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Olay Regenerist Regenerating Face Lotion Moisturizer with Broad Spectrum SPF 2.5 Fl Oz

Beautiful skin is worth protecting. Olay Regenerist Regenerating Lotion with Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 15 helps protect your skin from the future signs of aging and the sun, when used with other sun protection measures. This face lotion instantly smoothes and softens skin’s texture, allowing the surface of the skin to regenerate naturally and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Formulated with Broad Spectrum SPF 15, it not only makes your skin appear younger, it helps to protect it from harmful UVA/UVB rays. Plus, its lightweight formula absorbs quickly, making it the perfect daily moisturizer. Protect your beautiful and youthful skin with Regenerist Regenerating Lotion with Sunscreen.

Key features

  • Helps prevent future signs of aging with UV protection and lightweight hydration
  • Instantly smoothes and softens skin’s texture
  • Regenerates skin’s surface to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Formulated with Broad Spectrum SPF 15 to help protect skin from UVA/UVB rays
  • Lightweight and fast-absorbing formula

Honest reviews



I see that this product has tons of good reviews…. but I have to say, after trying it, and trying to STICK with it after it DESTROYED my skin… I am NOT pleased with it whatsoever.I have been using Olays “Complete All Day Moisture” lotion for YEARS. (I’m 24). It was the perfect lotion for my young skin (I know, I know, I’m by no means OLD now) It had the perfect amount of moisture and never clogged my pores. Well last year I had this crazy time of breaking out and I thought it was partially caused by the Complete All Day Moisture lotion, so I stopped using it. I went through many other lotions TRYING to get the breakouts under control. Finally, I changed my diet, attempted to rid my life of stress and went back to using the All Day Moisture. At first my skin calmed down and seemed like it might clear up……So since I use to bask in the sun, and I’ve used tanning beds, and even though I’m not old…. I noticed a few lines on my forehead and by my mouth (Those dreaded parantheses) I decided to try this lotion since I wanted to keep my skin looking as young as possible. All I can say is HORRIBLE.It felt GREASY on my skin, it never fully absorbed and it caused an even WORSE breakout then before. I had tons of little red bumbs across my forehead and on my chin. I thought maybe I was breaking out all over again due to stress and stuff, so I continued to use it unknowingly.Well a few weeks later it dawned on me that the lotion may be the culprit. So I switched back to the All Day Moisturizing lotion and WALLA!!!!!!! My skin calmed back down and the red bumps went away.This lotion may be a godsend to those with dry skin (Mine is combination) and who’s skin has more fine lines…. but for young skin that is either combination or OILY, STAY AWAY from it! It will only make it OILIER!

Frieda Conesville, OH

good sunscreen

it’s a light sunscreen which is good for everyday coverage.blends into skin easily.a drugstore bestbuyThe package is good for preserving the active ingredients

Sheri The Plains, VA

I’ve actually seen results!!

Like all women have, I’ve tried the expensive name brand age-defying creams, cleansers, lotions, etc., but NONE of them have produce any results except the Olay Regenerist line. I wear this Enhancing Lotion with UV protection every day under my makeup, and alone when I don’t wear makeup. It’s great for any kind of skin, and especially sensitive or for people with allergies like myself. The wrinkles are less noticeable, and that’s something that I could NOT say about the Estee Lauder and Clinique lines that I used for so long; I got tired of paying so much money for NO results!Ladies, once you start using this line of Olay’s, you will never go back to the department stores.

Belinda Orofino, ID

It’s REALLY Wonderful

My sister visited me a while back and GAVE me a bottle and said-“Just TRY it..PLEASE!”…well I did and I love it. It makes my skin smooth and supple and has a tone “evening” quality.Now I can RAVE more as I found it here on Amazon and can REALLY save on the Subsciption plan! yahoooo

Zelma Bumpus Mills, TN



Noreen Ashburn, GA

A great product on its own…

Or when combined with the Regenerist serum. I’ve been using it faithfully each morning for several months and it makes my skin feel good as well as protecting from further sun damage…I can tell because the color of my skin is very pale now (too hard to find a matching foundation). It’s a good value, too.

Lee Frost, MN

I do not know whether it fit my skin

I recently got many ance. After I use this product, my face generated more oil, which made my ance even serious.

Dionne Raymond, IA

Did I just put Banana Boat Sunscreen on my face?

I am turning 30 this year and decided it’s time to pay attention to my skin since I’m starting to get some fine lines. After searching and comparing reviews for lotions on amazon I decided to give this Olay Regenerist with SPF 15 lotion a try. I wanted something that kept my skin soft, prevented lines, and protected me from the sun to an extent. I’m not sure if it is because it has the SPF protection but when I put this on it feels like I’m using sunscreen. It looks like sunscreen and feels oily like sunscreen. My face is not overly oily but this makes it feel greasy and so far has done nothing for my fine lines. I wanted something that I would enjoy putting on my face every day because it felt like it was making a difference in the quality of my skin but this just makes me feel like I’m putting some banana boat on my face. For the price I would expect better quality, at least better texture. I don’t expect the miracles that advertisements claim but would like to at least LIKE the product. Thankfully I bought it on amazon with a coupon but it is outrageously priced in retail stores. I will not be buying this again. I do love Olay’s Regenerist Night Cream, that stuff feels amazing! I wish they had something comparable to that for daytime wear. So maybe I’ll try a different line from Olay or maybe one without SPF but I really want the sun protection. The search continues!

Mariana East Dover, VT

good, but not for me

I bought this product based on a BBC documentary about products that really work in reducing fine lines. Thankfully I have few lines, but figured it was good to get on top of the game, and I also liked the fact that it offered UV protection which is the number one reason for getting lines in the first place.I like the way it dispenses and feels on my skin at first, but I noticed that it does not get absorbed quickly enough for me. I consistently sweat the stuff off after applying it. I think it’s just too greasy and thick for me. I usually have dry skin, so you would think it would be perfect, …I will finish what I have of it and then go back to my Boots No.7 Protect & Perfect.

Jill Jefferson, PA

great lotion, goes on smoothly and doesn’t feel thick …

great lotion, goes on smoothly and doesn’t feel thick or gunky on my skin. Feels blended and soaked in quickly and can put makeup over. Keeps my skin’s dry patches from flaring up, while not being too thick or making spots too oily for daily use. I also personally, really love the scent- but if you are bothered by scents you might want to reconsider. SPF is a wonderful perk and addition

Rowena Carmen, ID

Great anti aging moisterizer

I have a VERY oily face and am lucky enough to have adult acne. I’ve been using this moisterizer for about 2 years now. I am 24 and was wanting to start taking care of my face to slow the aging process. This lotion is the best as far as “anti aging” goes. Cetaphil works really well for light-weight moisterizing but contains no SPF or anti oxidants etc…. I used to be in the army and had to use the eucerin 30SPF everyday. Anything with SPF is going to be thick and when you sweat it is very thick and slippery. I ran out of this one time and there was a loreal face lotion with similar “promises” the olay was out of stock so I purchased the loreal and did not like it at all. The olay is much better. This doesn’t make my face any oiler. It is very thick, so I put it on over my acne medicine, and before I put make up on I usually have to blot my face with toilet paper, but after that initial “blotting” the thickness/shininess is no longer an issue. I will continue to use this for a few more years until I step it up in the anti-aging regime.

Wendi Sunbright, TN

good stuff

good, I can feel it working. Rated #1 with consumer reports above all the high priced lotions & potions. However after awhile my face shines a little and I prefer a more “matt” look

Eugenia Oxford, FL

Olay Regenerist Lotion

I love Olay. I use several of their products and this is just one more good one. I highly recommend it for all.

Rochelle Herndon, KY

strong fragrance

I bought this daily moisturizer along with the eye serum, face serum and and night cream. I generally use Loreal daily moisturizer but figured I’d try all of the Olay Regenerist products. The first thing I noticed is that Olay is thicker than Loreal. The second thing is the fragrance. Loreal has a nice, light lemony scent. Olay’s scent is much stronger and floral. I’ve only been using it for about a week so I can’t really judge the effects. However, I am a little turned off by the scent.Update: I’ve gotten used to the thickness and scent. I think I still prefer the Loreal but this is a good everyday moisturizer. I’ve definitely noticed an improvement in my skin since using the Regenerist line.

Rebecca Naylor, GA

It does work!

I love this lotion. I’ve been using it for a very long time and it has improved the texture of my skin.

Lashonda Redmond, UT

Nothing Special

I not only don’t see any difference after using almost the whole bottle, but it doesn’t provide any temporary benefits either. It makes my face look a little greasy, and there is not much of a cosmetic difference. My skin doesn’t really look better after I apply it. But I have tried worse. I don’t think I will buy it again. I’d rather try something else. One thing though-it doesn’t make my eyes burn like some other moisturizers with an SPF.

Maryann Bridgeport, WV

Burns My Skin and Eyes!

I don’t know what’s in this stuff, but it really irritates the delicate skin around my eyes (it makes my eyes water after application, tears literally rolling down as if I’ve been sobbing my eyes out) and burns the skin on my face.I’ve used Olay products in the past and used this with Olay cleansers and never had a bad reaction. I’m not allergic to anything that I know of either! At first I assumed I had something on my hands, like pepper from cooking. I tried again with the same result. Then I thought maybe I had a bad bottle. I purchased another and got the same effect again.Additionally, when I tried to put my makeup on over this (once my eyes stopped watering) I couldn’t get my foundation to go on over it. It doesn’t really absorb into the skin well (like many lotions with SPF in them unfortunately) and when I put my foundation over it both the lotion and foundation were sloughing off all over the place. I tried it a couple of times with different foundations (I really tried to do my due diligence) each time with the same effect. I’d have to remove my makeup and lotion and start over with new lotion and foundation. As a busy mother, I don’t have the time for all that!My solution was #1 to stop using this lotion and #2 to use a lotion with no SPF in it underneath a foundation that does have SPF.

Aida Linville, VA

They Stand By Everything That They Sale

This is the first time that I used the Olay Regenerist Lotion. I am really satisfied for this product does not leave a greasy after effect and it moisturizes my skin. I love Olay Products because their products help me keep my youthful glow.

Claudette Sheppton, PA

Wonderful stuff

I love this serum with sunscreen you get the best of both worlds. Goes on smooth, smells nice, and gives me great moisture. I know i’m doing something good for my skin

Sandra Berne, NY

the only one I use

I’ve been using this product for 3 years now. I could not think of switching to another. It is non greasy, with just the right amount of SPF.

Adeline Richwood, MN

Visible results. Cost effective. Pretty terrific!

I am not the sort of girl who likes to do clean up. I love to cook but I hate doing the dishes after. I love to use makeup and glam myself up, but I don’t really like to do alot of folderol after I’ve washed off all the glitz, and because I know this about myself, I wanted to find a skin care regimen that works for my kind of personality.Oil of Olay’s Regenerist line offers me everything that I want without denting my budget or becoming a chore to maintain my regimen.I use several different products in conjunction with my Oil of Olay Regenerist items because I have found them to be the most effective for my regimen.Having said that, this product, the UV Defense Regenerating Lotion with SPF 15 is my daily go to moisturizer. I use it with the Regenerating Serum, which I put around my eyes, mouth and lips as well as between my brows, those areas that get alot of use on a daily basis, especially those laugh lines that can cause most of us to shed more than a few tears when we spot them.After using the serum, I apply the UV defense sparingly all over my face and neck because a little goes a long way, which not only makes this cost effective to use, it also provides visible results, not only in the mirror but also in the touch test.It absorbs quickly without leaving any sort of oily or tacky residue that will cause make up to go on unevenly or to smear off later on. It has a very light citrusy scent that is like aroma therapy reminding me that I am doing something good for my skin without having to put alot of time into it.The texture and evenness of my skin has changed for the better in very little time and so I find it easy to maintain my moisturizing regimen because I see the results without having to invest a lot of time to do it and I enjoy that near-instant gratification.Every woman knows that smooth, healthy skin is the perfect canvas to create a great look with makeup, whether for work, a night on the town or special occasion when you really glitz up.This product is such a great and easy way to do something good for your skin and your budget. The first time you use it you’ll feel the results and that’s what it’s all about.

Eunice Plevna, KS

Great product

Olay never fails me and this is no exception. Its a great face lotion. Before i was using olay total effects fadce lotion which is a thicker and this one is more of a serum feel. At first I didnt like it because it didnt mosterize my face as well as the other and left it a little dry, but i noticed my face is less oily as the day progresses so a little extra dryness for a shine free nose works for me!

Lidia Buckingham, VA

Five Stars

good product

Betty Hermosa Beach, CA

Repeat Purchase – Love this Lotion

I’ve bought this product 3 times which means I love it. I usually change once I use up a product, sometimes sooner. As a user of Retin A, I need a product that helps hydrate my skin but that also has UV protection. This product does both and does it well. I hope that I can always buy it and that it’s not discontinued. The price on Amazon is amazingly low which makes this a win-win.

Brigitte Waterville Valley, NH


Received this product in excellent time and great condition. My skin feels smooth and hydrated and so far I’m glad I purchased this product.

Ruth Summitville, OH

Works very well!

I have been using this for years and love it! It feels nice and light on my skin. I use it by itself and under make up. I have light skin so I try to make sure I use sunscreen before leaving the house. This doesn’t leave your skin feeling greasy, just soft and supple.

Katie Iliamna, AK

Strikes a perfect balance of hydration and protection for me

After I saw that an unbiased testing lab had given Regenerist highest ratings and noted it was one of the few products that produced visible results, besting products costing multiple times as much, I decided to give it a try. Now I don’t leave the house without it. Nothing gives miraculous results regardless of advertising claims. But for my skin it goes on very easily without oiliness or a greasy feel and seems to be absorbed instead of just sitting on top of my skin unnaturally, giving it a health hydrated look and feel. In the past it had an SPF of 30 and now is only 15 I noticed. Perhaps to achieve 30 causes too much of a "white" effect some consumers didn’t like, just speculating. So If I plan on being out in direct sunlight , I switch to another Olay product that I also like very much, Complete Daily Defense All Day Moisturizer, which has SPF 30 but does have a more pronounced whitening tint on the skin. Very happy with the results as well as the reasonable price, so I can recommend it highly.

Marian Wilton, AR

best face lotion ever

i have tried many face lotions, moisturizers and creams, but i always keep switching back to olay because its the best!

Jordan Wendel, CA

Nice; nice price

I bought four products from this line–the Regenerating Lotion with UV, Daily Regenerating Serum, Night Recovery Moisturizing, and the Eye Serum. After two weeks of use, I’m pretty pleased. I’m skeptical by nature, and I wonder if anyone notices the change produced by skin products like these other than the user. But, I think this stuff does make the skin around my eyes look smoother and lighter, and it certainly moisturizes without being greasy. I have pretty sensitive skin, and I haven’t had any redness or irritation, and certainly no pimples. I also don’t notice any scent. I find eye creams especially irritating (Clinique was AWFUL for me!) but the eye serum is very soothing. I’m pleased with the results and certainly the price!

Eve Clarinda, IA

Moisturizes with some sun protection too

Olay is great. I started using basic Oil of Olay over 30 years ago. They’ve expanded their product line, and their prices have gone up, but compared to what you’d pay for department store skin lotions, well, no contest.

Heidi Gregory, SD