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Olay Sensitive 4-In-1 Daily Facial Cloths, 33 Count

These soft textured, fragrance-free cloths for sensitive skin gently cleanse and remove make-up for a fresh clean feeling while conditioning to soothe skin with light Olay moisturizers. Beyond basic cleansing, it hydrates to leave you with a soft, smooth complexion.

Key features

  • Fragrance-Free
  • Soap-Free
  • Dermatologist Tested

Honest reviews


A little bit irritated..

This product is different with other make cleansing wipes. I used the Neutrogena one for a long time and really satisfied with it. But this is not a wet sheet and has to be soak before you use (by water.) It’s smooth and soft, but your eyes would be irritated if you try to cleanse your eye make up. I had no problem with Neutrogena’s one, and I don’t think that my eyes are very sensitive.. I would use this only for my face make up.. and don’t think that I would purchase again.

Lynnette Sparta, KY

I love these facial clothes

These cloths remove all the makeup and dirt from my pores. The cloths are so big that I cut them in half and they last me twice as long. I highly recommend them.

Dana East Bend, NC

I Love These!

I’ve been using these for years to wash my face (almost) every night and even though I’ve tried a few different brands, I keep coming back to these. The texture of the Sensitive variety of these facial cloths is better than the other varieties (in my opinion) and does a wonderful job of getting dirt and makeup off my face. I do use eye makeup remover to take off mascara and eye makeup, but otherwise these cloths are enough. I wear extended-wear foundation and that stuff doesn’t come off easily, but these cloths have no problem with it.I used to be pretty bad about washing my face every night, and the problem was I hated splashing water on my face – it would just get everywhere. With these cloths I just wet them with warm water, wipe them all over my face, throw them away, and follow up with a damp washcloth to get rid of the remaining cleanser. It eliminates the splashing and I get clean without making a mess of the bathroom.No overpowering scent, doesn’t burn my eyes, doesn’t make a mess, gets my skin clean. Perfect!

Katrina Dryden, WA

These are great

These are great to clean your face with out drying it out. I gave some to my daughter and she loves them too.

Joy Brunswick, ME

Love These!

I have been using these for almost 10 years. I like soap and water for cleansing my face and these are an easy solution since I hate wet washcloths hanging around. I use the sensitive formula and follow up with moisturizer and get frequent positive comments on my complexion/skin. I am pretty old, although I hate to admit it. These little cloths do a good job of removing mascara, too. I used to get them at Costco until they disappeared from their shelves so I was very happy to find them on Amazon auto-ship.

Mitzi Turner, MT

Look out for Phenoxethanol

These are wonderful cloths for not only cleaning your face but keeping good pH balance to your skin and keep it natural looking. These cloths, too, keep acne and skin blemishes in control. However, these cloths contain a known toxin known as phenoxethanol. 1 percent of phenoxethanol is considered safe for use; however, Olay does not publish how much phenoxethanol is in these cloths.I’ve been using these cloths since 2007 at least, but only recently have I come to be aware of phenoxethanol and that it is a toxin. Thus, I’ve relegated these cloths to less frequent use. I have had no issue with these cloths and I have been grateful to Olay for these cloths as most other skin cleansers for sensitive skin, like Neutrogena, do not work for me and cause breakouts. Olay sensitive cloths never do.But now I cannot trust these cloths and am seeking new alternatives.

Mamie Greenwich, OH

Saves my wash cloths!

These facial cloths are great. I don’t even need a speacial eye makeup remover. Does a great job and keeps my face cloths from getting stained with makeup.

Eva Wilkinson, IN

Best Cleanser On The Market For Sensative Skin

The Olay cleansing cloths clean without irritating your sking. They clean waterproof sunscreen, mascara and eyeliner without extra product intervention like eye makeup remover. I have rocesa and sensitive skin and can’t say enough about this product. It leaves my skin fealing clean, never tight or dry.

Bette Corinna, ME

Gotta Have Em

Perfect for make up removal including eye make up. Doesn’t dry out skin and leaves it feeling clean and polished

Sally Herndon, KY


These are the best facial wash cloths I’ve ever had. Been using them for 3 years! They get all my makeup off yet are gentle enough not to break me out and I have very sensitive, combo skin. LOVE LOVE LOVE.

Ines Webster City, IA

Not a fan

I don’t like these. I felt like it didn’t really clean my face and they were just as big of a pain in the butt as using normal soap and a washcloth.

Sondra Oyens, IA

Gentle at cleansing

Nice gentle cleansing and then throw it away. So easy to use and it does a good job of cleansing the face gently.

Elise Volant, PA

great product

I like these because you add the water to them so they don’t dry out on you. great for a quick refresh

Guadalupe Sterlington, LA

Olay a great product

This product make my skin feel clean, soft and smooth. Doesn’t make my skin feel tight or anything a great product. Thanks Olay

Mindy Hoopeston, IL

A great go to

I don’t use these everyday, I tend to alternate my skin regime, but I do love these as: a ‘go to’ when I don’t care to go through a three step process. They are so easy, you just run them under water and rub them together to activate the soap, and then cleanse. After that, just moisturize with whatever you choose to use.It only takes one at a time, and they always have a sufficient lather.Hope that helps.

Ines Tyrone, GA

Great for skin prone to eczema breakouts/dryness

I love these cloths. Like many other people, my skin does not respond well to soap or many of the other facial cleansers and body washes on then market. I have to be careful with everything I put on my skin. Even when my skin is irritated due to my eczema breakouts, this cloth is gentle enough to cleanse without causes major dryness and more irritation. I highly recommend these cloths.As another reviewer mentioned, they’re also a life-saver if you’re a frequent flyer. No liquid soaps to worry about in your carry-on or being squished and spilled in your check luggage.

Alexis Buffalo, ND