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Old Spice High Endurance Pure Sport Scent Bar Soap Pack Of 6 – 24 Oz

3X Clean.

Key features

  • Leaves Skin feeling Clean.
  • Clean Crisp Scents.
  • Clean Refreshing Lather.
  • Soap on a Rope without the Rope.
  • Rope not Included.

Honest reviews


made me sick and had to puke

The smell on this one is OVER powering like it began to over power my bathroom, then, hall way, then stairwell, to kitchen living room and bedroom, it literally was making house smell like soap in a day. I puked. it cleans like soap but really, do you really have to make it so stinky? what’s the point of having a soap that over powers like that. Who use this anyway? How stinky do you have to be?

Simone Theodosia, MO


I workout everyday so I thought this soap would be perfect to take to the Fitness Center at work and shower with after the workout. It’s a nice soap but the scent is a little light for me. I thought it being Old Spice it would have a stronger scent but it doesn’t. It doesn’t dry my skin either.It lathers up nicely and doesn’t disappear very fast.if you like a lighter scent then this would be great for you. It’s just a good all around soap for men or women.

Morgan Curtis, WA

Strong, attractive scent…

An avid athlete, biker who plays hard uses this product. As the one who has to smell him when he gets home from his adventure, dripping in sweat, I am grateful for the strong scent of Old Spice that doesn’t mask unpleasant smells, but makes them virtually non-existent. My father used Old Spice when I was a child, so it always triggers pleasant memories when I see the product. Combined with the deodorant, this bar soap is a good strong product for active men to use. It is a regular sized bar of soap that lathers and lasts through an acceptable number of showers. The “deal breaker” for me would be if it had an unpleasant scent and was ineffective in keeping a man smelling gresh and clean even after vigorous exercise. This is definitely a product we will buy more of.

Dayna Gardiner, MT

Not as good as the gel

I got the Old Spice High Endurance Pure Sport Scent Bar Soap because I was looking for a cheaper soap than the gel. However after using the bar soap, my skin was left feeling very dry. I was told that this is a common feeling with any bar soap but I couldn’t stand it, so I will definitely not buy the bar soap again despite being a bit cheaper and still having the pleasant smell like the gel.

Delores Center, NE

Scent, what scent?

I’ve read a number of reviews raving about the scent of this soap. To me, it was virtually neutral. It does lather up well but considering the small size of the bars, it doesn’t last long. I used one and passed the rest on to my son-in-law.

Queen Nelsonia, VA

Love Old Spice…for sentimental reasons

I consider this a man’s fragrance, attributing this to my father and brothers using it when I was a teen back in Ohio. Just one sniff of Old Spice takes me back in time; fond memories of the important men in my life. In those days, every man I ever new used this product and the after-shave too.It’s a bit strong for women, so I don’t use it for anything but washing my hands… Mostly for the nostalgia…Yes, Old Spice has stood the test of time admirably. Thanks for the trip down memory lane.Highly recommended.Reviewed by Betty Dravis, June 20, 2013Author of “Millennium Babe: The Prophecy”

Jodie Troutville, VA

Good Enough

This soap is a good product without being anything exceptional. It has the desired smooth texture, rinses off easily, and leaves you feeling clean. That satisfies the basics of what most of us would want from a bar of soap. What keeps it from being a five star product is that it doesn’t have an especially pleasant smell that lasts on your skin after usage, like, say Dove’s Men’s Care bodywash; and doesn’t leave you with any especially refreshed feeling after you wish it. So it’s a good soap product, without being extraordinary in any way.

Marla Arendtsville, PA

Pure Sport: Milder and lasts two more showers than 3.75oz Irish Spring

The Old Spice High Endurance Pure Sport Scent soap comes in a six pack with each soap bar individually packaged. Each bar is 4 ounces. The soap does not have the usual soap shape. It is thicker but half as wide as a typical bar of soap. One side has an ergonomic arced shape that fits the hand. It has a very mild smell, I call them “I just took a shower” type of a smell. This is for the Pure Sport. I don’t know how the other two High Endurance options smell. It does not smell like the classic Old Spice.It is a rather mild soap as well, not as harsh at Irish Spring, my current regular soap. And it lasts longer. A single 4oz bar of Old Spice lasted two showers more than a single 3.75oz bar of Irish Spring. The measurement was made while having the same regular showers.In terms of price, if you shop around the weekly paper specials with Extrabucks and Register Rewards and such, you can find Irish Spring for as low as 33c per bar. The Old Spice goes for more per bar. So where do you draw the value line? The Old Spice is a milder soap and lasts longer, but you can get 2.5x more Irish Spring bars on sale for the price of one Old Spice bar.

Juana Pinos Altos, NM

Love Old Spice

As the mom of both a boy and a girl AND a frugal one at that, I had to decide if my boy would spell like flowers and vanilla or if the girls would smell like Old Spice. Lucky for my son we went with the old Spice, lol. Nothing is more refreshing to me than an Old Spice shower! I was happy to receive the High Endurance Bars as they last longer in the shower than the body washes we normally use. The scent is light and refreshing and the bars don’t dissolve in the shower like some others do. Give the Figi and Red Zone fragrances a try too. Great product that even my Springer approves of.

Christina Flemington, MO

It’s Okay

This soap is okay. I wouldn’t go out of my way to purchase it. The package tells you that it makes you feel clean. I don’t want to just feel clean, I want to be clean. The bar didn’t lather well, and the scent is pleasant but does not last on the skin. Overall, in my opinion, there is nothing special here. The scent doesn’t last, the lather is minimal, and without getting to personal, I’m not sure I’m as clean as I want to be. I feel that if I am going to purchase a specialty soap with a strong scent, I would like the scent to linger on the skin – this doesn’t linger at all. If a person is looking for a nicely scented soap that does a good job getting you clean, this doesn’t quite make the grade for me.

Neva Seward, IL

I’m surprised. I like it.

I was surprised I would like it. I originally thought it was going to have some sort of strong, musky smell to it. The last thing I wanted was that Old Spice cologne smell my grandfather would wear, but this is something better. It has a scent I like smelling even when I’m washing my hands with it. I truly enjoy have the scent on me. I now respect the Old Spice commercials even more. I thought it was just silly hype, but it really does deserve those good but crazy-funny commercials. I would definitely try this again, once I run out.

Josefa Linville Falls, NC

Pleasant, somewhat Irish Spring like, but nothing unusual

First, I should say that I use and like the Old Spice deodorants. I never liked the O. S. scent itself, but the various scents they use now are mild and inoffensive and don’t linger.I thought I’d try this since “Pure Sport” is one of the deodorant varities I use. And this is OK. Nothing special. It reminds me a bit of Irish Spring. THere’s a similarity in the color and in the scent. However, if you dislike Irish Spring, you may very well dislike this. They’re not the same, but in the same ballpark.But other than that, there’s just nothing much to say about it. It doesn’t seem very different from any other soap.

Jaclyn Hellier, KY

This smells fantastic!

I unwrapped a bar of this soap and washed my hands and went out to do something or other. When I got back, I was sniffing the air — what smells so good in here? Do we have a Christmas tree in the house in May? Is it some kind of exotic Tibetan incense? Or fresh-sawn lumber? VERY agreeable scent, subtly filling the whole house! It’s soap, and it cleans me off. I don’t remember Old Spice after shave smelling this good. This was a revelation! Makes you smell nice, makes your whole house smell nice — is there a downside??? VERY pleased with this product!

Lessie Mound Bayou, MS

Pleasant Fragrance

The fragrance is very refreshing, masculine and clean. It is a pleasure to use with the invigorating scent.My one apprehension in using the soap is that it produces a very slick feel. The slickness is not quick to rinse off and I find myself in the shower just a little longer in attempts to rid the filmy slickness.It lathers very well and has me smelling nice, manly and fresh.I only wish whatever causes the slick feel would sometime be improved to where you felt no traces of residue.

Kris Farner, TN

my 3 test subjects liked it

I brought the soap home for the men in my life. The 37 year old who works hard at a bakery liked it a lot. He feels it works well and he liked the scent. The 34 year old who works at a desk liked it but his pg wife banned it as she couldn’t handle the smell so that might have to wait for a while. And last a 25 year old who was happy to get free soap. He said he didn’t notice the scent much. I personally like the scent and would be happy if the men in my life used it.One of my reviewers got back to me again today to say it didn’t lather up as well as he would have liked and the scent didn’t stay with him but he did like how clean he felt.

Stacie Stone, KY

Great Soap

After years and years of shower gels it was so nice to use an “old fashion” medium again – the bar of soap! This soap lathers extraordinarily well so you can totally shave with it. The scent is light and pleasant. Does a super job cleaning and is ergonomically shaped for your palm. Like they say, there is no rope! lol – so don’t drop it 😉 I loved this soap and will use them all up and order more. I think they will last a very long time too, so they will be very economical.

Elisabeth Sharpsburg, IA

Cool Shape

For the most part, this is just soap. It is green, with a subtle scent which has some similarity to Irish Spring. Although this is made by Old Spice, it is “Pure Sport” which is a completely different scent than traditional Old Spice. If you are particular about the scent you’ll need to smell it first yourself. My favorite thing about the soap is its shape–it is narrower but thicker than regular soap so that it seems more ergonomic. It’s not a huge deal but I definitely noticed it is easier to hold.

Frieda Ocean City, MD

Better than a Body Wash

These Old Spice bars of soap were a pleasant surprise. They have an excellent, robust lather that exceeds the lather of any body wash that I have used. Though it washes off easily it feels like you just put lotion on in a good way. I was not expecting that. They are lightly scented, nothing like the heavy after-shave smell that I think of when I think of Old Spice. The bars are curved which makes holding them very easy. An excellent choice to be your soap.

Vilma Lecompton, KS

Another Old Spice Product we love!!

My son uses all the Old Spice products and we mainly purchase the body wash. But we decided to give the bar soap a try. What a great product. The bar is easy to hold, offers a light scent that my son loves and suds up nicely. These bars make a great addition to his “manly” products and we will definitely purchase them in the future. Overall he likes the convenience of the body wash, but found these bars easy to hold and didn’t have any problems with using them to wash his face. So they definitely work nicely on 12 year old skin and will be a staple in our home!!

Clarissa New Richmond, OH

Great For True Old Spice Fans

Old Spice and I go way back. I have used it since I was a teenager, (yes a teenager, I never did care about being cool), and I still use it many decades later. I have also used their deodorant in one form or another over the years. To be honest though, I have never cared for any kind of body wash, including that of Old Spice. (Just an old fashioned guy that prefers bar soap that has been around for hundreds of years). Though I can’t compare this soap to its body wash equivalent, I feel the strength and scent of it is just fine for me. Yes it could be a little stronger as so many here have mentioned, but it’s neither weak nor non existent either. It has a nice comfy shape, lathers up very well, and I feel very refreshed after using it and can smell the scent for some time afterwards. In short, if you’re someone that enjoys a real overpowering soap, you may be disappointed in this despite its lather and freshness. On the other hand, real old time Old Spice fans like myself will not notice that all too much, nor care. (Old Spice was never one of those overpowering colognes anyway). The price for it here on Amazon is very reasonable and I recommended for its lather, shape, and freshness… : )

Nicole Esperance, NY

Great soap just wish scent lasted longer

Old Spice High Endurance Pure Sport soap is a great products. It smells greats and lathers up really well. Also it leaves you with a very clean feeling. My only complaint is with the scent. It smells great and the smell is not overpowering like some soaps. But after using it that fresh clean smell does not last for long. After an hour I noticed that the smell of the soap was gone. Now I don’t expect the scent to last all day but an hour after showering I would still like a hint of that clean scent. But I guess that is to encourage us to buy their other products. Still a great product.

Clara Newton Highlands, MA

if you like their deodorant, you’ll like this

I have used Old Spice deodorants (in their various flavors) for as long as I can remember. Recently, I also started using their excellent body wash. I’ve loved the scent of both, and the way it leaves a gentle scent on me all day. So I was pleased to see that Old Spice has a bar soap….why didn’t they do this before? This soap smells really good going on and lathers up well, leaving no residue and no overpowering smell. I will add this to my regular arsenal of Old Spice products.

Myra Carson, MS

Nice clean scent, and easy to hang onto

The males in our family have used a series of Old Spice products over the decades – deodorant, after shave, body wash and now the bar soap. They especially like that the scents are masculine without being overpowering.This soap is just what my husband and teen son like in a soap. It has a nice clean scent that’s not overpowering, a bar that’s easy to hang on to because of the shape, rich lather and easy rinsing. It’s not over-drying to the skin, and yet not gloopy with moisturizers. The scent lingers for an hour after showering, and combines nicely with whatever cologne or deodorant they are using.This Pure Sport bath bar is a favorite with our son, and we’ll look for it when this 6-pack is done.

Althea Moorhead, MS

Great for the Price

Last time I checked these were often going for $1.99 a brick of 6 and that’s about as inexpensive as you can get; however, low price often means low quality and to some degree that’s true here.Overall, this isn’t a bad soap choice but make sure you realize it’s not Old Spice, per se, it’s the Pure Sport version. This scent, straight from the box, is what I’d call medicine-like if not somewhat antiseptic. Fortunately, that scent doesn’t translate to the skin after showering but you’ll catch a whiff or two while showering. What scent there is doesn’t hang around long — most people around me couldn’t smell anything past about 15 minutes. Depending upon your definition of obnoxious, this can be a blessing, especially since I prefer not to smell like the proverbial French you-know-what house.Otherwise, it does lather nicely and the bars seem to stay solid unlike others in the low price class that turn into a glob of goo shortly after making contact with water.

Alfreda Horseheads, NY

Smell like your Dad !

OK, just the ‘Old Spice’ brand name was enough to attract me to this product. Nothing conjures up images of the old man more than the scent of Old Spice and I figured, “What the Heck” I might as well give this a try. I wasn’t disappointed!While the actual bar size is a bit smaller than your average bar soap it seems to last just as long as my normal soap of choice Irish Spring. If you like Old Spice in general, then the scent will not be overpowering at all. If you tend towards allergic reactions you might want to proceed with caution, although I experienced no such reactions of any kind. (Irish Spring has recently changed their formula and their ALOE variety caused major rash & welts on my skin which I promptly reported to the company)This Old Spice Scent Bar gets the grease off easily and quickly and left no residue of any kind other than the scent. Personally I like it very much but then again you need to know in advance if Old Spice is your cup of tea. As I said, if it IS then you will like this soap, if not you had better look elsewhere.*** We have hard water but that did not adversely affect this soaps’ performance at all as it created lots of rich lather with minimal amount of effort on my part.

Claudine Cove City, NC

smells great, works great

great smelling bars of soap. Smells like a man should. Lathers nicely, packaged like usual. Each bar lasts a while, and does not leave the skin smelling too much, but just enough

Lynda Weatherby, MO

Soap for your sporty side

I am really, really liking this Old Spice bar soap, it’s convenient, smells good, makes the bathroom smell good, doesn’t dry my skin out, and most importantly makes me feel clean and not filmy. Plus, the shape of the bar is easy to hold.My son also really likes it, the scent is clean, not too overpowering, definitely a little more on the manly side. But the best is that it doesn’t end up making you smell like cheap cologne!For the price, this is another excellent Old Spice product!

Noemi Raymond, OH

Soap without the rope

Five bucks for six bars of soap seems like a decent deal, right? I definitely like the smell of this soap, and the packaging is cool. I don’t have dry or sensitive skin, and this works just fine. It definitely has an after shave type of smell, but it’s not too strong. The soap is sort of carved on the bottom side so it can be gripped easier which is nice. I actually prefer bars of soap over the gel, and I’ll be buying this from now on.

Geneva Dixonville, PA

Manly… but I like it too!

This soap has a pleasant fresh scent that is not overpowering. It produces a decent amount of lather. The bar shape is designed well so you can get a grip on it in the shower and the bar seems to still be hard after several uses which is a good indication that it will last a while. My only complaint is that it seems to leave a slippery feeling after what I consider to be a normal amount of rinsing. Since it is not advertised to have moisturizing properties, I can only describe this a soap residue that gets left behind unless extra time is spent rinsing. I took off a star for this. Other than that, I think it’s a fine choice, and a “manly” one too.

Sharon Littleriver, CA

i like the smell and design

I liked this bar soap. It gives off a pleasant clean scent while applying, similar to other bar soaps. It doesnt leave any scent after shower. I havent used other old spice products so i cant say if it has a standard old spice smell, but as i said, i liked the scent. The design is like an arch, so its 2 ends are tilted downward… thus make it easier to hold. Besides the unique design, not much else stood out to me about this product than other bar soaps.

Ada La Vernia, TX