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Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Facial Serum 1.7 Fl Oz

Regenerist Micro-sculpting Serum penetrates into skin’s surface to deliver our super-concentrated amino-peptide + B3 complex. This fast absorbing, non-greasy formula provides specially designed hydration to give you significantly firmer skin and regenerate skin’s appearance. The Results: Younger-looking skin without drastic measures. Instantly skin is hydrated and plumped for a more lifted appearance. After just 5 days, skin is significantly firmer. Skin looks brighter, more radiant.

Key features

  • Hydrate for brighter, more radiant skin that appears firmer after just 5 days
  • Super-concentrated amino-peptide + B3 complex
  • This exclusive formula is Dermatologically Tested, Non-Comedogenic (won’t clog pores), Fast-Absorbing and Non-Greasy.
  • Helps with these face concerns: Fine Lines & Wrinkles, Loss of firmness/elasticity, dry skin

Honest reviews


Peptide-based anti-aging, effective, not made from zombies

The Regenerist line of products are advertised to contain Peptides. Peptides happen to be the current line of anti-aging solutions available. Recall that in the early 1990s, AHA/BHA or alpha and beta hydroxy acids were the hottest thing, followed by topical vitamin C, Retin-A, collagen synthesis, and glucosamines. Peptides are a combination of amino acids that are found in hair, skin, and nails. The peptides help boost collagen production which firms and tones the skin and helps reduce lines and wrinkles. It won’t work miracles, but every Peptide/nanotechnology anti-aging cream has done the same thing: it has firmed up the skin.I’ve used L’Oreal’s eye defense cream with great results, and the Regenerist yielded the same results after 5 days of use. It was not able to get rid of all the wrinkles, but it works as advertised. The box states that the Regenerist is supposed to create younger-looking skin through hydration for a lifted appearance.A study by US Consumer Union found that Olay’s Regenerist line was reported to be the most effective out of the various OTC anti-aging products.Pros: Regenerist works as advertised, smells great, and firms up the skin. Works about the same as L’Oreal’s nanotechnology/peptide line of products.Cons: Doesn’t work miracles.Overall: 4/5 stars

Bertie Borrego Springs, CA

Noticeable improvement to the area around my eyes.

I am about halfway through my second little bottle of Olay Regenerist Micro Sculpting Serum. So far, I am not using the entire Regenerist Micro Sculpting regimen. (That is to say, this serum followed by the Micro Sculpting Cream or any of the other products). I am washing with my usual product; cleansing with my usual astringent; then applying the Micro Sculpting Serum; and following it with either my usual night cream or my usual day cream with a 45 SPF rating during the day. The only variable to what I have always done is the addition of the serum.I have become immune to the miracle claims all cosmetic lines make, and was always amused by the creativeness of the terminology they would come up with to describe their products. But, in a moment of weakness, I was attracted to the term “micro sculpting” since gravity and age have recently started taking a toll on my entire eye area and, up to this point, nothing was helping. After about six weeks of use, I can report that there has been noticeable improvement. I am becoming “micro sculpted.”I haven’t turned back the clock too many years, but the skin below the eyebrows/above the eyelids that was sagging onto the eyelids is sagging quite a bit less, and the bags under my eyes (something I had never, ever had before this year) are much less noticeable and much less puffy. It wasn’t an overnight miracle, but I think that within a month I was sure I could detect a favorable difference.This observation is not scientific, but I opened two photos of myself taken at two different recent events, and blown them up on my screen in Photoshop. The eyes on the more recent one look more open, the skin above them less droopy, I can see more of my eyelids and all of my eyelashes, and the bags under the eyes are much less puffy. Just this one difference, makes me look less stressed and more rested in the more recent photo–maybe even slightly younger.Both my stress level and the amount of sleep I am getting have (unfortunately) remained constant. I am not getting any younger. The only difference between one event and the other is that I had begun using the serum between them. Equally unscientifically, people have commented that I look good and ask what I’ve done. (Before, they were asking me if something was wrong). I’ve already recommended the serum to several friends.I think that the rest of my skin has also benefited from the serum, but it is much harder to tell since I have always taken good care of it and I was not having a particular problem. Still, I like the way it feels going on, the way it soaks right in not leaving a film or a greasy or sticky feeling.I still have a supply of other night and day creams on hand but, when I run out, I do plan to try the Micro Sculpting Cream to use at night, and the other Regenerist Cream with the SPF 50 protection for during the daytime.Olay has come a long way since the time they only produced that little white bottle with the black cap–very far indeed!

Melody Haysville, KS

very nice, incredibly light mosturizer. . .but. . .

This is a very nice face moisturizer, at least in terms of formula. I have oily skin, but my cheeks do occasionally feel dry and tight, plus I do like to use a vitamin-rich lotion from time to time. This works well for that. I apply at night, and my skin never feels greasy, and it sinks into the skin very, very quickly, which I like. I haven’t noticed any fountain-of-youth-type affects, but I tend to think those claims are a bunch of hooey. All I want is a good, easy moisturizer that works on oily skin but is fairly inexpensive.Okay, inexpensive this is not, but, at around $20, it’s pretty much in line with similar products, i.e., serums that melt into the skin with no greasy residue.The bad part? The fragrance. I hate it. But there is probably something in this same formula for sensitive skin, or fragance-free. I’d recommend that, because fragrances can irritate the skin, or more importantly for me, irritate the nose. I hate flowery fragrances in my lotions. They make me feel like a grandma.

Barbra Stewartsville, MO


Other than ‘Micro-sculpting,’ I’m not sure exactly what this serum is supposed to do. I can tell you what it didnt do. It didnt moisturize. It didnt remove any lines. It didnt remove bags under my eyes. I didnt belnd any different colors. It didnt smooth out any rough texture. Now im young, so what I can say is it didnt make anything worse, maybe I didnt use it long enough to see results, or maybe I’m not the target skin type and I am a guy. But to be fair, I still dont know what micro sculpting means…

Kellie Milton, KY

So far so good

I’ve been using regenerist daily serum for about 2 years and really like it. I read all the hype and decided to try the micro sculpting serum and compare. The consistency is different; the daily serum is thicker and, some might say, a bit greasy. The micro sculpting serum sinks into the skin faster and feels lighter. I use both products – the daily serum in the morning and the micro sculpting serum (with a small amount of the micro sculpting cream) in the evening. I don’t know if I notice a visible difference after using this new serum. Perhaps I need to use it twice a day. I like it regardless and wil probably continue to use it.UPDATE: it’s been about a month; still using it once a day with a little micro sculpting cream on the “problem areas”. I think I am noticing a difference. The other day, a co-worker actually told me my skin looked great. I guess this stuff works and, since I’m not getting any younger, I just ordered another bottle.

Nell Budd Lake, NJ

No thank you. Too heavy, too smelly.

I just applied this product as directed for the first time on a clean, washed face. The product feels greasy on my hands and face as I applied it and though it dried without a greasy feel, it feels really, really heavy on my face and I just want to wash it off. As I am sensitive to smell, the fragrance in this product is stronger than I would like and over all, I would not use it again.

Sheree Scheller, IL

It Appears to Deliver on its Claims

“Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Serum” comes bearing the promise that it will penetrate into the skin’s surface to deliver a super-concentrated amino-peptide +B3 complex. It claims that it will provide extra hydration for the skin to make it significantly firmer looking and regenerate its appearance. It claims to be fast absorbing, and non-greasy, and to give a user younger-looking skin, without drastic measures, within just five days. The skin, it claims, will be plumped, and look brighter and more radiant. This particular skin product also comes to my house enthusiastically spoken of by some friends and acquaintances.I have been using this product for at least the recommended five days, and I do believe I see some change for the better and brighter in my skin. Mind you, as I’ve recently said in reviewing another skin product, I’ve reached the age –I’m retired, after all — where I’ve been spending heavily on department store products, and cosmoceuticals, that promise exactly the same results. And I’ve also been investing in some procedures that promise the same results. So maybe I really can’t make this fine a judgment call, and shouldn’t be reviewing this product now, or at all. Nevertheless, I do think I see some extra results. And I do not appear to be allergic to this product, nor does it appear to be upsetting my skin, as some other products do: the package states it has been dermatologically tested so as to be non-comedogenic; that is, it won’t clog the pores, causing breakouts, nor does it appear to be heavily perfumed.The product goes on smoothly, is pleasant enough to deal with, and, in comparison to some department store brands and cosmoceuticals, is quite reasonably priced. And it appears to deliver on its claims. So what don’t I like about it? It is a Proctor and Gamble product, and, as a card-carrying PETA member, I have been trying to boycott P & G’s multifarious products for upwards of fifteen years. The firm has a long record of treating animals terribly in its laboratories, and, to me, no skin cream is worth the suffering of innocent creatures. There are many other comparable skin care products delivered to market without animal testing: you’ve only got to read the labels to find them. So I’ve been doing for fifteen years, and so I will continue to do.

Tamika Richwoods, MO

Second review

I deleted my first review because I reviewed too quickly. The first week using this line was phenomenal. My skin looked and felt great. However, two months in, I’ve taken a turn for the worse. I don’t have problem skin. I’ve always taken good care of it. I get the odd blemish now and again, but for the most part I’m clear. Holy bajoly, this stuff clogged my pores. I’m broken out, my skin is dull, and I look and feel like an oil slick. I have dry skin to the max, but you wouldn’t know that to look at me. I continued using this for several weeks past what I should because I blamed everything else under the sun: stress, hormones, weather, even food choices. But it’s clear to me now it’s the product.I wanted this to work, mainly because I dropped about $100 on several products in this line, thinking if I went in for the whole load I’d get the best results. I figured eventually it would save me money. No, this was a fairly expensive mistake for me. I’ve never had a problem with skincare. I can’t think of any other brand, cheapo or department store, that caused such major issues for me. Some have been better than others, but none have been like this.

Amalia Clayton, IN


When I opened the Olay box, there were obvious finger smudges on the inside packaging. Suspicious, I looked inside the bottle and more than half the bottle was gone. No wonder the price is low…

Eleanor Canterbury, NH

Not for me, clogged my pores

Maybe when I reach menopause, I can use this product, but not now. I’m in my 30’s and have combination skin. Where my skin is a bit oily (chin, nose, forehead), I broke out into the worst acne that I have had in over a decade after using this product. In fact, this may be the worst breakout of acne that I have ever had! If you have normal to dry skin, this product may be great for you, but if you have oily or combination skin, WATCH OUT!

Rochelle Ewing, IL

My wife LOVED it

I received this item though the Amazon Vine program. Honestly, I do not know what it does, or why it works, but it does for some reason. My wife is in love with this serum and has vowed to buy it again when hers runs out. She uses it every morning, I assume that’s the right thing to do, and she tells me over and over that she wouldn’t go a day without it.So Ladies, if you’re on the fence and this review is the one you’re reading, she absolutely recommends it.

Lucia Toano, VA

Way too much perfume

I did not get to use this product long enough to determine its efficacy because the smell was way to overpowering. I felt like I could just dab some on my neck and use it as a daily perfume. I figured anything with that much perfume couldn’t be good for my skin. Besides, I found it highly irritating to be bombarded by this overpowering scent ages after I had applied it. I am not a perfume wearer and I did not intend to have my face cream make me into one.

Lelia Narrowsburg, NY

Pros & Cons

Pros: Very little goes a long way, so apply sparingly. At first it feels oily, but once it’s rubbed in and left to dry it’s imperceptible. No residue. Light fragrance, dissipates quickly. No allergic reaction.Cons: I used this product faithfully twice a day for five days. Even when looking into a magnifying mirror I can’t see a difference in fine lines, age spots, or anything. Maybe I could give it more time, but they said better looking skin in five days.

Marie Montezuma, KS

I don’t see much of a result, but I can feel a difference.

I’m still fairly young, in my mid-twenties, so I wanted to try this in the pursuit of line prevention rather than getting rid of pre-existing lines. After using this daily for two weeks, I don’t seem much of an improvement to my skin, but it does feel smoother to the touch.The serum is pretty lightweight and soaks in quickly. It doesn’t feel sticky at all. It’s not particularly hydrating. If you’re someone hoping to use this in lieu of a moisturizer – don’t. It’s not going to prevent or heal dryness; you still need to use your usual lotion or cream after. (If you’re serious about preventing aging, then don’t forget your sun protection. That’s the #1 thing you can do to keep your skin youthful!)

Rhoda Kings Mountain, NC

Good Product, Good Price

Product was received on time for a very good price. Olay is always a quality product that does what it claims it should do.

Darcy Manchester, ME

regenerating serum

fully absorbs into skin, not greasy or heavy, does give a tightening action, works well with other products, gives smooth appearance to skin, gives clarity to skin, does not clog pores

Doris Mifflin, PA

Hydrating but Not Perfect

Like most skin-care products, this one promises more than it can deliver. It’s advertised to make skin significantly firmer and more radiant in just five days. I used it for three times that long before I could see any difference, and that was just that the skin seemed more hydrated. Of course, that is desirable if you are middle-aged or beyond so I would have continued to use it except that I was showing signs of possible allergy to it by the time I discontinued it.I have sensitive skin and am allergic to a list of substances including tea, so when I saw that the ingredients include camellia sinensis (tea), I approached the product carefully. I tested it on the skin inside my elbow and got no reaction, then used only a tiny bit at first. I was able to use the product for 3 or 4 weeks without a problem except that my skin was more sensitive to the sun than it was with another product (a moisturizer which contained a little sunscreen). FInally I looked it the mirror one day and noticed some new discolorations on my cheek plus a darkening of the circles under my eyes, so I decided to stop using this product.Since tea allergy is not terribly common (although not as rare as you might think), most users should not have a problem with this. By the way, aluminum starch is listed as an ingredient and that doesn’t sound like something you want to use in large quantities although it is considered safe in small amounts.You will probably want to add a sunscreen in the summer.I would prefer a fragrance-free product but did not find that this has an objectionable odor. It has a soft feel and spreads easily.

Katrina Crocketville, SC

did not notice much of a difference

I waited to review this product until I had used it for over a week. I have to say, that I have not noticed much of a difference in either the appearance or texture of my skin. It may be because I use a moisturizer routinely, but that said, it is not an “anti-aging” product.I am middle age, have dry skin, especially so because I am in the trpoical sun a lot. I do not, however, have wrinkles… so if that is what this is intended to address, it was lost on me.I like that it absorbs quickly and is not greasy. It also smells nice, but did not make a noticeable difference for me.The first few days that I used this product, my skin peeled a bit, much like products containing retinal. I had to go to the product description (the print on the bottle is too tiny for me to read) to see if it did. It does not appear to, but my skin reacted similarly (to products containing retinal or retin-a). Consequently I thought, perhaps, it was via exfoliation that skin might looks brighter, younger (exfoliants do have that effect as they reveal new skin underneath). Apparently I was wrong about how it works. That said, it did not do much for me. I’d say, from my personal experience, it is a nice moisturizer, but I am not willing to pay this much for a moisturizer. However, it is surprizing, given that I spend a lot of time in the tropical sun and have dry skin issues to boot, that I didn’t notice much difference beyond what I get with more or less generic moisturizing creams.I’d give this product 4 or 5 stars if it was priced in the same range as the products I use, but a very much more expensive product should give you something more.

Dollie Mason City, NE

a facial sculptor

I have used Olay Regenerist Micro-sculpting cream for a long time and am a big fan. Am thrilled that Olay has come up with a similar product in a serum,pump bottle formula. Although I’ve found that using a tongue depressor to remove product from the jar works well, it’s so much easier to dispense it from a pump bottle. We all know that, as we age, our skin loses elasticity. This product has truly helped my skin to feel smoother and tighter. Great product!

Carly Nanticoke, PA

As Advertised

Just a quick comment on this product. It pretty well works as advertised.I get a lot of sun and use it on the crows feet. There are no miracle creamsout there but you can tell a subtle difference with this one.

Ina Jewett, IL


I have to start by saying that I am big fan of the renerist line. I personally like the micro sculpting cream better. I feel it’s more hydrating than the serum. The serum versions are easier to absorb and I feel are more concentrated. I like the renerist serum better than this.

Young Mescalero, NM

Love it

I really like the majority of the regenerist line, especially the serums because they go on feeling so silky. I’m 29 with fair freckled(or as I like to say, sun damaged!!), combo skin. I’ve been concetrating on lightening the sun damage and minimizing the birth of fine lines. I typically use Ole Henriksen Truth Serum at night, and I love it, but I don’t love the price. This might end up being a great replacement for me.I’ve been applying this all week and the biggest change is the fine lines in my forehead are much less noticeable. I love the pump style packaging, it’s so much easier to use and more sanitary then any kind of jar. Very light fragrance, nothing over powering.The glycerin and dimethicone(a silicone oil), is what makes it feel so soft and smooth during application, but some reports say silicones are bad for acne prone skin, since it’s like placing plastic wrap on top of it. It traps everything beneath it, both good(moisture) and bad(bacteria).But overall I’ve had no problems with it, I really like this serum and will probably buy it again.

Shauna Ponderay, ID

Saw a Slight Difference

I am just finishing up my second bottle after getting it at my Warehouse Club as a two pack. I’ve used this exclusively from December 24th 2010 – May 10th 2011 (I have less than a quarter bottle left, it will be gone within two weeks.) and I have to say I saw a slight difference in the area around my eye. I’m 28 and have hereditary bags and dark circles so I wasn’t expecting much under my eye, what I was getting worried about was the droopiness of the skin under my eyebrow, it was encroaching on my eye lid!By the time I cracked the second bottle is when I saw results without having to have my face an inch away from the mirror, however these results are subtle and I didn’t receive any comments about looking more awake. I am satisfied with the product but I won’t be purchasing this particular serum again. I don’t feel the benefit is worth the cost but I will look to other products in the Regenerist line. A quick add-on is that during my time using this serum religiously morning and evening I have noticed fine wrinkles around my eye area and the serum didn’t combat them in any way or make them better.

Mellisa Elizabethtown, IL

Fantastic product for a fraction of what the most expensive cost

Olay makes good on a promise of doing exactly what their product describes for a fraction of what most dept stores would charge to do the same. After using the product for 5 days I def noticed a difference in the clarity and tone of my skin. Firmness achieved.However I also recommend using a moisturizer 10 mins after applying this product.

Wendi Beaver, UT

Had a bad reaction

I have semi-sensitive to normal skin. Not overly sensitive, I have had many facials, microdermabrasions and chemical peels with normal reactions. However, after using this for about 5 days my skin got very irritated, it burned when I used my usual sunscreen and makeup. I have ended up with dry patches and a couple of big zits. I didn’t use anything else new on my face.

Lynnette Glen Burnie, MD

Its okay

I like how the product feels and the way it makes your skin feel, I just don’t like all the ingredients they put it the product. It smells nice and it goes on smoothly and makes your skin feel smooth but for me I have not really noticed a difference in it being age defying.

Mandy Novinger, MO

Works well, as long as I keep using it…

I’ve been using this serum for almost a month now, and really like what it does for my skin. It absorbs well, and almost right away after applying it, I notice a “plumping” effect that makes my skin’s texture smoother and more regular. I love the way my skin feels… silky smooth and yes, with regular use, actually firmer. The bottle is actually a decent size – almost two ounces, so while it’s pricey, it lasts a while.On the negative side, I was hoping that this stuff was going to permanently improve my skin, at least a little bit – the regenerative effect the name suggests – but when I stopped using it for a couple of days, my skin returned to its former wrinkly self pretty quickly. It’s not a miracle worker, but a good product nonetheless when used regularly and consistently.

Rose Chavies, KY

Very hydrating, but not sure about “sculpting. ” …

Very hydrating, but not sure about "sculpting." I use this at night under the Pro X Wrinkle Smoothing cream and it leaves my skin satiny soft the next morning.

Marcy Sayville, NY

Tightens skin, leaving it smooth, but only part of a skin care equation

I received this item as part of the Amazon Vine program. I’m almost 43 and have visible lines around my eyes and on my forehead, and while I’ve lost some elasticity in my skin, overall it’s not a big issue for me yet. This product promises ‘significantly firmer skin and regeneration of the skin’s appearance’ – visible as soon as the first 5 days – looking ‘brighter and more radiant’. Promising ‘younger looking skin without drastic measures’.Well, I’m not sure about those claims, but in all honesty, maybe you need to use the Olay Regeneris Micro-sculpting cream in conjunction with this product (as recommended on the packaging) to reap the product’s full benefits? This is the product in the line which is #2… the first product is a cleanser, the third a moisurizer, the fourth a daily treatment and the fifth a specialty treatment. I’m not sure how much all that will cost you, but check out the Olay Regenerist line and I’m sure you’ll end up with about $100 a month for skin care to look ‘firmer’ and more youthful!What I did notice was tighter skin within 5 days, using it morning and night after I used my own cleanser. Not tingly, or unpleasant in any way, which was nice. The ‘super-concentrated amino-peptide +B3 formula’ was in fact ‘fast absorbing’, which makes you think you need more than you actually do – a negative. You have to be fast with this stuff! It is non-greasy, so you don’t have to worry about smudging up your pillowcase, which I liked, nor wearing it under make-up.Overall I think this product is good, but not Earth-shatteringly good. Maybe if I could evaluate the whole line I could see how well it works, but for me, this product will not be a future purchase. It’s expensive and only part of a skin care line with big promises.

Marietta Trout Creek, NY

nothing special

I was not impressed with this Olay product. While is goes on smoothly, I did not see a difference in my skin. The pump provides just the right amount of serum and it blends in smoothly. I used the product for 14 days now and I do not see that there is any improvement with lines, wrinkles, or moisturizing. I also am not at all fond of the peculiar scent. It is rather pricey and not worth the money. I much prefer other Olay products.

Sondra Mullett Lake, MI