Barneveld, WI

Great lasting fragrance

+ Great fragrance during and after shower+ Long lastingNo complaints. This is simply a great shower gel for men!

Margot Guadalupita, NM


Bear glove smells like candy pepto bismol, Wolfthorn is VERY strong but grew on me a peculiar potent ocean breeze scent BUT HAWKRIDGE though it smells similar to fresh collections Denali its a masculine scent which to me smells like a light musk with tonka bean.Out of the 3 wild collection body wash scents I have tried this one is the nicest!

Jessie Cecilia, KY

The Old Spice Wild Collection Hawkridge Scent Body Wash Rocks!

The Old Spice Wild Collection Hawkridge Scent Body Wash is another totally different scent breaking from the line of Old Spice traditional scent. I like this one. It definitely has a more masculine scent than some of the other new ones, like Fiji for instance. It has a definite manly cologne scent to it, much richer in fragrance. It still foams up quite well and the scent is in long lasting. It did leave me feeling refreshed and invigorated enough to write about it!

Denice Lipscomb, TX

Great! Oh boy this smells SO GOOD! At least from a women’s point of view so it is a winner there!

Great! This body wash can not be bad! Have not got it yet but did already get 2 other things in this scent and it is such a great smelling product! Just the perfect notes! My hubby WILL get a bit extra attention & i WILL be getting a bit closer when he is wearing it!

Francis Allegre, KY

College girls love me

Its a mellow smell that is very soothing and pleasant. It is a must for a college bro ! !

Olive Troutville, VA