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Olay Total Effects Moisturizer Plus Mature Therapy 1.7 Fl Oz

Moisturizer with vitamins + ginger fights 7 signs of aging and intensely targets menopausal skin needs

Key features

  • This daily all-in-one moisturizer with a proven vitamin-rich complex fights 7 signs of aging PLUS it intensely hydrates skin affected by menopause for younger-looking skin.Total Effects Fights 7 Signs of Aging:1 Fine lines and wrinkles: reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles2 Dryness: provides intense moisturization3 Lack of Firmness: gives skin a firmer look4 Uneven Tone: balances and helps even skin tone5 Age Spots: reduces appearance of age spots6 Uneven Texture: smoothes and evens skin texture7 Dullness: gives skin a healthy-looking radiance
  • For the following skin types: Dry, Normal, Oily, Combination/Oily
  • Helps with these face concerns: Fine Lines/Wrinkles, Dull Skin, Brown Spots, Dry/Flaky Skin

Honest reviews


Feels Heavenly on Your Skin

I don’t know if I’ve ever used a face lotion that I liked as well as this one. It feels so rich when you’re smoothing it on, but not a bit greasy. With the first use, I noticed that my skin felt more hydrated.I also like that it’s designed for use both day and night because that’s one less container to have sitting on the counter! The pump works well, it’s easy to control how much product is released.Even though I’ve been using Olay Total Effects Cream for Mature Skin for just a week, and I’m not sure what benefits I’ll see in the long run, I already have another in my shopping cart to be sure I don’t run out.EDIT … 6 months of use: still using this product, still love the way it feels. It does seem to have improved the appearance of my skin, which I believe is a bit firmer and definitely looks healthier. I continue to use it both morning and night.

Mara Napoleon, OH

Goo for mature skin

I have been using this product for over two years and I can see the difference in my skin (very nice) will continue to use until I find something I Like better.

Lawanda Eastman, GA

Nice effects

I loved Olay when I was a teen, and I still love it today. It has always had wonderful moisturizers for the money. This product just melts into my skin and makes it feel so wonderfully soft. I use it all of the time and would stand it up to any costlier moisturizer.

Cleo Dawson Springs, KY

Light and Effective!

I like this Olay product much better than the moisturizer that contains color. I don’t like to wear any type of foundation on my face, just pressed powder. This feels light and absorbs very well. It is a very good product that’s reasonably priced.

Jeri Espanola, NM

Olay Total Effects Cream for Mature Skin

Olay products are the only products I will use on my face and skin. I am 59 years old and my skin is in wonderful condition. I have no wrinkles and my face feels clean, fresh, and beautiful all the time. Everyone compliments my skin especially since I have no wrinkles and they cannot believe my age. What is most important is that my skin is healthy and light and it makes me feel pretty and happy! Thank you Olay for such wonderful care you give in your products!

Carey North Bend, OR

A great multi-faceted moisturizing cream!

After searching for a moisturizer, a line tamer, and an age spot reducer, I found all three in Olay Total Effects Cream for Mature Skin! After three weeks, my facial lines have diminished, my age spots have faded considerably, and my skin is moisturized all day and night. This is truly a wonderfuyl product – so much so that I repurchased 8 more after using this product for only one week! I highly recommend this Olay cream, and I will continue to purchase it from Amazon’s trusted seller, mujer320. What a great price for a marvelous product!!!

Tisha Crimora, VA

Good product

This is a nice product, leaves skin soft, altho one review stated it was tinted and she liked it and could go out without makeup…it is NOT tinted and I was disappointed in that…obviously reviewed another product. While this is nice, for the money other products are as good or better and I probably will not reorder.

Sybil Nokomis, IL