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Olay Wet Cleansing Towelette – Sensitive 30 Count

These velvety cloths with aloe are specially formulated for sensitive skin. They have a special “lift and lock” texture that lifts away dirt and make-up – even waterproof mascara – to thoroughly cleanse.

Key features

  • With light Olay moisture and vitamin E, it leaves skin feeling clean, smooth and soft – all in one easy step.
  • Alcohol-Free
  • Textured cloths

Honest reviews


these won’t remove your mascara but

These have a nice soothing feeling. Removes my foundation easily as well as eye shadow but not mascara. The good thing is that the product isn’t overly perfumed since that can irritate my asthma. Doesn’t break me out. And, it seems to moisturize nicely.I’m having it sent every couple months automatically and love not needing to have to remember to pick it up.

Mildred Franklin, TX

good product

very nice and effective towellettes. have tried a number of brands and this is a very good quality. recommend you try it.

Linda Churdan, IA


Like others who have said: I’m lazy at night when it comes to a beauty ritual," these Olay towelettes are the greatest. It’s easy to be dedicated and I surprisingly can tell a difference in my skin and I’m still on my first pack. I’m a young-looking 66, but if you can change this face, you’ve done something, yes?

Viola Mc Callsburg, IA

Best Sensitive Face Wipes on the Market

I have tried several "sensitive" type facial wipes and these are by far the best. They get all of my eye make-up off and don’t leave a burning sensation on my skin or in my eyes. I can get the solution in my eyes and not feel a thing. These wipes come a little too dry, so I just add some bottled water to the entire pack and end up with wipes that are much better at getting all of my make-up off.

Lorena Opp, AL


Used other face wipes but by far love these. leaves face not only clean but feeling softer and not dried out.

Cara Shattuck, OK

Great make up remover

I use these everyday to remove my makeup. It even removes waterproof mascara. Leaves my face clean and not dry.

Becky Lairdsville, PA

Love this!

I love these! They are so nice to take camping and take off your make up. Ive told my friends about these and they love them too.

Amanda Village Mills, TX

Great Stuff at a Great Price

I’ve been using the wet cloths for years. It never irritates your skin and cleans the face well. I like to alternate between non-soap facial cleanser, Olay dry cloths, and the Olay wet cloths. Olay wet cloths are very practical. Just apply and throw away, so simple. Each one contains plenty of cleanser and wetness and is so safe and gentle for the skin. If I want to keep my skin blemish free, I use non-soap cleanser and all of Olay products. I really like the wet cloths.

Pearlie Palo Cedro, CA

Trusted stand-by makeup remover

I keep coming back to these. I don’t wear a lot of makeup but what I do wear comes off completely and comfortably using these wipes. They also leave my skin feeling supple and hydrated. A recommended part of the "other" end of the make up kit.

Deborah Menemsha, MA

Works well for oily skin

Works great on my oily skin, I don’t use makeup so I can’t tell you how well it cleans it off. There’s no fragrance which my skin loves. its a little more on the pricy side for for what it is, although I already have them I can’t convince myself to order again.

Justina Alpena, SD


Love these and they are more expensive in the stores. Look at the prices in any other store you choose.

Tammy Thousand Island Park, NY

Refreshing, gentle and cleans well

I have tried a variety of facial cloths and find many of them to be too harsh for my sensitive skin. These cloths are a lifesaver. They are wet enough to thoroughly remove makeup and dirt, and they glide easily across my skin. The cloths are smooth and not abrasive. After using them, the skin on my face dries without leaving any stickiness or residue from the wipes on my skin. And after using them my face feels hydrated and rejuvenated.These facial cloths come in a plastic blue soft pack that is compact and easy to store. You get one individual wipe out by peeling back the sticker on top to reveal the opening and then you reseal them by pressing the sticker back in place. I have not had a problem with the sticker not sticking or with the wipes drying out and I have used them for over a year.These wipes are so gentle that you can use them daily and not aggravate your skin, even if you have sensitive skin. I don’t have a washer and dryer in my apartment and these wipes are convenient so that I do not have to use washcloths to wash my face, which would just cause me to have to do more laundry. Instead, these wipes, though gentle, are great at getting all of the makeup and grime off of my face while making my skin feel hydrated, yet fresh and clean.

Raquel Kila, MT

Great for dry skin

I am a 42 year old female who has very dry skin, all year round. In the past, I have used creme cleanser to wash my face (from Aveda, Almay, etc.) and it always felt very tight afterwards. Then, I would use my moisturizer and over moisturize to help with the tighness, which just ended up making my face feel a bit greasy. And, every day and night, repeat this process. My face was so dry that it even flaked!I decided to try this product as I was looking for something easier and more effective. I first purchased this in my local drugstore. After my first use, I noticed that my skin didn’t feel tight – it just felt clean. And, I didn’t need half as much moisturizer afterwards. After a week of usage, my overall skin eveness and complexion improved noticeably!I have been using this product for 5 years now and love it. This is basically a pack of 30 wipes. It lays on its side, and you pull up this plastic flap in the front to view a hole in the middle of the pack where you pull out one of the wipes (just like you would a baby wipe or a tissue). You reseal the hole with the flap to keep the product air tight and keep it moist.With this wipe (it’s the size of a standard tissue), you just wipe your face with it. It removed all of your makeup and oil, but doesn’t overstrip your skin which is great. When you are done, you just throw the wipe in the garbage – it’s that simple. And, because it’s in this sealed package, it’s very portable – you can throw this package in your purse and use it to freshen up anywhere.I prefer this product – the one for Sensitive skin – as there is almost no smell to it. But, the product for normal skin is also good – same thing except it has a smell to the product and seems to be a bit stronger in terms of cleaning. I only order that when I can’t get the Sensitive skin – I have now started to order this from Amazon in quantities of 20 so that I never run out.In summary, I love this product and highly recommend it.

Lana Savannah, TN


You can’t go wrong when you purchase Olay. Since I do not drive, I have to make a lot of my purchases online. I have always used Olay creams, but never the cleansing cloths. I find that these cloths are so much better then the brand I had been using. With Amazon, you order products one day and receive them so fast, that it doesn’t pay to go to a store to purchase items.

Maryellen Athens, GA

It does the job

This is the first makeup removing wipe that I have used. It works okay to me. Before I got to bed I use a wipe and then I use my face cleanser to get anything I missed off.

Tracie Orchard, TX

Great for makeup removal, great price

I use a cleanser in the morning to wash my face. At night, I use these towelettes to remove my makeup, and I love it. The sensitive towelettes are great for use around my eye area too- no irritation. This is the best way I have found to remove my makeup and cleanse, without leaving my skin oily and without having to use water. When I’m in a hurry in the morning, I’ve used these before to wash my face too, and they work great. I’ve also found that they are cheaper on Amazon than in the stores (by about $1 a pack).

Leeann East Orleans, MA

Four Stars

Okay but not the greatest for removing makeup.

Concepcion Kilkenny, MN

Eyes Beware

I would be very careful using this around the eyes. It really stings and makes my eyes tear a lot. I only use them around the face and never coming too close to the eye. Otherwise, these get the job done. They don’t have much of a smell which is nice.

Elma Borger, TX


I used these when I was in the hospital and unable to shower, and I now use these cloths at night before going to bed. I do not know if they would work on those of you who wear a lot of makeup, but they work fine one someone like me who wears little or no makeup.

Earlene Sedan, KS

good deal on face wipes

These are great to keep in the bathroom to remove makeup or just wash your face at the end of the day when you’re too lazy to take a shower.

Dixie Denmark, ME