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Olay Total Effects Advanced Anti-Aging Deep Penetrating Moisture Body Wash 8.4 Oz

Olay’s most advanced body wash! Olay Total Effects Advanced Anti-Aging Body Wash with VitaNiacin goes beyond cleansing to fight 7 signs of aging all over your body. For soft, smooth skin in one shower. Improved skin elasticity in one week. And in one month, your skin will look younger and radiant. So give yourself a total skin makeover—fight the 7 signs of aging in one extraordinary body wash. Improves elasticity, relieves dryness, deeply conditions skin, brightens dull skin, evens skin tone, smooths rough skin, and minimizes the appearance of dry lines.

Key features

  • Deep Penetrating Moisture Body Wash hydrates dry, aging skin
  • Get younger-looking skin after just one shower
  • Deeply moisturizes to fight 7 signs of skin aging all over your body
  • 8.4 ounce
  • Olay Total Effects Advanced Anti-Aging Deep Penetrating Moisture Body Wash

Honest reviews


very good product

I have a very dry and sensitive skin and this is by far the ONLY product that works on my skin type. I never break out on this, and instead it keep my skin moisturised the whole day and feeling clean and bright. Just after 2 days of using, I instantly saw the diffirence right away…i couldnt believe it. I also have medium to tan skin but it just made my skin brighter which i love the most. I am 34 and most of my friends say i look 10yrs younger LoL. I’m pretty happy with that, and surely this product helps that a lot. Love this product and hope they will continue selling this for a long period of time :)PS.- I saw the price here at Amazon and it’s pretty expensive. You can get it so much cheaper at (Walmart or Target) which they always have on their shelves for 30-40% less. ( the shipping fee is killing you guys here… just saying).

Ashlee Sherman, CT

Olay Total Effects deep body wash

I had never tried this product before. I had read about it in a magazine and decided to give it a try.I knew that Amazon carried the best prices, so I placed an order. It is exceptional! it makes my skin feel softand ever so smooth. It also leaves a very pleasant fragance on the skin. It makes me feel very relaxed aftermy bath.

Tasha Marseilles, IL

Really like this body wash

I use this with exfoliating gloves daily instead of a loofa. It does not leave your skin dry, does not leave your skin oily, the scent coming out of the bottle is pleasant but doesn’t leave the scent on your skin… It’s really nice. I don’t know how "anti-aging" it is but it’s a great body wash anyway.

Angie Tallapoosa, GA

Sensitive skin – warning

This body wash smells wonderful and is very softening, but sensitive skin should be careful ! Maybe this is on a case by case, but if your skin reacts to some body washes, test this out first. It resulted in a rash on my skin.

Jessica Wapello, IA

olay total effects

another product used on a daily basis by my wife. states that she highly recommends this body wash for quality

Lucille Landers, CA

Surprisingingly good

My elbows and the back of my arms are baby soft. I only need lotion for my hands and feet now. I also have sensitive skin that itches with most soaps or laundry detergent. This does not cause itching. It also does not make my acne prone skin breakout.I was experiencing dry scaling on my legs and my heels were cracked. I thought dry elbows and arms were just part of life. Applying lotion after a shower is, honestly, just too much effort for me. I’m also sensitive to most perfumed products. I didn’t expect this to work and it’s expensive but I liked the smell so much I decided to give it a whirl. After a week or two I was very surprised!I can also tell there is some oil in it because a residue builds up on my scrubbie if I don’t rinse it extremely well. I don’t mind it though.Update: I’ve been using mild soap instead for a few weeks. Horrible! My dry skin bumps are back and my skin looks crinkly and old. Also, I get lots of shave bumps when I don’t use this. I am going to try this on my face even though it sounds crazy. I am desperate for a solution to my dry skin. Will report back.

Ingrid Portland, NY



Erica Durant, OK

This is what the olay plus shea butter ribbons used to be

I used to love the Shea butter ribbons body wash but recently its not what it used to be so I tried this, it does exactly what it says it does but it also tends to just sit on your skin, when its humid you feel a little sticky and sadly I still have to put lotion on after I shower even after using this, but I will continue to use this as its comparable to what the body butter ribbons body wash used to be before they changed it.

Dolores Tridell, UT