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Olay Total Effects Anti-Aging Eye Cream Treatment 0.5 Oz

Experience an effortless look with Olay Total Effects 7-in-1 Anti-Aging Eye Treatment. This daily all-in-one eye cream treatment with a proven vitamin-rich complex fights the 7 signs of aging around the eyes for youthful vibrancy. The Total Effects 7-in-1 Anti-Aging Eye Treatment instantly hydrates to reduce the appearance of fine lines and crow’s feet, dark circles, dullness, uneven tone, texture and puffiness when massaged around the eye area. Dermatologically tested, oil-free, and fast-absorbing, this treatment replenishes moisture to reveal healthier-looking skin. See the difference for yourself with Olay Total Effects 7-in-1 Anti-Aging Eye Treatment.

Key features

  • All-in-one eye cream brightens eye area to reveal youthful vibrancy
  • The vitamin-rich complex fights 7 signs of aging around the eyes
  • Hydrates to reduce the appearance fine lines, crow’s feet, dark circles, dullness, uneven tone, texture and puffiness when massaged around the eye area
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Oil-free and fast-absorbing

Honest reviews


False Product

This product did not work a advertised. Used it or a month with no changes in under eye puffiness.

Laura East Brunswick, NJ

Great Product

I have been using this eye cream every day for the past 7 years. I’ve been using Olay products for the past 20+ years, and my co-workers thought I was 10 years younger than my true age. They were amazed to discover my real age when I had a milestone birthday this year. It’s great! Total Effects twice a day keeps the wrinkles away.

Juliana Gage, OK

Not that great

I bought it as part of my recommended regimen from Olay. It’s okay. I’m 27 and in law school so I thought it might be good to do what all the other girls are doing.It gets one star because it moisturizes under my eyes.It loses one star because it made the circles under my eyes worse. I now look like I have been punched in the orbits.It loses another star because that weird tinting has to be washed off. You also have to be very careful that you do actually rub it in completely because it dries lighter than what it looks like. Even at the smallest amount, you’re going to be there awhile so set some time up for that.It loses another star because even if I wash off the stuff the twice a day it says I should be applying it to my skin, it still manages to put some sort of weird bump on top of one dark circle. I’m not sure what it is. I want to call it a stye but it doesn’t look anything like what my brother had when he was a toddler. It also refuses to pop or produce anything so I’m not entirely sure what it is. It’s just this bump that won’t go away now.It loses the last star because it reduced the fine wrinkles around my eyes by making them into deeper wrinkles so, yeah, I had fewer fine lines at the end.I would not recommend unless you are just looking for a moisturizer.

Evangelina Gowen, MI

Finally, an eye moisturizer that doesn’t cake

This eye treatment is great because it doesn’t cake under the eye. I use Lancome makeup but the under-eye moisturizer would just cake under my eyes ( I tried Clarin, Arden, etc. too) and they all caked. This one didn’t and it is a lot less expensive than the others. I would definitely recommend it.Olay Total Effects Eye Transforming Cream, 0.5 Ounce

Fran Lafox, IL


I use it everyday in the morning and at night. I haven’t seen any huge improvement but I have only used it for 3 weeks. It still moisturizes under my eyes and adds a nice finish for me to apply concealer. I will purchase again. Not too expensive and you don’t have to use a lot so I still have plenty.

Dolores Hudson, NY

So far, so good!

I have been using this completely around my eyes twice a day, every day for the past few weeks or month. No bad side effects at all. I have 2 small children and for a while had somewhat dark rings under my eyes from lack of sleep. My mom said she definitely noticed a dramatic change with this since using this product. Awesome!It has not caused me to break out (which I do very easily), so that is also awesome. And you only use a tiny amount each time, so this jar will last for a long time! I am betting at LEAST 6 months to a year.So I really, really like it!

Kristina Panola, AL

Two Stars

This did not work.

Candace Dane, WI

So far, so good

I’ve only been using this for a short amount of time, but I can say I do like the feel of it, and it does seem to be helping my dark circles and fine lines under my eyes. I hope it continues to improve my tired looking eyes!

Penelope Cliff, NM

HG Eye cream

Following some very maliciously intended advice due to my utter naivety, I used St. Ives body lotion on my eye area. The result was massive wrinkles -despite my youth- which caused great joy to the family member who propounded this solution. Then I went on a quest for an eye cream, and bought this one, given that Olay is a longtime favorite in my family. This product took away the wrinkles in a few days, literally!!!! So if any of you has an issue with premature and rapid eye aging, this is your cream.That’s not all. I used this product for about five years, and then tried the supposedly wholesome The Body Shop’s eye cream, which caused eye bags. To reverse that effect, I tried using Vitamin E capsules on my eyes, based on blog advice. The result was new lines to add to the eye bags. Yikes!!! I switched back to Olay and it helped recover my eye area to some extent, but the eye bags from the body shop cream are still there. Don’t believe people who tell you creams don’t cause eye bags, they do! If the cream causes water retention, then the bags will form, even if you’re too young for them.Lesson learned. Take very good care of your eyes, and do not use any cream but a trusted brand like Olay. Do not attempt to pre-empt eye-aging by applying vitamin E capsules etc (perhaps it’s ok to add a drop or so to your eye cream) and certainly do not use any cheap body lotion on your eye area.This is the only cream that I ever use now. I keep extra at hand, so that I never run out. lastly, I would add that I have become conscious of avoiding Parabens and toxic chemicals in my creams and cosmetics. Olay face and eye creams have parabens but I would still use this brand, because this is one of the best out there.

Elisabeth Scotts Valley, CA

It’s winter-skin around the eyes needs all the help it can get

Delicate scent. Smooths on easily. No irritation to skin or eyes. I would buy again. When ordered, it was delivered within a couple of days. Sure beats driving in the ice and snow.

Lenore Montpelier, IA

Great moisturizer for eye area

I have been using this for several months now. I am 26 – I don’t know yet if this works as an anti-aging product, but I do think it helps with under eye circles. It also keeps the skin around the eye very soft and moisturized. Once applied, it is much easier to apply makeup as well. Like I said, I have had this jar for months, and still have about 50% left to use. Worth the buy because it lasts forever!

Samantha Perrinton, MI

Great for Daily Use

I use this product almost every morning and it is great. The little tint really brightens up my eyes. Just let it dry and you can put on makeup over it it easily. My skin is combination leaning towards dry. I’ve had no problems with allergies to this product.

Ma Bridgewater, NY

Didn’t Do Anything for Me.

I used the entire pot before deciding to write a review. It’s a tiny little pot, and with generous application probably won’t last more than 3 months for some users. After about a month, I knew this wasn’t going to do anything. After applying, it seemed like some of my fine lines looked a bit better. But after washing my face they looked the same. I don’t think this had any long term effect, it only looks good when you’re wearing it. So I started just using it my whole face on days when I didn’t want to wear makeup out. It did make my face look nice without makeup, a nice glow that I knew wouldn’t clog my pores. But it’s definitely not worth paying the price for something that doesn’t work as it claims it will.

Elva Bear Creek, AL

Olay Total Effects Anti-Aging treatment.

I used the older version of the Olay eye cream. But, they really have improved it. I use this eye cream and their matching face cream over my RocC day cream. It has just enough slight coloring that it covers dark circles. I use my little paddle to place the cream around my eyes, as you should never put your fingers into the jar. Certain germs can contaminate the entire jar, and cause it to go bad way before it’s time. GREAT PRODUCT.Fonnie

Celia Raleigh, ND

Nice eye cream

I like this better than other creams I’ve used. A little goes a long way. It really smooths out the texture of the skin around the eyes and helps with fine lines. Would purchase again, especially for the price.

Ebony Illinois City, IL


This is my FAVORITE eye cream. Applies smoothly and blends well with makeup. If you search Amazon thoroughly, you might be able to find this product at a decent price. I have found it as low as $9 for a full size.

Bertha Cook Station, MO

Better than the More Expensive Brands

I began by using Olay 7 Daily Moisturizer and decided to follow suit with the Eye Treatment cream as well.Goes on very smoothly and is a soothing cream for the delicate eye area. Will purchase again, defnitely.

Nicole Powhattan, KS

This is the first eye cream

This is the first eye cream I have used. So far no complaints. Wish I had something to compare it to, but I am happy with it.

Adela Albrightsville, PA

Smooths fine line.

After the first use, my under-eye fine lines seemed smoother. The product is creamy and feels good going on. I have now used it about a week and the lines seemed diminished even more.

Leanna Findley Lake, NY

Keeps my eyes wrinkle-free

I used this for years and then stopped for a while to use more natural product but that was a mistake! Six months later and I had a bevy of tiny wrinkles around my eyes. Went back to Olay and I am happy to say the state of wrinkles are back to where they were – much reduced! People always think I am at least 10 years younger than I am. Enough said.

Leigh Sumner, MO

Total Effects Anti-Aging Eye Treatment

Just as I have stated in other ratings, Olay products are the best for me! This product is so smooth, creamy, light, and works! It does exactly as it states! I really love it! Thank you Olay!

Leticia Lunenburg, VT

Happy overall.

Like it very much, does the job but it isn’t a 5 star. Have yet to meet an eyecream that is. I’ll reorder this when I run out.Good price too. Happy overall.

Lavonne Mc Cracken, KS

Old standby

I know that this product isn’t on the natural side, but it works well for under makeup. I use another more natural cream for night time that does not work well under makeup. It has a tiny bit of a lightening effect and absorbs well. It just works. I wish it was well rated on the EWG, but I will continue using it until I find a more natural replacement. I have used it for several years now because I can’t seem anything else that works as well. One jar lasts 6 months for me since I only use it in the morning.

Abbie Keeler, CA