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Olay Total Effects Age Defying Wet Cleansing Cloths, 30 Count

These convenient all-in-one wet cloths with7 Anti-aging cleansing benefits deeply clean skin for younger-looking skin.Total Effects Provides 7 Benefits:1 Deep Cleansing2 Pore appearance refinement3 Fine line appearance reduction4 Nourishing Moisturization5 Healthy-looking Radiance6 Skin Softness7 Gentle Purification

Key features

  • Convenient, on-the-go cleansing in one simple step
  • For the following skin types: Dry, Normal, Combination/Oily
  • Helps with these face concerns: Fine Lines/Wrinkles, Dull Skin, Brown Spots, Large Pores, Rough Patches, Dry/Flaky Skin

Honest reviews


Good Olay Product

When I am too tired to do a complete cleansing with my Olay Products, I will use the Olay Wet Cleansing Cloths. They are very handy as well as refreshing. The price I paid was satisfactory. I will purchase them again when I have depleted my supply. Also, I travel and they are great to put in my makeup bag.

Milagros Talbott, TN

Good for moisturizing, not make up removal

Well, it doesn’t claim to be a makeup remover, and it’s not. Even though other reviewers said so, it doesn’t remove make up fully.It does remove eye make up easily, but my foundation only comes off about 80%. The cloth is soft, and softer than the olay regular make up remover cloths. Scrubbing with this cloth doesn’t make my sensitive, acne prone skin red. It didn’t worsen my acne, and left my skin feeling hydrated. Although, after I gave my face a quick rinse with water, my oily skin breathed better. I’m guessing people with dryer skin will love this.I use the total effects moisturizer so this will be in my kit when I travel. otherwise, I think I’ll stick to my regular Olay clean effects for make up removal.

Kathleen Granville, VT

Not good at removing makeup

I like cleansing wipes, and tried these because of the price. However, they are not very good at removing makeup. I’ve gone back to the other Olay Daily Facial cloths, which are MUCH more effective.I would not buy this product again.

Lolita Wales, AK

Like it

for being a quick way to wash your face when you dont have a bathroom sink available. Also, these work AWESOME after using my epilator! redness & pain gone within an hour using these.

Eliza Dickinson, TX

Not so much a cleansing cloth…

…as a cloth to refresh your face while applying a light layer of facial cream. These cloths are smooth and don’t really feel like they’re cleaning my face as much as pushing dirt around. They do remove makeup eventually, even my waterproof mascara, but it takes a LOT of rubbing and uses a lot of the cloth to get it all off. Not my first choice for that purpose…I prefer Ponds Evening Soothe over these.

Katharine Havelock, IA

A little too harsh for my skin

I purchased these based on my mom’s recommendation. They clean very well and even have a slight exfoliating and tingling effect. The only issue I’m having is that they seem to dry out my skin around my mouth and nose. I gave my 2 unopened packages to my mom since they work so well for her.

Lori Vernon Hill, VA

These facial wipes work beautifully

Overall, great purchase, great value, & I highly recommend it. They are not perfect at getting all eye makeup off, but they’ll do the trick right before bed (and any eye makeup left over washes off the next morning in the shower). I keep them on my nightstand with my night cream so I remember to use my face cream at night. Otherwise, without the wipes, I’m bad about washing my face on a nightly basis & if I’m not using my night cream, it’s not going to work. This is a great addition to my routine.

Harriett Wakefield, OH

Is very convenient and soft, but struggles with eye makeup

The cloth is overall very good. It’s soft, has aging treatments in it, and seals nicely. It does require quite a few passes to remove my mascara. It is waterproof mascara, to be fair, but I’ve had other cloths work better. It also stings my eyes just a tiny bit, perhaps because I have to work it in so much for it to be effective. The price is good, however, and I will continue to use them for now.

Kristin Stonington, IL

Second purchase, I really like these.

This is my second purchase of these. I really like them because they seem to get all my makeup off and doesn’t give me acne. There’s no strong smell, and it feels gentle (like if you did have acne or something it wouldn’t burn.)

Sheryl Penasco, NM

too wet?

I feel like I need to wipe down face after I use these. Does not serve the purpose I bought them for

Barbra Adams, NE

Olay Total Effects Age Defying Wet Cleansing Cloths, 30 count (pack of 3)

I like that these Olay Total Effects Age Defying Cleansing Cloths leave the skin soft. However, sometimes I’m not sure the residue from the day’s activities is completely gone, and I feel the need to rinse with hot water.Terry

Cara West Chester, PA

This is a great product

I keep one package in the bathroom for nighttime facial cleansing, and one in the refrigerator for those mornings when my eyes and face are puffy. It does a great job of removing makeup and leaving skin feel fresh and cleansed.

Alma Hanna City, IL