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Olay Ultra moisture in-Shower body lotion with shea butter 8.4 fl oz

Now there is a lotion you can use in the shower! For the following skin types: Extra Dry, Dry. Helps with these skin concerns: Dry/flaky skin, Dull Skin, Rough knees/elbows, Itchy skin. You’ll love Ultra Moisture In-Shower Body Lotion because it contains moisturizers to penetrate deep and lock into your skin, Works with the humidity of your shower, Infuses skin with moisture at an ideal moment.

Key features

  • Olay Ultra Moisture in-Shower Body Lotion works with the warmth and humidity of your shower to reveal soft, smooth skin after 1 use.
  • It like a hair conditioner, Olay In Shower Body Lotion is applied onto skin in the shower after cleansing, then rinsed off.
  • Olay Moisturinse In Shower Body Lotion infuses skin with nourishing moisture at the ideal moment for moisturizing skin.

Honest reviews


You can make your own

You can make your own in-shower moisturizer with hair conditioner and a LITTLE BIT of high quality oil like almond, jojoba, shea, or coconut. Baby oil would work on a budget. If using shea or coconut oil it might be best to warm the conditioner and oil a bit to liquefy the oil for mixing. Mix very well and poor in a bottle.I would be careful about the amount of oil so your shower isn’t greasy and use a separate towel for your hair so it doesn’t get oily. I would also consider using an all-natural mild scented conditioner so your skin doesn’t itch from perfumes.This might be a great way to use up left over conditioner or those tubes collected from hair dye boxes. Just test it out on your skin first before mixing up the whole bottle. Body lotion might work too.This Olay product has great reviews around the Net and is a great convenience so I thought I’d share my idea for a homemade version.

Bobbi Linden, CA

Been using it for years. love it!

I love this stuff so much.. I’ve been loyal to it for 6 years now. I can’t always find it in the store so that’s why I had to order it on Amazon. If you can find the bigger size in stores, I suggest you do that because it’s probably more cost effective. This 8.4fl oz is okay for now, but was priced at about the same price I pay when I get the bigger size in the store. As for the product itself, though- like I said, I love it. I hate the feeling of putting on lotion after I’m dried off, so this is perfect for me. I just use it on my legs and elbows and I put it on as my last step in the shower and then i LIGHTLY rinse it. LOVE LOVE the smell. The scent is what drew me to it first. My legs feel moisturized throughout the day. I don’t notice them looking dry. I totally recommend!

Carol Rotterdam Junction, NY

Amazing new product

Who knew your skin can also have a conditioner that you rinse just like your hair. This is a quick way to provide more moisture to your skin. I also like the clean smell it has. My skin is softer and applying it in the shower and rinsing off is so convenient and quick. I also apply baby oil gel every other day on top of this treatment for added moisture. I truly cannot shower without it now, I’m hooked. What a great idea, thank you.

Lidia Greenbelt, MD

keeps me sane

the best time to put on a moisturizing anything is when your skin is damp out of the shower. This product goes on while in the shower and even in the winter I’m not all flaky and itchy……great product!

Tessa Steward, IL

MD People

I have dry skin and bought this product to help. Good when put on after a shower. However, wears off within a couple of hours. Makes shower VERY slippery. Smells good. Wont purchase again.

Catalina Tomahawk, KY

Great stuff

I got this because I was going to start tanning and I needed to get my skin hydrated an moisturized.. Works pretty good and the smells not the best but its ok. Shipping was ok to. I went to Walmart the next day and there it was for the same price.

Amalia Pilot Hill, CA

Use this and be hooked… I am.

I will not ever go without this. I cannot find this at the local pharmacy. The product works, it really does a good job. It is rather confusing to think that you can apply lotion and then rinse it off. However, not only is your skin soft and smooth at that time but it seems to have a cumulative effect so that your skin stays smooth and moisturized the whole time. It does not come off with your sweat and yet, you do not feel greasy.I have been using it for years, my coworker would buy it for me from the military exchange but then I see Amazon has it, what does Amazon not carry. I joke that if you want a new husband/wife/boy-girlfriend/in-laws, I bet you Amazon can sell you one!!Anyway, GREAT PRODUCT, prompt delivery, excellent!

Marla Palms, MI

Did work that well for me

I thought this would better than using baby oil after showering to moisturize my skin. It was no better than regular lotion and I don’t see how putting this on in the shower saves time vs. putting on lotion or oil out of the shower. I don’t think I will but this again. It wasn’t a bad product, just wasn’t for me.

Trina Fall City, WA

quick apply

i like olay products in general, this is convenient in case you don’t have time to apply lotion, but not in daily basis, i don’t recommend using it as only moisturizer, because its not enough,,,smells great.

Jane Arroyo Hondo, NM

its nice

it doesnt feel oily and my skin feels smooth without that annoying after itch feel i normally get after showering

Milagros Corolla, NC

Great Product

I received a sample of this product when I stayed at a spa and loved it. When my husband saw it in the bathroom, he wanted to try it too. (My husband is a very manly man) One of his guy friends told him about how well it works without leaving the skin sticky or smelling like a girl. Olay might be surpsised to find out they have a lot of guys using this and recommending it.I like it because it does a great job of moisturizing, doesn’t conflict with my perfume and it seems to be faster than applying lotion after my shower.I’ve had a hard time finding it at my local stores. After my sample ran out, I went to three or four before I finally located it at Albertson’s. I’m glad to know I can also purchase it from Amazon.

Celeste Bartlett, TX

The end of dry skin as you know it

This stuff is amazing! You slather it on, rinse it off and your skin is soft and moistuized until your next shower. What I love best about it is that your skin feels soft and moisturized, but you don’t feel greasy. I like to rub it on my feet when I buff them and they feel baby soft afterwards.

Ladonna Dunlap, CA

Not a big fan

I need to use a lot to apply all over my body. Feels like I am putting hair conditioner all over my body. Smells good but I personally think the reviews on here is overrated.

John Kennebunk, ME