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Olay Total Effects 7 In One Moisturizer + Serum Duo With Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 15 1.35 Fl Oz

One step to visibly younger-looking skin.

Key features

  • Why Is Total Effects 7 In One Moisturizer + Serum Duo With Sunscreen Right For You?This is total effects most concentrated moisturizing formula with spf 15. It combines the total effects moisturizer you love plus an intense serum to fight 7 signs of aging.The Results? Visibly younger-looking skin
  • Olay Total Effects 7 In One Fights 7 Signs Of Aging1. Lines And Wrinkles – Visibly reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles2. Loss Of Firmness – Hydrates for firmer skin appearance3. Visible Pores – instantly minimizes the appearance of pores4. Uneven Tone – instantly balances skin tone5. Uneven Skin Texture – Instantly smoothes and evens out skin texture6. Dryness – Provides nourishing moisturization7. Dullness – Instantly gives skin a healthy radiance
  • Dermatologically TestedNon-Greasy Formula

Honest reviews


My Wife Likes It…

My wife never met an Olay product she didn’t like. Using Olay is definitely always better than doing nothing. My wife’s comments about this product are that she likes it, she wishes she could have more (Amazon is OOS at the moment), and that she felt like it minimizes wrinkles and made her skin feel soft and moisturized.I think the true test of any product is, would you buy it after you try it? In this case the wife says yes. This is a good product, at least for her.

Lindsey Dixon, MO

It does what it says.

Olay products never fail, in my opinion. I’ve been using them for years, and never been disappointed. In fact, my mother has been using them for years, and has always recommended their products. So, I really wasn’t surprised when I tried Olay Total Effects 7 in One Moisturizer and Serum Duo, and loved it. You would think a product with so many claims could never accomplish them all, but Olay does what it says! The moisturizer is clean feeling, non-greasy, didn’t clog my pores and the sunscreen is great. I love being able to go to one bottle and get the effects of three or more! Olay does it again!

Edwina Hartford, VT

“Oil” of Ole!

Oil of Olay’s a major player in the skincare game, so I looked forward to trying this moisturizer/serum/sunscreen. Like that this comes in a pump dispenser, but some people are not going to appreciate the heavy fragrance. It’s pleasant, but when applying a cream or serum to your face, less is definitely more. Also, considering this is labeled as a serum/moisturizer, it did practically nothing for my dry skin. If anything, it left it with an unappealing tacky feeling.The sunscreen is a SPF 15, which amounts to practically zero sun protection. Even though I’m fair skinned, I’ve always resisted wearing sunscreen simply because I just don’t like how they feel on my face. Cannot even imagine applying makeup over this. Additionally, I did experience a slight tingling of the skin, which can be indicative of a minor allergic reaction.Had high hopes for this, but don’t see how I can continue to use this. May be best for those with oily skin, because moisture just ain’t a part of this package.

Selena Standish, ME

love my skin texture

I’ve been using this about 2 weeks. My favorite thing is the soft, fullness of my skin. I have an extremely simple “beauty” regimen, and I love that this has sunscreen and the anti-aging stuff. It is a very nice texture and absorbs quickly. I highly recommend this product.

Twila Gruver, IA

Using It For Years…My Go To Everyday Mosturizer

I’ve been using the Olay Total Effects Moisturizer for years. I have extremely fair & sensitive skin that tends to be oily in some spots and dry in others. I love this lotion because it has built in SPF, doesn’t irritate my skin and feels light when you put it on. It absorbs relatively quickly and doesn’t leave my skin looking oily, just healthy. I usually use it in the morning before applying my makeup.Does it really fight seven signs of aging? Maybe 🙂 Like I’ve said I’ve been using this for years and I like to think that my skin looks younger than my age, and when people ask how old I am they often think that I am about 10 years younger than I actually am. So for me this is worth every penny, because while I am willing to use a good moisturizer to delay the signs of aging I am definitely not going to go the route of medical procedures to try to stay looking young, I just want to age gracefully (and as slow as possible, LOL) 🙂

Aimee Bedford Hills, NY

Greasy Moisturizer but good SPF

I really expected more from Olay as my mom is a loyal fan but this did not work well on me. First off the smell is reminiscent of cold cream which I did not enjoy. The second is that it does go on smooth but stays on with a greasy feeling. There was no improvement in my pores, redness, fine lines or even dryness which was my main concern. It seems to act as a sunscreen more than anything else. Maybe it will work for others but I definitely would not pay the high price for this product.

Beryl Nashville, TN

A pleasant addition to my product lineup

This moisturizer is creamy, with a light scent, and goes on evenly. It blends in well and doesn’t leave a greasy residue. A little goes a long way. I love how this makes my skin feel. I don’t know if it is working on the fine lines and toning, but I’m not sure how long it takes for it to start making a difference. I love that it has sunscreen in it! I am always looking for a nice moisturizer with sunscreen, however, I’m not sure how well the sunscreen works, as we haven’t seen sun in my town in months. It doesn’t make me break out, and it leaves my skin smooth and moisturized. I would purchase this again.

Liliana Orlando, OK

OK but don’t expect miracles

It does moisturize and it helps to make your skin look a little better but really it doesn’t do as good as the stuff I am using now for the anti aging. I am using ROC deep wrinkle and eucerin Q10 which seems to do a better job than this. I do like that it has some SPF to it to protect my skin from the sun, it goes on easily, spreads easily and does moisturize although it doesn’t moisturize enough for the winter months and it has a thickish texture I think because of the spf.I found that it also pills a little too especially around my eyes.

Goldie Streator, IL

Okay, but not great

I had high expectations for this product because I liked another Olay face cream I tried, but I didn’t like this one nearly as much.First of all, either you want sunscreen in your face cream or you don’t. I don’t really want it (I don’t typically spend much time in the sun, so for me it’s unnecessary chemicals, and a LOT of them), but if you DO want sunscreen, wouldn’t you want more than a 15 SPF?And since this cream does have sunscreen, it behaves like it. It is slow to rub in; it wants to just kind of sit on your skin, and further rubbing creates putty-like white smudges on your face that bead up and get in your hair. Well, that’s what it did to me, anyway.On the positive side, it did minimize my pores, and it worked okay as a moisturizer. As a sunscreen, it wasn’t as greasy as a lot of them are, and it wasn’t irritating to my skin, so if I DID want some light sunscreen protection, this would be okay for that. And this has the good broad-spectrum protectants you want in a sunscreen.Instead of this product, I would recommendOlay Total Effects Moisturiser, unless you REALLY want that 15 SPF.

Marcy Rudolph, OH

Younger looking skin with sun protection

Olay Total Effects 7 in One Moisturizer is another excellent product from Olay. Unlike their regular moisturizers, this one has a much thicker consistency which glides on smoothly. It doesn’t leave a greasy feeling like other lotions. The scent is very pleasant as well. This product also has a broad spectrum SPF for total sun protection. The women in our family have been using Olay products for three generations.

Ruthie Rowe, MA

Smooth, nice finish, perfect level of moisture

I’ve been using Oil of Olay products since my dermatologist / skin care beautician best childhood friend praised them in 2010. I had been all over expensive skin care and then down to a healthy brand I was buying at my local Whole Foods and she talked about all the research and development behind the Olay line and I started out with their Regenerist moisturizer and I loved it. Rather, my skin loved it. I use Bare Minerals line for make-up and the loose powder would cover it beautifully if applied right away of course …. and together it just gave me this healthy beautiful glow.So I was anxious to try this new product from Olay. I am giving it 4 stars because it feels lovely on my skin and goes beautiful with the make-up again but I am just a tad bit disappointed that it has only SPF of 15. We need more sun protection and that’s very low even though our make-up adds a little bit; that’s my only regret! Otherwise: LOVE this new Olay product.

Georgette Lansford, ND

Good but pricey – I don’t see much change on my face.

I’ve been using Olay products for years now. Prior to using Olay Total Effects, I used the no frills Olay moisturizer with SPF 15 (non-anti-aging). So I was intrigued by this particular product, especially for its claim to address the seven signs of aging. I’ve been using this product for a few weeks now, and I have found the right size of the cream to use is about three pumps of the tube. Anything more, you will notice that the moisturizer is a bit on the heavy side. You’ll have to do a little trial and error to determine how much to use. As mid-30-something year old, I have developed fortunately only a few lines on my forehead and one smile line. I haven’t seen any changes in my wrinkles after moisturizing. Perhaps in the right lighting conditions, the moisturizer helps to reduce the sight of the lines, but honestly, I don’t notice any difference. I do have dry facial skin, especially during the winter months. The moisturizer does its job very well to hydrate my face. I have noticed that the tonal qualities of my face is more consistent. As for firming my skin, I haven’t noticed any difference, nor has the product reduced the size or even the sight of my pores (I do have noticeable pores). The price of the product is a bit steep for a product that works a lot like the no-frills Olay moisturizer that I had been using prior to this one.

Bonnie Kansas City, MO

I got this for free but I’d buy it the next time.

+ I am horrible at remembering to put on any type of sunscreen, so that it’s included in this moisturizer is a definite bonus for me (just daily errands type of being in the sun, not sunbathing or anything).+ I love the pump and how it empties from the top (like other products from Olay) so you don’t have to store it upside down towards the end.+ It has a nice smell.+ It has a nice silky feel and rubs in pretty easily.+ You only need maybe a pea-sized amount so the bottle should last long, which is good because…- It’s expensive.I’ve been using this for about two weeks now and don’t notice any major differences in my skin like evening my skin tone or decreasing my pores–but I’m guessing it takes longer than two weeks. But I still really like it so it gets four stars.

Sheree Arnold, MI

Scent may cause an allergic reaction

I’ve heard wonderful things about this product and was pleased to have the opportunity to try it.I was very surprised when I first applied it and found that it was scented. I checked the package and it doesn’t say that it’s scented, but, or course, it doesn’t say it is unscented either. Within a few minutes of the first application I was sneezing and my nose started running. I washed my face to try to remove it and took a couple of Benadryl and that took care of the sneezing. I did try again just in case it was something else (I am a bit allergy prone) and the same thing happened. SO, if you tend to be allergic to scented things, this might be a problem for you. I have this problem with some scented hair products (especially Aveda products) so I usually avoid scented hair and facial products.Aside from that, I liked the pump as it really dispensed just the right amount. It felt a little heavy but probably would have been a good moisturizer if I had left it on. I guess I’ll never know.

Lora New Windsor, NY

Heavy, smells nice, not for sensitive skin

I got a sample of this through the Amazon Vine program to review. I’ve been looking for a nice moisturizer/sunscreen to wear under my foundation and having anti-aging properties never hurts.The container is very nice and the pump works well. The product smells nice, mainly like sunscreen. The moisturizer rubs on smoothly and absorbs quickly.I have combination sensitive skin that breaks out easily though and this product just didn’t work for me. I put it on in the morning and by afternoon my skin was starting to break out.Not only that but it was very greasy. My foundation was almost melting off of my face this product was so greasy. I wanted to use this in the summer months because of the sunscreen, but this is incredibly greasy on my dry skin in the dry MN winter…I can’t imagine what would happen if I wore this in the humid summer.I definitely didn’t notice any improvement in the health of my skin or reduction of wrinkles..of course I didn’t use it very long. It took about a week to recover from the breakout caused by my one day use of this product. So, for now, my search for a moisturizer/sunscreen continues.I think those with incredibly dry skin might find this a useful product. I would recommend those with sensitive skin look elsewhere.To be fair I’ve had trouble with Olay products breaking out my skin in the past. So, if you use Olay products and they work fine for you, this moisturizer/sunscreen might work okay as well.

Gay Centrahoma, OK

Good Moisturizer But Not Sure About Other Claims

The first thing I noticed about this product was that it smells like old-fashioned tanning products. That’s a good thing because it provides a nice nostalgic experience.The pump is easy to use. I would prefer the lotion be thinner–it goes on very thick–but once blended in it does make my skin feel softer.Do I really think the product can do all that it claims to do? No. But I do think it’s a fine moisturizer that will also protect my skin from sun damage. I’ve never been a huge fan of Olay, but this is one product I would buy again.

Heather Peaks Island, ME

Decent, but sunscreen seems weak

This leaves my skin well moisturized but not greasy. It’s lightly scented, but not too obnoxious. I don’t know about all those seven effects… maybe if I didn’t take good care of my skin already I’d notice more of an improvement, but certainly this is as good and effective as any other high-quality facial moisturizer.My biggest complaint is with the sunscreen. SPF 15, really? I know I’m, ah… pigmentally challenged… but I don’t expect to get a sunburn outside in the winter after a couple hours of exposure if I’ve got SPF 15 on. Yet, I did. So I would have to suggest using a real sunscreen along with this, if you need one.

Lilia Hiseville, KY

Overhyped and Overpriced

The Olay Total Effects 7-in-1 Moisturizer was a disappointment. I found the cream to be heavy and greasy, and didn’t absorb into my skin well at all. Additionally, the added sunscreen/SPF gave it that dreaded slippery texture and heavy feelingon the skin. It did little to mitigate seasonal dryness, and left my skin too shiny to properly apply makeup.Not a very good product, and did not meet my needs.

Alana Yale, MI

This makes a good day cream.

Total Effects moisturizer PLUS intense serum is light weight, and works great under my foundation. The sunscreen seems to work fine too. I did notice that it does seem to help with skin dullness and tone, in addition to fine lines and dryness. I have not been a big fan of Olay products in the past because I didn’t like the scent, and their products would sometimes cause irritation. However, Total Effects smells nice and feels fine on my skin. I’ll use it for a day cream but it’s too light for a night cream for my dry skin.

Erica Castle Dale, UT

Remarkably like the commercials claim

I am already’ noticing a difference in my skin tone, smaller pores, and fresher look of my skin. Having used Olay Total Effects for one week so far, I can wholeheartedly recommend this product to one and all. I am very pleased with the results and will be purchasing this product for long term skin care.

Lora Hyde Park, MA

A Combination Moisturizer, Makeup, and Sunscreen May not Justify the Price

Moisturizer has one basic purpose; it makes your dry skin seem wet by helping to hold in moisture. By making your skin seem wet, which is done with a combination of water and oils that somewhat mimic your skin’s natural oils and provide a barrier to escaping water, your skin should itch less in dry weather and should appear to be healthier.As we all know, the skin that you see is already dead. That skin has to be dead because it provides a barrier between the cold, cruel world and all the good stuff that is inside your skin, like, well, you, and all your soft body parts that have nerves that would not feel good if directly stimulated. As several manufacturers have discovered, while your skin may be dead, it responds to certain chemicals in ways that we humans consider cosmetically beneficial. Olay makes some of the best of these products and appears to have combined the benefits several of skin products with a combination lotion and sunscreen.Olay claims or brags that this moisturizing product does seven things all at once. Here is this list:1. Lines and Wrinkles – Visibly reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.2. Loss of Firmness – Hydrates for firmer skin appearance.3. Visible Pores – Instantly minimizes the appearance of pores.4. Uneven Tone – Instantly balances skin tone.5. Uneven Skin Texture – Instantly makes your skin texture smoother and even out skin texture.6. Dryness – Provides nourishing moisture.7. Dull – Instantly gives skin a healthy radiance.I am always amused at marketing departments as they try to hype a product, and this product is no different. I was also amused that Olay’s marketing uses one word, smoothes, which is not a real word. I wonder if there are any English majors employed in their marketing department. Incidentally, I replaced that word in my list.Let’s dissect these marketing statements just a little bit. This moisturizer is colored, and it is colored a sort of tan color that it functions as makeup. If you have very light skin, you can see the moisturizer when you first apply it, but as you spread it out, the color evens out and eventually your skin looks “natural.” The only problem is that if you have very light skin, like I do, by the time you spread the moisturizer to the point where it no longer looks like an alien parasite attacked your arm, then the claimed SPF 15 benefit is pretty much gone. Oh, wait, the SPF 15 claim is not on their list of benefits in the 7 in 1. I have to wonder why? Is “8 in 1” not as catchy? Perhaps Olay was concerned about people like me who spread the moisturizer to the point where the SPF 15 is closer to SPF 0.I do have to say that the moisturizer balances skin tone, which means that you get a more uniform color of skin. Of course, you can achieve the same effect using other products that are less expensive. I am unable to say that my skin achieved a “healthy radiance,” but I suspect that the color and chemicals that provide the moisture also make your skin slightly shinier, so in appearance your unhealthy skin looks healthy, or a little bit healthier. So we do see benefits #4 and #7.Olay also has a product, which I did not go out and look up, that supposedly reduces wrinkles and fine lines. My recollection is that this product is relatively pricey. It appears that Olay has incorporated those features in this product, which accounts for benefit #1 and it might have something to do with #3, since contracting skin, which reduced wrinkles and fine lines, would also decrease pore size. I am walking on thin ground here because I am not 100% sure how this feature works. I know I have heard of people using Preparation H to reduce wrinkles because I have heard it has a similar effect. I do not recommend trying Preparation H on your wrinkles, I am just saying that is what I have read and seen.Of course, this product is supposed to be a moisturizer, so it has some kind of oils in it somewhere to provide benefit #6, and these oils in combination with water and some other fun chemicals provides benefit #2. Incidentally, a moisturizer has oils and other stuff that help hold water in your skin by providing a barrier to the water escaping. Unfortunately, moisturizer can also block pores and can cause skin irritation for some people. So the water in this product makes your skin “wet” or hydrated, and the moisturizer takes a stab at keeping the hydration in place.The only benefit I have not covered is #5, evening out skin texture. Skin texture has two different aspects. One aspect is what you see, which can be partially due to color differences and partially to dryness variations. The other aspect to texture is what you feel. The coloring part of this product helps even out the visible differences in color. The moisturizing and hydrating parts of this product help address the variations you feel. So, benefit #5 may not be a separate benefit, but a result of achieving the other benefits.The odor of this product is barely noticeable to me, though some people have described the odor as strong, powerful, and even overwhelming. Different people have different levels of ability to smell an odor. I could hardly smell this product, even when holding the product close to my nose, so I apparently am unable to smell the ingredient(s) causing issues with others.The bottom line is that this product claims all sorts of benefits, and actually does seem to provide them, though the sunscreen part is not something I personally would write home about. While having seven benefits in one product (eight if you count the SPF 15 sunscreen) may have a high convenience factor, I have to wonder whether it is worth the price. After all, this product has 1.35 ounces; some ends up wasted because you can never get it all out of the bottle and some ends up in places where it becomes useless. Because prices change, I will not mention the price here, but you do the math. I can get a decent moisturizer with hydration in a local store for a fraction of the price per ounce of this product.We seem to place a high value on convenience, and Olay appears to be trying to capitalize on that value by throwing a bunch of stuff into one product. Then they are charging you for the convenience. Whether you are willing to pay that price for convenience is up to you. You should also consider whether you are sensitive to the odor of the product and you may also wish to consider whether your skin is sensitive to this type of product.Good luck!

Madeleine Mendota, CA

Nice silky moisturizer

I love Olay products and at my age, I feel like I need them. This one feels silky smooth and doesn’t go on greasy.It claims to:Visibly reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinklesHydrate for firmer skin appearanceInstantly minimizes the appearance of poresInstantly balances skin toneInstantly smooths and evens out skin textureProvide nourishing moisturizationInstantly gives skin a healthy radianceI think it does a pretty good job.I like that it does have the sunscreen in it as well, but note, the instructions tell you to use water resistant sunscreen if swimming or sweating.

Young Maryneal, TX

A little greasy, but a nice, clean feel

Started using this and I like the feel on my skin. It’s a little greasier than what I’m used to and I need to wipe off the excess. But, I do like the smoothness and the texture of the serum. While I just started using this, I don’t have tangible results to report, but as with any moisturizer, it’s great to get on a skin care regime that includes a powerful and consistent moisturizer. I’ll definitely pick this up again and continue using it. Good price for a named company you can trust.

Tammi Roselawn, IN

10 stars! Amazing!

I just can’t say enough good things about this moisturizer’s effect on my early-40s skin. I’ve been using it for about a month now, applied every morning straight out of the shower, and I can’t believe the difference! My skin has become moist but not greasy, more elastic, the texture is something I thought I’d never see in my life, and the tone has evened out.I will be interested to see if it makes my skin too greasy in the summer, but right now, in the harshest time of winter, it has just been amazing.

Minnie Conover, WI

No complaints

Like other reviewers here, I’ve used Oil of Olay off and on for years (I like Neutrogena as well). I have seen some comments here about the strong perfume in this product, which surprises me because I’ve very sensitive to perfumes, yet had no reaction to this product at all. I didn’t have any redness or other irritations I’ve had with some moisturizers.I do like the packaging, I prefer pump dispensers, and the circumference of the bottle is wide enough it doesn’t topple over (a plus). The moisturizer is nice and thick (another plus, I hate runny), but doesn’t have a greasy feel to it. I don’t wear heavy makeup, only a bit of foundation and didn’t have any problems putting that on right afterwards. As for how it works? I’ve had it for about a week now. I haven’t noticed any huge difference, but even at my advanced age I’m fortunate not to have heavy wrinkles. As for the sunscreen? SPF 15 is a bit on the low side of things, but it is January in Seattle and I’ve not had the opportunity to give it a test drive. Won’t see much sun for a few months now.A big thanks to the folks at Amazon Vine and Olay for the chance to test drive this product.

Nellie Moclips, WA

Nice moisturizer

Olay Total Effects 7 in One is a silky feeling moisturizer that also provides SPF 15 sunscreen. The active ingredients listed on the box are the following:Avobenzone (Sunscreen)Homostate (Sunscreen)Octisalate (Sunscreen)Octocrylene (Sunscreen)After using the moisturizer for about a month or so on my slightly dry skin, I have come to the following conclusions:ProsSoft silky feeling skinSkin appears more youthful and has a radianceMinimizes pore appearance*May* have slightly reduced the appearance of fine lines (I am in my mid-30’s and have fine lines, I can still see them, but they may appear less)ConsI did have breakouts (mild) at the beginning of using this moisturizer, but it seems my skin has gotten used to it. I do not have sensitive skin.It seems like if I put my foundation on it was flaking the moisturizer a little bit.Have to be careful around the eyes (where most of my lines are) my eyes are a little sensitive to this formula.All in all I like the moisturizer and will continue using.

Dana Dahlonega, GA

Very Convenient

My mom usually has to a few bottles of lotion that she uses everyday. When she goes out, she needs sunblock. At night, she needs body lotion. And when the weather is dry, she needs moisturizer. There’s no problem with it until she travels. Nowadays, most people prefer to travel light and this Olay Total Effects 7 is a perfect solution for women who need lotions on a daily basics (like my mom). It works as advertised, nothing to complain about. When you have an all-in-one thing, you’ll gain convenience. However, there’s always a trade off. And in this case, it’s money. The product is a little pricier than stand-alone Olay products. So, it’s all up to you. I would recommend you have one for travel and use the stand-alone products on daily basics.

Gilda Newtown, MO

Love this product

This product has sunscreen so you have to make sure that you smooth it into your skin well. I works great on wrinkles but not fine lines. It also has a great smell.

Brigitte Bailey, CO

Great Lotion but Overly Pricey

I tested the Total Effects 7 in on my face and hands. I applied the lotion/serum on the right side of my face and on 1/2 of each hand (because my skin near the thumbs tends to be more wrinkly than the outside and I wanted to compare ‘apples to apples’). What follows are my observations versus what Olay says this product will accomplish.1)Lines and Wrinkles — Surprisingly (at least to me), I noticed more of a difference on my hands than face. On my face, I didn’t notice a reduction of tiny lines (you know those little ‘happy’ creases at the corner of the eye). I did, however, notice a big difference on my hands. Perhaps it’s more dramatic because our dishwasher recently broke and we’re waiting for parts and I’ve been torturing my hands doing the dishes for four people, 2 dogs and an ancient cat. In any case, you could definitely determine a difference between the lotioned and un-lotioned sections.2)Loss of Firmness — I didn’t notice anything obvious.3)Visible Pores — I didn’t notice anything obvious.4)Uneven Tone — Possible improvement.5)Uneven Skin Texture — Didn’t notice any difference.6)Dryness — definitely. The Olay Effects 7 not only made my face stop feeling dry and itchy, it also protected it when I went outdoors for walks. When it’s as cold as it’s been, and the wind’s blowing I usually come in with chapped skin. Didn’t happen with this product.7)Dullness — I found reduced dullness. Probably because cheeks were no longer dry.Winter is great time to test moisturizers and this winter the air has been particularly dry. What I observed was that this lotion-serum provided good protection, although I would hardly say that it’s a miracle cure for aging skin. I speculate that the effects might be more dramatic during the summer.I liked the smell. It was scented much like some of the suntan lotions I use, and it wasn’t overpowering. The creme itself was thick and I thought ever-so-slightly gritty: again like creme suntan lotions that contain coco-butter.If I was going to put it on under a foundation, I would plan on waiting for it be absorbed and dry a bit.Overall, pleased with the product BUT I would not pay an exorbitant price for it.

Christa Concord, AR

My wife’s a fan!

You generally can never go wrong with Olay products, and this is no exception. My wife’s been using it for a while now and really likes it. Her skin looks and feels great when this is applied. Not only does it moisturize, but the sunscreen protection is an added bonus. Whereas some products take a long time to be effective, you will feel the effects of this product within a few days. A huge benefit is that this one product substitutes for use of multiple products to get the same results. Highly recommended.

Christina Sturgis, MS