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Olay Regenerist Night Recovery Cream 1.7 Oz

Wake up to intensely moisturized and younger-looking skin with Olay Regenerist Night Recovery Cream. Its intense moisture hydrates throughout the night to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This night moisturizer has a super-hydrating formula with Amino-Peptide Complex penetrates 10 layers deep to regenerate surface skin cells. Packed with hydration power, it plumps skin with a rich, velvety feel and exfoliates to aid surface cell turnover. The anti-aging moisturizer’s formula is lightly scented, non-greasy, and absorbs quickly into the surface of the skin. Discover an overnight moisturizing sensation with Olay Regenerist Night Recovery Cream.

Key features

  • Night cream moisturizes while you sleep to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Anti-aging moisturizer regenerates skin while you sleep
  • With advanced Amino-Peptide Complex, this super-hydrating formula is designed to penetrate 10 surface layers deep to regenerate surface skin cells
  • Hydrates to plump skin and exfoliates to aid surface cell turnover
  • Lightly scented, non-greasy, and absorbs quickly into the surface of skin

Honest reviews


Works for me!

I have been using the Olay products since about July 2006 and am very pleased. I use the Regenerist Night Recovery Moisturizing Treatment at night on my whole face and neck, after washing with Dove Regenerating Calming Night Soap (liquid, navy colored bottle) and I use Olay Smooth Skin Exfoliating Scrub about once or twice a week at night. In the morning, I use Avon ANew Eye Lift Cream around my eyes and then Olay Regenerist Deep Hydration Regenerating Cream on my entire face and neck. I think this combo, particularly the Olay Regenerist products have made me look YEARS younger–with the grace of God, of course. I added the Regenerist Night Recovery about 2 months ago, and it made a difference for me. Lots of people at work tell me I look younger, too. My skin feels great! It’s firm and velvet soft. And wait till I tell you, I have lost 50 pounds in the last 9 months! Why do you care? Well, my face should be sagging all over the place with that kind of a weight loss, especially since I carried that weight for years and my skin was well-stretched. I should need a crane just to hold the wrinkles up! Guess what??? It’s firm and velvet soft. I won’t say I don’t own a wrinkle, but they are very very minimal. I’ve had people tell me I don’t have wrinkles, too, but there are little tiny ones there hiding in the makeup. Oh, I’m 57, too–so don’t think I’m 25 and telling you I don’t have wrinkles like they tell you in those adds on TV. It smells great, too. I am sensitive to certain products with perfumes, but not this. No problems.I am mighty pleased with these products, BUT, use them awhile. Nuthin’ happens overnight, Hon! (We call everybody Hon in Balmer) (That translates to Baltimore).Update March 2007. I switched the morning treatment from Olay Regenerist Deep Hydration Regenerating Cream to Olay Total Effects 7x. It is great. Super creamy.Update September 2007–Still using same combination of products–still working great. Am 58 now and have lost 59 lbs and am still quite pleased with these products.

Aurora Cuttingsville, VT

Nice; nice price

I bought four products from this line–the Regenerating Lotion with UV, Daily Regenerating Serum, Night Recovery Moisturizing, and the Eye Serum. After two weeks of use, I’m pretty pleased. I’m skeptical by nature, and I wonder if anyone notices the change produced by skin products like these other than the user. But, I think this stuff does make the skin around my eyes look smoother and lighter, and it certainly moisturizes without being greasy. I have pretty sensitive skin, and I haven’t had any redness or irritation, and certainly no pimples. I also don’t notice any scent. I find eye creams especially irritating (Clinique was AWFUL for me!) but the eye serum is very soothing. I’m pleased with the results and certainly the price!Update 9/13/09Well, I spoke too soon about not having trouble with pimples. Lo and behold, about six weeks after I began using all these products I noticed a few dreaded little red bumps, plus one larger one right in the center of my nose. Ugh! I’ve never had acne, even in the worst of the teenage years. After much trial and error over a couple of months, I think I’ve identified this item as the culprit. I notice it doesn’t say that it’s “non-comedogic” on the label, which I think basically means it won’t block pores. I haven’t had an issue with the other items in the Regenerist line, though, so I’d continue to recommend them.

Louisa Ellinwood, KS


I started using this in combination with their daily regenerist cream. I couldn’t be happier. I look at least five years younger and it has taken away that tired, drawn look. My wrinkles are much less noticable. More importantly, as I have tried tons of products, it has reduced my under eye circles. This is no small feat. I have super dark blue, very hollow/sunken-in circles that, even with cover up, are still dark and shadowed because they are sunk in. This has plumped up the skin below my eyes, and, in addition to getting rid of much of the wrinkling, it has made it easier to put cover-up on the remaining discoloration, as it has taken away at least half of the sunken in look and darkness. Really a big difference in only a week of religiously using it. I highly recommend this!

Carol Leesville, LA

Night cream

Smooth and creamy texture. I don’t like wimpy creams, this one is just right. Have used about one week, like the results so far.

Suzanne Mc Carley, MS

Works for me too!

My experience with beauty products, including this one, closely mirrors that of Kathy W. (I am also in the same age bracket.)This product is a must for me. It seems to be an excellent restorative (youthful look) and “preventative” (of wrinkles) –moreso than an extinguisher of wrinkles. Used alone, it greatly reduces the no. of new wrinkles but doesn’t “bust” existing ones. Other products used in conjuction with this (see Kathy W.’s review) seem to be the secret in banishing and keeping “age tellers” at bay.I have tried going without this night moisturizer but when I do, the wrinkle busters don’t work as well, my skin loses luster,and new, fine lines appear.This product, for me, is essential in maintaining optimal skin health and appearance, and so far, no other moisturizer can come close to matching its benefits.

Terra Ulm, MT



Elena Myra, KY

Everyone should try this night cream

I bought this night cream last winter when I ran out of my expensive department store brand cream and I was shocked to discover that my skin which is well-cared for and pampered to begin with, but dry and sensitive and 38 yo feels as smooth as a baby bottom in the morning when I wash it. I am POSITIVE there is a firming/tightening effect at the jaw area (not that I’m sagging, but there was a similar effect to $110 cream I used prior to that) – that was a huge PLUS. Also it MOISTURIZED very well for the winter. I already bought another jar for use in the fall. I gave one as a present to my younger sister and she loves it too!I have to add that I have a very sensitive skin (that can fell dry&tight;, peel or become red) and it never caused any allergic reaction either, so I have options besides Clinique now in times when nothing feels “quite right”.

Charlene Wingdale, NY

Skin gets older everyday, but it’s moisturized!

Definitely noticed a difference, after a few nights of using. I see myself everyday, so I can’t see anything different, but it feels much better. It doesn’t have that dry, crepe-like feel. I use it along with the daily moisturizing lotion w/UV protection. I will continue using, especially through the winter. The only reason I didn’t give it 5 stars is that it’s a face cream, not a kid or pet or something! I like it, not love it!! So silly….

Jamie Lockridge, IA

Pay no more than $6 for one. Great value! Fantastic night cream! No greasiness! Smells great-light

This is a terrific night cream.The container is wide mouth and allows for easy application. The smell is simply lovely. Texture is non-greasy & smooth. But most importantly-it works well. Apply this, and within 5-10 minutes, it is fully absorbed. I am so tired of using night creams and having to lie on my back till they absorb. As a side sleeper/reader, I get awfully tired of spending money on cream just to slick up the pillow-case. With this marvelous cream, it absorbs readily into your face, not onto your pillow.I noticed a significant improvement almost immediately in my skin with this night cream. It is gentle, hypoallergenic, and just simply great overall.Well done, Olay! The price is much better than others and performs better, too. This is the cream that won the coveted #1 spot against LaPrairie, etc., etc……

Cathleen Hubbardsville, NY

Keeps my skin feeling moisturized all night

I purchased this product because I’ve been usingOlay Regenerist Daily Regenerating Serum – 1.7 fl ozfor about a year and thought it made a difference in the smoothness of my skin. This product is a little richer, for night time use and has kind of a weird purple-ish color. Not sure why they added the color, but the cream feels good on my face and keeps it feeling moist all night. It doesn’t really get rid of existing wrinkles but hopefully it’ll delay the formation of new ones.I’d prefer a product without fragrance. This has a light fragrance that seems to dissipate after a few minutes and it’s not really offensive. Still, I’d like to be able to order one without the fragrance. The Daily Regenerating Serum that I ordered this last time has a fragrance as well; I ordered it by mistake after using the fragrance-free versionOlay Regenerist Daily Regenerating Serum, Concentrated Amino-Peptide Complex, Fragrance Free – 1.7 fl ozpreviously and really liked it. I’ll order the fragrance-free version when this one is gone.

Henrietta Watkins, MN

too much scent, sticky

Really wanted to like this product. However, it has some flaws.- The container isn’t opaque, which means that the product is exposed to the sun. Retino – the key anti-wrinkle ingredient in this product – is known to break decay with exposure. So it should be kept in an opaque tube that is tightly sealed. That is not this product.- The smell is very strong, and they clearly color it and use tons of perfume. I can’t imagine that this helps with anti-wrinkle or healing properties. But it does have the effect of driving my cat away at night because it is so strong.- After applying my hands become sticky. Really sticky. Strange feeling, like they’re becoming puckered. I immediately have to wash them. I don’t know what this is attributed to, but it’s quite unpleasant.Overall, disappointed in this product. I don’t think I’ll be buying again. After doing some comparisons, I prefer the Neutrogena Healthy Skin Anti-Wrinkle Night Cream.

Janell South Bloomingville, OH

Strong perfume smell and too thick for me

The strong scent was a turn off as soon as I opened it and I wish I had returned it immediately but I thought that I would give it a chance. After having it for 4 months, I can’t bring myself to finish the jar. I really like it’s sister productOlay Total Effects Night Firming Cream for Face and Neck, 1.7-Fluid Ounce, which is not as thick and is mild in scent. I’ve purchased MANY Olay products to find the best ones and this Olay Regenerist Night Recovery Moisturizing Treatment wins the medal for strongest perfume smell. Since my nose can’t handle it, I am unable to rate it’s performance but it is too thick of cream for my normal-to-oily skin. Sorry, Olay, I can’t rate it high like the rest of your products.

Dolores Sigel, IL

Like a child’s skin..oooooh so soft and smooth.

Fantastic product. I’ve been using this just under a month and my face is pretty again!I am 56 with delicate fair skin. Had a red nose and chin, some nasty clogged pores on my cheeks, and general saggy-ness.Very sad.Yes, I have gone to great lengths and paid too much for big name products that did nothing at all.I’ve tried Retin-A, (ouch!) peels, (ouch! ) department store brands with fancy french names ( $$).But Olay Regenerist is the only product that has made a change. I was nervous about the slight tint and fragrance, but they don’t bother my skin a bit. It plumps everything up as soon as I put it on, and in the morning, Oh Mama…I look GOOD.I should add that I also use the Cream cleanser, Skin Tightening serum, and Deep Hydration moisturizer ( as a day cream).The redness is GONE…I’ve had it my whole life and it’s GONE. No more cloggy pores. My jawline and eyelids are back.

Jeri Corte Madera, CA

The scent is very odd…

My mom’s been buying this moisturizer for a while, so when she ran out, I told her I can buy it for her from amazon (because it was so much cheaper than the drugstores). Any way when she opened it, she told me it had an odd smell, different from the one she bought at the local drugstores. The color was also slightly different. She questioned whether it went bad, did the formula change? So I emailed Amazon, and like always they have awesome customer service. They asked me to provide the lot number and expiration date. , I was able to provide the number but the expiration date was not found on the jar. They told me to discard it and that they would get back to me with either a refund or replacement. I’m hoping for the latter. My mom loves this moisturizer and it’s so much cheaper than buying it in the stores. I’ll update the rating after I get my replacement.

Leann Diamondville, WY

Very Nice

Works just as well, in my opinion as department store night moisturizing. I have normal to dry skin and my skin feels soft after application. I sometimes put it on during the day when my face feels extra dry.

Chris Livingston, IL

Love the feel of this cream

I love the scent and the feel of this cream – quite luxurious. You don’t have to try and squeeze out the last drops too, which is handy. I do not however, have any idea if it had made a difference – just like using it!

Hilary Durants Neck, NC

Really kept my skin hydrated

I did ‘t have a reaction to this cream which is unusual. My skin felt smooth and protected. Not a bad price, either.

Reva Manhattan, NV

Average & as expected

Good product but no miracles seen. I trust the Olay products to provide reasonably good results but not significantly better than several competitors in similar price range. I would purchase again but only when available for great price/on sale & less expensive than similar products from ROC, Garnier, L’Oreal, etc.

Kathi Crescent, IA

Use it every day

I think is should be a good product. Since I am still young, I did not see good improvement on my face. Hope it works if I continue to use it

Deidra Gladstone, OR

No Bull..Olay..~!~

I just joined the Amazon Prime , and this is my first month after the trial run of 30 days…I love the fact you can add 4 people to your Prime Account , with no hassle what so ever…This item was purchased with a few others for the subscribe and save option for my Mom…She gave me the list of items and I did the rest..So simple, so easy..You can adjust delivery dates, if you want it sooner or not for several months..I have always taken care of skin , even in my 20’s and 30’s ..I tended to use products that had a lot of hype { and expense } but no real evidence of improvement for the cost to that claim…Well , I like the Olay line , and might start to use it again myself..~!~

Bessie Royal Oak, MI

Nothing beats Olay for price and results.

Since I’m headed on to my seventh decade of life, I’ve been trying hard not to make that look too obvious. Olay products definitely have helped to keep my skin moisturized and excessive wrinkling at bay. This is my must-apply before bed, especially around the mouth, eyes, forehead and neck. Daytime must-apply isOlay Regenerist Daily Regenerating Serum, Fragrance Free, 1.7-Fluid Ounces. I love them both and get lots of compliments on my skin. Not bad for an older lady!

Brianna Hope, NM

Great Feeling

This is a big deal for me, I break out with most moisturizers so i’ve tried a few to get here. I did own another brand that I loved, well besides the smell. Which is where this product dominates, it doesn’t make me smell like my grandma used to smell 😉 it makes my face smell great (my gf confirmed) which is a huge plus. I use extremely tiny amounts and it works like a charm

Abbie Etna, NH

Ole, Olay

Can’t go wrong with Olay products. Feels good on the skin, isn’t greasy or sticky. Should work excellent with other Olay products.

Iva Storrie, CA

Olay Regenerist Night Recovery Cream

I’ve tried many moisturizers, many on the expensive end and this beats them all. It goes on velvety smooth and you skin looks great in the morning. I will continue to use this forever.

Denice Lake Delton, WI

Miracle cream

I put it on at night and in the morning it is as if I never had those wrinkles or fine lines ever!

Kasey Sandy Ridge, PA

Olay Nigh Recovery

This is one of my favorite Night Creams. I love all Olay product and have yet to try one I didn’t like. I highly recommend.

Tamika Minter City, MS

great product for the price

In the past I’ve used night creams that I get as gifts-with-purchase from department stores (primarily Lancome). If I could afford it, I’d use Lancome exclusively. Since those products are just too expensive, I thought I’d give Olay Regenerist a try.I bought the night recovery cream along with the eye serum, face serum and daily moisturizer. I’m not crazy about the eye serum and the daily moisturizer has a strong fragrance. I do like the night cream though. It is very hydrating and makes my skin feel soft. I can’t say I love this night cream though. It’s thick and gummy in substance. However, I think it’s a very good product for the price.Update: I’m now using the regenerist micro sculpting cream and I find that it’s not as hydrating as this night cream. Plus, I’m not really seeing a huge difference in my skin. So, I’ll probably go back to the night cream once I finish up the micro-sculpting cream.

Tammy Ivins, UT

Dense and nourishing

I use this even in the daytime when the wind is chilling..and I have no choice but to go out. It is soothing and is not greasy in the least.

Helga Mobridge, SD

This is the only moisturizer for me

I only use this at night and it does make my face softer. I really like it. At first, it can feel a little oily but by the time I get up my face is just soft. I really like it.

Gale Mahopac Falls, NY

As good as $100.00 creams

Don’t waste your money buying the expensive, department store night creams as I did for 35 years. This Oil of Olay works as well, if not better, than LaPrairie, Orlane, Lancome, etc. And, just think of what you could do with the money you save! This cream goes on evenly, doesn’t clog one’s pores, has a nice scent (not over-powering) and does what it says it is meant to do…A real winning product.

Daphne Prince, WV