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Olay Total Effects Dark Circle Minimizing Brush 0.2 Fl Oz

This daily under-eye moisturizer provides tinted coverage for younger-looking eyes. • Instantly reduces the appearance of dark circles and fine lines • Gentle brush application provides smooth, even coverage • Fights 7 signs of aging

Key features

  • Daily moisturizer
  • Fights 7 signs of aging and instantly provides tinted coverage for younger, brighter looking eyes.
  • Suitable for most skin tones

Honest reviews


Not an eye cream, and fails as a concealer. Hate.

Hmmm. I normally like Olay products, so I’m not sure how they wound up with this huge misfire. But this product is awful. Even for free.First of all, the name of the product is “7-in-1 Anti-aging Eye Cream”. So, call me crazy, but I thought this would be, you know, an eye cream. It’s not. There is nothing eyecreamy going on here… it’s not moisturizing at all and in fact my middle aged eyes (and I would think I am the target demo here) need an actual eye cream first for this product to go on at all. So … what’s the point? It also claims to ‘immediately reduce the appearance of dark circles’. I had to laugh. Dark circle appearance is reduced because this is a concealer. It’s makeup! There’s nothing magic, it’s not actually treating your dark circles… it’s hiding them.Which brings me to my second point: Even if you accept this product for what it is (a concealer), it still fails. The gigantic nylon brush glops way too much product on, and you need to use your finger to blend it anyway so why bother with a brush at all? The texture is very thick and unpleasant. The color is too dark for me. This is a very heavy, unnatural-looking concealer. Yuck.BOTTOM LINE: This is a concealer, not an eye cream – you need to use an actual eye cream first to get this stuff to go on smoothly. As a concealer it is heavy and gloppy and thick. I can’t recommend this product to anyone at all. I tried it for a few days to give a fair review, then tossed it.

Jaclyn Usk, WA

Not really an eye cream, more of a concealer

I’m pale with freckles, but regardless of my skin tone, who doesn’t need an eye cream right? I ordered this in desperate need of some perking up, but only got orange circles(literally) around my eyes, with no reduction of my fine lines. If anything, the tint coloring fell into them and made them more pronounced. This says ‘for most skin tones’, but unfortunately, I am not one of them. I liked the application of it, the brush feels nice around the eyes and the product sinks in nicely. But they should be selling this as a concealer with the some added anti-aging benefits, in a variety of ‘tint colors’. And on top of that, this has paraben preservatives which I try to avoid. If they made this more natural and color-free I’d be all over it. I usually like Olay products, but this one is a miss for me.

Joann Ascutney, VT

Best ever for eye care!

Are there are more than 5 stars? Because the Olay Total Effect 7-in-1 Anti-aging Eye Cream Line and Dark Circle Minimizing Brush is one of the best products ever! It glides easily and instantly provides a glow to the undereye area. I began to notice an improvement almost immediately. Within a week dryness was gradually disappearing, while new moisture is replacing it. One simple click gives just enough product to moisturize, brighten and cover-up. Oh yeah, Olay!

Gabrielle Miller, NE

Doesn’t cure the circles and stretches the skin

I have had deep circles under my eyes for much of my life, but circulation rather than lack of moisture is usually the problem since the color comes from blood pooling near the surface of the skin. Olay’s product does not address the circulation issue. It has slight beige coloration, but not enough to cover the circles. And worse yet the brush tends to pull the delicate skin around the eyes, compared to patting on moisture with the fingertips.The ingredients are mostly chemical, lacking the nourishing botanicals that could help the skin. And it is chock full of preservatives including those I counsel pregnant women to avoid. It contains: Water/Eau, Glycerin, Isohexadecane, Titanium Dioxide, Niacinamide, PPG-15 Stearyl Ether, Dimethicone, Isopropyl Palmitate, Sorbitan Stearate, Hydroxyethyl Acrylate/Sodium Acryloyldimethyl Taurate Copolymer, Polyethylene, Aluminum Starch Octenylsuccinate, Benzyl Alcohol, Panthenol, Tocopheryl Acetate, Methylparaben, Dimethiconol, Ethylparaben, Propylparaben, Cetearyl Glucoside, Cetearyl Alcohol, Stearic Acid, Disodium EDTA, PEG-100 Stearate, Iron Oxides.If your problem is dry skin around the eyes, your skin isn’t delicate and you believe in better living through chemistry, then maybe this is for you. Otherwise, back to the drawing board.

Tamika East Windsor Hill, CT

Good Product

I really like it but do think that the price is just a little high.It goes on nice and smooth and the cream feels cool and soothing on your skin. It also does a good job at concealing dark circles, but I really can’t attest as to itsanti-aging because it would take more than a week to see results from any anti-aging product.

Kitty Deep Run, NC

It didn’t work for me. 🙁

I had such high hopes for this product and it just didn’t agree with me at all. First, the disclosure — I am a 49-year-old woman whom no product will make beautiful. I have never considered myself to have sensitive skin. I was hoping for a reduction in under-eye lines, figured it might take a few weeks.Opening the product for the first time was odd. I have lots of cosmetics where one has to advance the liquid into the applicator portion, so turning the base to get the liquid onto the brush was easy enough. However, the brush remained quite hard, almost more like a palette knife than a brush. I think maybe the instructions need to include make a few softening swipes on a piece of cardboard or something. Maybe it could be done before the liquid was in the brush even, I don’t know. But it was uncomfortable to try to use until it had softened up a bit.The next odd thing was that the liquid was much darker than my normal complexion. There isn’t a choice in colors for the cream. My undereye circles are there, but not terribly dark, and this stuff actually seemed to make them worse (I think it’s supposed to just cover them up). It also burned slightly when I put it on, and I had a hard time imagining that this drying, burning feeling would provide therapy to my undereye area over time. I’ve only managed to use it twice. Maybe it would have helped in the long run, but I couldn’t take the short-term effects.I’m really sorry it wasn’t the answer for me… it would have been great to have fewer undereye lines.

Lindsey Bally, PA


Obviously, I wanted this for my wife. To date she is very pleased, especially with the ease of aapplication and quick absorption so that she can either apply makeup or her traditional night cream.She has never been bothered by dark circles, so that was not an issue. Her concern was with fine lines forming around her eyes. She has not had this long enough for her to comment on lasting effects, so we’ll report about that later.

Adelaide Brantley, AL

More of a Concealer

I’ve used Olay products for over 30 years and love them all. I was eager to recieve and try this Total Effects Anti-Aging Eye Cream Line and Dark Circle Minimizing Brush.First what I like about it: I like the way it works with the built in brush applicator which dispenses just the right amount of product when you press the button on the end of it. There are no messy bottles to open and close. Also, it’s a good size, not too much, but not a ripoff stingy amount of product. It works great for me as a lightly tinted under-eye concealer.But…I’ve used it for almost a month now and I have yet to experience any anti-aging effects. It doesn’t tighten or change the skin around the eyes at all. I guess a Regenerist product would be more appropriate for that, but I was hopeful to have some line minimizing which has not happened even slightly.If you’re in the market for a good concealer, then I would definitely recommend this for that use. But if you’re looking for a line minimizer, then shell out a few more bucks for an Olay Regenerist product.

Victoria Osgood, IN

bright orange eye cream

I had some high hopes for this product. I have slightly pale, lightly frecked skin and, unfortunately, dark circles that I battle daily. I thought, great, a product that is an eye cream and something that could minimize dark circles. Exactly what someone like me needed.I did the usual allergy test first, applied a little to the inside of my arm, near the bend to leave on for several hours to make sure I didn’t have a reaction to the cream itself (something anyone with sensitive skin should do before using any new product on their face). I was immediately shocked – what brushed on was a bright orange cream. I thought, surely there must be a mistake here – did I get the wrong skin shade? No, it was labelled as matching most skin tones … but who is orange?Giving the product the benefit of the doubt, after having no allergic reaction to the stuff, I chose to apply it on a weekend when I didn’t have to worry about going off to work with something new on my face. I thought, maybe it wouldn’t look so bad under the eyes. Maybe it’s orange for a reason? Or, maybe it really would minimize the dark circles? Unfortunately I was very wrong. I looked like someone who had smeared orange cream under their eyes. I applied my usual makeup over it, hoping for a coverup – maybe that’s how one is supposed to use this? Wrong again, a slightly blunted orange tinge showed through and I had to wash everything off.Still, I’ve used other Olay products before and gave the cream a couple more chances, but I ended up nothing but orange and disappointed. Unfortunately, this very orange product, which could never match any skin tone on this planet, is headed to the trash bin.

Yvette Bethany, IL

Not for me

I’m a great believer in skin care, and this product seems to have the necessary ingredients. It gives that gentle tingling feeling you get from a good exfoliator. I’m not giving it a very high review because I did not care for the brush applicator. It never really seemed clean to me, even after I cleaned it with alcohol on a cotton pad. I think I’d rather use my finger.

Brigitte Whitesboro, NY

Okay concealer

If you have dark circles under your eyes and dab some foundation on them, the circles will be somewhat masked for a while. This product will do the same thing. It is no worse than most other concealers and not better. I tried it for a while and saw no remarkable anti-aging effects. Oh well.

Norma Coeur D Alene, ID

My wife loved it

I gave this to my wife, and she used it to rejuvenate the appearance of tired eyes. She loved this product and her eyes have regained their brightness and he lines have diminished greatly. She has purchased this product again once she ran out, so I can safely recommend it as it has been deemed worthwhile in our house.

Shelley Guasti, CA

More like brown paint than concealer

Olay usually makes excellent anti aging creams are reasonable prices.However, this one misses the mark. It’s a tinted cream that leaves a brown streak under the eyes with use.You need to apply make up over this cream to hide it unless your skin tone is the exact match of the cream!It goes on like brown paint which is probably how they can justify calling it a dark circle minimizer.SAVE YOUR MONEY. Don’t buy this one.note: my wife helped me with this review

Deanna Tryon, OK

Good anti-aging effects but problems with the color

I have been using the “Olay Total Effects 7-in-1 Anti-aging Eye Cream Line and Dark Circle Minimizing Brush” for about four days. There are no instructions on when or how often to use it, so I put it on at night before bed. My shallower wrinkles have been noticeably diminished. The deep ones are still there, but I am hopeful. The brush is easy to use and easy to apply, although I end up using my finger to really work it in. The instructions say to press the brush three times before application, but I find that two times gives the right amount.The bad thing about this product is the color. It is the same color as a foundation, and unless you have that skin tone (a standard-issue white person) it sticks out. Also, when applied at night before bed, it comes off on your pillow case at night. It also dries out my skin a little, so I put a moisturizer on top of it.In spite of some of the issues I have had with it, I do recommend this product. It has a much faster affect than any other wrinkle cream I have used, and I am at the age where I have tried a few.

Ola Stanton, TX

Confusing but mildly worked as a concealer

When I first opened it, I thought it was an eye-cream product. Then when the color comes out, I realized it’s supposed to work as a “concealer.” I never saw anything written on the package that suggested the idea. So it’s pretty confusing as a product and also slightly misleading when “anti-aging eye cream” were used to advertise.I applied it under my eyes a few times. It blends very well and masks the dark circles under the eyes, mildly. It’s not cakey because it’s thin. The texture feels like lotion yet not greasy.If it had been advertised correctly, perhaps it wouldn’t cause such confusing and misleading effects.

Elizabeth Liberty, NE


The only good thing I noticed about this product was A little illumination around the eye area but that was it, and it was temporary.It didn’t work, in fact it did the opposite…This is a thick beige liquid concealer type of product that comes out of a tube/brush and when you put it on you have to rub it in. I noticed the first time and second time I used it it gave a little “glistening” type of look, brightening shall i say, above the eye, but that was it.Used this product for a week and a half, maybe more, missed a couple days in between but the ironic thing is, before I started using it I didn’t really have any noticable dark circles or anything big then yesterday I wake up and have huge dark circles under my eyes, after I have been using the product. Isn’t this suppose to work for dark circles? If so why am I all of a sudden waking up with dark circles under my eyes if it works at all?That proves it only is a concealer…As far as moisturizing it made the area around the eye feel kind of dry.You can just go buy a dollar or two dollar tube of stick concealer at the store and it would work better than this probably.I know many who swear by Olay but this didn’t convince me. Go to the local store and pick up something for a dollar it would work better even.

Melva Copeland, FL

At best, an average concealer product

At 42, I’m probably at the low end of the target consumer age range for this product. However, I was interested mainly because I have struggled with dark circles for years, dating back to my 20s. In my own case, my dark circles are likely hereditary rather than age-related, but still, I was hoping that this product would help.The box for this product touts a “Line and Dark Circle Minimizing Brush.” This brush serves as the applicator: you click the end of the pen to cause the eye cream to flow into the brush, use the brush to apply the product under the eyes, and then (as per the directions), use your finger to blend any excess. I found the brush a bit unwieldy to use; it was easier for me to apply the product directly to my finger and then use my finger to dot the product under my eyes. Also, the directions go on to say that after each use, you should wipe the brush clean with a tissue AND let the brush dry thoroughly before replacing the cap–how impractical!As far as the product itself goes, it has a fairly thin consistency. This did make it easy to blend, and it did seem to have a slightly moisturizing effect. It might work as an effective concealer for those with just a hint of redness or uneven skin tone under the eyes, but for my dark, stubborn circles, this thin concealer definitely did not provide enough coverage. Furthermore, after using the product for several weeks, I did not notice any cumulative benefits.This product might work better for an older woman whose skin has thinned and developed more wrinkles, requiring a thinner concealing product that won’t settle into fine lines. But for me, I will stick with my existing concealer,Maybelline Superstay Concealer – Ivory(I use the Cream).

Phyllis Magnetic Springs, OH

Didn’t care for it

It looks like I’m in the majority here of reviewers who don’t really care for this product. I’ve used it faithfully for awhile now and can’t tell that it’s made any lasting improvements in my appearance. As a concealer I feel the shade is a little dark for me. And, it’s pretty expensive. I’m happier with my lighter, cheaper, concealer.

Patrice Columbus, PA

Olay to responded to my questions and provided a little more information

As Olay explained to me over the phone after I submitted questions, this product is targeted toward those experiencing beginning signs of aging such as fine lines and dryness. The representative told me this product will forestall the process of getting deep wrinkles. She said it does this by moisurizing skin and providing a number of vitamins that are healthy for the skin. But she said it won’t have this affect for those with deep wrinkles.The Olay rep said layers of skin shrivel when they lose moisture, and she said to picture a balloon shriveling when losing air. The product will “plump out the skin,” she said. She named all the vitamins. This included vitaniacin, E and some Bs.Olay did not have a number or name for the color. The color is expected to work for “most people,” and it comes in just this one shade.From Olay’s website:
• Reducing the appearance of dark circles
• Minimizing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
• Massaging to instantly reduce the look of puffiness
• Hydrating to firm skin’s appearance
• Renewing skin’s texture
• Evening skin tone
• Moisturizing to counteract drynessMy wife likes this product. She reports it spreads very smoothly and the color works for her. She uses this product, every day actually.Again, Olay says this product is not for everybody due to differences in skin.

Rene Richmond, VA

Tinted anti-aging cream

It does look like very dark but when I rub it in, it goes on smoothly and I can barely see that it is on and I am a redhead with fair skin…In contrast I have a brand by Maybelline and you can really see that it is makeup when it goes on and made the wrinkles look worse…I think the Olay brand does minimize my under eye wrinkles, but it’s not anything substantial, but I have deep wrinkles under my eyes..however if you had very fine wrinkles it might help you more….Also I intend to keep using it to see if it makes a difference in the long run…I have no darkness under my eyes so can’t comment on that.

Elvia Long Eddy, NY

Nothing More Than Tinted Moisturizer

The Olay Total Effects line claims to fight against the 7 signs of aging. This is the Line and Dark Circle Minimizing Brush.Claim: Fights the 7 signs of aging and instantly reduces the appearance of darkness under the eye.1. Dark Circles – Immediately reduces the appearance of dark circles2. Fine Lines – Reduces the look of wrinkles3. Puffy Eyes – Massage instantly reduces the look of puffiness4. Loss of Firmness – Hydrates for firmer skin appearance5. Uneven Texture – Visibly renews skin texture6. Uneven Tone – Evens skin tone7. Dryness – Provides nourishing moistureThe truth is that this is a tinted moisturizer. That is why it reduces darkness under the eyes and most of the other claims. It’s like using a coverstick. The moisturizing does the hydrating and renewing part. It’s a brush instead of a roller like theOlay Regenerist Advanced Anti-Aging Eye Anti-Aging Roller, 0.2 Ounce. It doesn’t really have the massage factor like they are claiming. The Olay Eye Roller does reduce puffiness due to the massaging action.The tint is a medium so it may not be suitable for you if you are of fairer or darker complexion hence the “for most skin tones” claim.If you are looking for a tinted moisturizer and eye cover then you will probably like this product. I was just a little surprised to find out that was why it reduces dark circles and lines. I thought it was more of an advance technology moisturizer than just good old coverup. I have used several products in the Olay Total Effects line and haven’t been all that impressed. I much prefer the Regenerist Line and the ProX.

Letha West Ossipee, NH

Dark circles hidden but still there

Maybe I was looking for a miracle, or expecting too much, but while this product hid my dark circles they realy didn’t go away.Product coloring worked well with my white though slightly olive tinted skin color. Easy to blend applied cream to thin out and make look more natural though making it less effective in hiding circles.

Jenifer Akiak, AK


This is make-up, not an eye cream, which should have been obvious from the claim that it works “instantly.” I’ll use it when I’m doing the full face, but it appears to be like most make-up products that combat “the signs of aging” through camouflage. I was rather hoping for something that would mitigate the symptoms of actual aging and help reduce dark circles even when I hadn’t slathered on the paint stick.

Ava Woodston, KS

A Product that Does What it Says

This Line and Dark Circle Minimizing Brush is really a nice product. It goes on easily with the brush. It is not heavy on your skin. Once blended, it is undetectable. I am one of the lucky ones that does not have crow’s feet so I cannot speak to the line minimizing. I have used it for a week now and enjoy the job it does on lightening the dark under eye circles.I am very loyal to my make up products and I would switch from the higher priced department store product to this one in a minute. The brush really works so there is no residue on your fingers to need to wash off in the middle of applying makeup.A good product that works!!!A Guest review for Zeb Kantrowitz

Gail Zionsville, PA

very light “concealing”

this is a tinted, moisturizing cream that you apply by pumping the button on the bottom of the tube. It brushes on through a soft brush. It’s a nice idea but you still have to smooth it out with your finger, so I don’t think the gizmo is any better than just putting it in a bottle.It is a very nice product.

Brigitte Bantam, CT

Eye awakening and easy to use

This is a great eye cream for more of a tinted moisturizer with added glow. It does the trick to eliminate under eye circles. It makes me look more awake in the morning. And anything that is so easy I can use it in the car wins my vote!Read more at […]

Deborah Bear Branch, KY

Gimmicky, awkward applicator and ineffective cream

I have to say I was disappointed with this product. When I selected the Olay Total Effects 7-in-1 Anti-aging Eye Cream Line and Dark Circle Minimizing Brush, I hoped it would help minimize the dark circles under my eye.Instead, I got something that helps to cover dark circles, but really has no noticeable effect regarding minimizing them. To be honest, it doesn’t even cover them that well.The formula is a fleshy tone, for one. The best things I’ve found for hiding dark circles are yellow cover up products, followed by a little base and/or powder. This product didn’t work any better than the base I already wear, so in my opinion it is a fairly useless product.I suppose if you don’t wear any base and just want to put a little something under the eyes this might be worth looking at, but as I said before, there are much better products for hiding dark circles.In addition, I thought the brush was a bit awkward for application. I much prefer something that simply squirts a bit on a disposable sponge or your fingertip for application. Touching the brush to the skin repeatedly seems like a bit of a health concern. Maybe you could wash the brush frequently, but that is another step to the beauty routine that seems unnecessary to me when other products do a better job.Really, the applicator seems to be a bit of a gimmick to me, something to make the product stand out from competing products. Maybe I’m just missing the point and there is someone who actually likes this better, but it was just not for me and I can’t recommend it.

Danielle Drift, KY

Call It What It Is, Please

I ordered this product before it came out on the market, through Amazon’s Vine Program. The description failed to mention that it was tinted, and so I expected it to be an invisible anti-aging eye cream that would work on all skin tones and races, as well as both sexes. When the product came, I immediately realized that it was developed for a much more limited and specific consumer (Caucasian women with medium-to-light skin), and I wasn’t exactly sure what to do with it … you see, I’m a Caucasian man with a somewhat pale complexion whose “treatment regimen” consists of nothing more than a cleanser, a toner, and a moisturizer with sports sunblock. The box sat around in a drawer for a few months until about two weeks ago, when I finally decided to give it a shot.Well, I didn’t much like the applicator, which resembled a small paintbrush and seemed to “glop” the product on my face (and hey, I did try to apply it carefully.) The product felt okay, but the shade was much too dark for my skin, and by the time I blended it in I felt as though I was doing more harm than good by pulling on the skin tissue under my eyes. I used it for five days in a row, but finally came to the conclusion that it just wasn’t meant for me. Had it not been tinted, I would have given it a longer trial period, just to see what it did for my skin. My suggestion to the Olay Company: simplify the name to more accurately indicate what the product is, an Anti-Aging Eye Cream and Concealer, and note on the box specifically who it’s intended for.

Tania Truxton, NY

flows on smoothly, provides very good coverage

The product is easy to use, you pump the end to get the product flowing and apply it using the brush end. The brush is larger, so you only need one sweep under your eyes to get enough product. Then you pat the product in place. The color is a darker beige color – I have very white skin and the color difference was noticable. Although the product blended in well and was completely covered by foundation I thought I’d mention that if you don’t use a foundation. After application I do feel a slight tightening of the skin. As to it’s anti aging properties, who can say. I will say though that it flows on smoothly, covers well, blends easily and is a concealer I would use.

Alyson Silverdale, WA

Bothers my sensitive eyes.

I have very sensitive skin and eyes…this products causes my eyes to tear and sting…my colleagues, on the other hand, think this is wonderful.

Selena Cedar Springs, GA