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Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Eye Cream And Lash Serum Duo 1 Kit, 0.51 Ounce

Brighten up and energize the look of your eyes. Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Eye Cream and Lash Serum Duo is a two-step treatment, specifically designed to reveal eyes that “wow!” The Olay Regenerist Lash Serum instantly thickens and enhances the appearance of your lashes. Simultaneously, the Eye Cream, featuring an advanced amino-peptide + B3 complex that penetrates deep into the skin’s surface, treats the area around your eyes for firmer, younger-looking skin. Simply massage in a small amount of eye cream to brighten and firm skin’s appearance. Next, apply the Lash Serum as you would mascara to instantly thicken and define the appearance of lashes. After letting the serum dry, your eyes are ready to “wow!” Or, if you’d like an even bolder look, you can finish with your favorite mascara. Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Eye Cream and Lash Serum Duo is everything you need for younger, energized-looking eyes. At a Glance Dual-ended product treats both skin and lashes Energizes and firms the area around your eyes Instantly thickens the look of lashes Smoothes lids and softens the appearance of crow’s feet Formulated with advanced amino-peptide + B3 complex Key Features Energy For Eyes That “Wow!” Skin cells’ response to the effects of aging and free radicals can slow over time, resulting in dryness, wrinkles, and sagging skin around the eyes. But when your skin begins to act younger, you’ll look younger. Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Eye Cream & Lash Serum Duo gives your skin a lift of energy at the surface cellular level. It’s uniquely formulated with a skin-energizing amino-peptide + B3 complex to soften the appearance of lines and smooth the look of your lids. Plus, the Lash Serum instantly enhances your lashes, making them appear thicker and more vibrant. Results You Can See Eye Cream helps: Hydrate to firm the eye area Reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles Smooth and brighten Regenerate skin’s youthful look Lash Serum helps: Coat for instantly thicker-looking lashes Hydrate to nourish lashes base to tip Energize Your Regimen Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Eye Cream & Lash Serum Duo is just one of many beneficial steps you can take to improve your skin’s appearance. Customize your own regimen with advanced cleansers, moisturizers, serums and specialized treatments to target specific skincare concerns. Frequently Asked Questions How often should I use Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Eye Cream & Lash Serum Duo? We recommend using the duo each morning before applying your make-up, and again in the evening as you prepare for bed. The active ingredients in the eye cream work over time to improve the skin’s appearance, and lashes can benefit from extra conditioning after you take off your eye make-up. Can I use Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Eye Cream & Lash Serum Duo with my regular mascara and other eye make-up? Yes. The lash serum acts as a great base for your mascara. Dot on the eye cream and smooth into the area around your eye. If using an eyelash curler, do that step, then apply serum to lashes. Complete the rest of your face make-up while the serum absorbs. Once lashes are dry, coat with your favorite mascara. Does it matter which product I apply first? Either product can be applied first, but we usually start with the eye cream. Does the lash serum help grow lashes? Unlike prescription drug products, the lash serum does not grow eye lashes. The Olay lash serum helps hydrate, condition and coat lashes for an instant visual boost. Does the eye cream help prevent crepe-like skin on my lids? The eye cream helps firm skin’s appearance, which can tighten the look of lids and reduce the “crepe” effect.

Key features

  • Kit contains Cream: 0.34 Fl Oz & Serum: 0.17 Fl Oz, total of 0.51-Oz, Smoother lids + softer lines + thicker lashes
  • With hydra-firming complex
  • Let your eyes do the talking about your secret to the fountain of youth
  • Benefits – Cream Helps:Regenerates skin’s youthful lookReduce fine line & wrinkle appearance around the eyes with moisturizationHydrate to firm eye areaSmoothes, BrightensSerum Helps:Hydrates to nourish lashes base to tip, for thicker looking lashes and younger looking eyesRegenerates skin’s youthful lookReduce fine line & wrinkle appearance around the eyes with moisturizationHydrate to firm eye areaSmoothes, BrightensSerum Helps:Hydrates to nourish lashes base to tip
  • Product Attributes:Cream – Fast absorbing and non-greasySerum: Lightweight and naturally smoothOpthalmologist Tested
  • Technology: Cream: Formula with Advanced Amino- peptide Complex + hydra firming complex penetrates deeply into skin surface and hydrates the eye areaSerum: Formula with glycerin nourishes lashes from base to tip
  • Results: Younger-looking eyes, that are brighter and firmer in 1 week
  • For more information on this eye duo and other Regenerist products to complete your skincare regimen go to

Honest reviews


Olay Regenerist Micro Sculpting Duo Kit

I bought this because if the reviews, whilst looking to purchase my regular Pro X Olay eye cream, and thought I’d try it because it had the lash serum as well. I stopped using the serum after three applications because my eyelids started to itch and also because the serum made my eyelashes brittle. I thought the serum would be like a treatment, but it hardened on the lashes making my mascara hard to apply and defeating the purpose of using an expensive mascara with argon oil, which couldn’t penetrate the serum after it had hardened. The eye cream is a little dry for me and I still have to use another one on top.

Joan Juneau, WI

Product works as advertise

I bought this sculpting eye cream and lash duo kit because under and over my eyes had some lines and my eye lashes needed thicken up . I have seen some results under and over my eyes in 10 days. The lines over and under my eyes were softer and skin much smother. My eyelashes looked much better then before and had gotten thicken up quite a bit. The serum was fast absorbing and non greasy. The scent is a soft floral scent more on the neutral scent, so I don’t think it will bother people with sensitive sense of smell.My skin do look healthier and younger, and I will continue using this product becuase I love it and also seen result. I just love how my eye lashes look because it was very fine and now it is much thicker and looks great when I put my mascara on. Thank you Olay your product real work. I recommend this for anybody who want fuller lash and smoother skin around the eye area.

Valeria Pope A F B, NC

Still Iffy About Entirity of Duo

I am 32, & was a stomach sleeper for years(now mainly back & side), & stayed outside sans sunglasses for ALL of my childhood…so do have the slightest lines under my eyes. I can say that the tiny lines I had in the corner’s of my eyes are all but gone! The one’s under my eyes..not gone yet, BUT, I also forget to use it every night, so that’s partly me fault. The lash serum WORKS! I have always had very thin and short lashes… this stuff has made a very noticeable difference. The only thing that concerns me is that when I first got it, the serum was clear & uniform in substance.. it is now cloudy & "chunky"… it still goes on, but not sure why the color & consistency change.

Jan Amawalk, NY

as advertised

I received this fairly quickly and have been using it every morning. No difference in lashes yet but the eye creme is as good as the 70$ a tube that I had been using.

Susanna Litchfield, IL

SHOCKED…I actually saw a difference

I am one of the biggest skeptics when it comes to beauty products. They all claim to make you look younger, erase lines, "defy age" so imagine my surpise when this one actually came through. It’s hard to describe….but after the first 2 days I could see it. My eyes weren’t as puffy, the lines were visably smoother and my lashes actually looked like they grew. It might be my mind playing "beauty tricks"….but when I applied mascara, I stood there a good 5 minutes staring at my long lashes. Skeptical? give it a try. You really have nothing to lose, except the purchase price…..which also was amazingly reasonable.

Lorena Rockwood, TX

Fantastic product!

I got this as a gift and I love it! I have puffy under eyes in the mornings that can make me look quite strange and very tired. The eye cream does a really good job of minimizing that and giving my eyes a very fresh and awake look. I can’t comment on it’s wrinkle abilities as I don’t have any just yet. It’s gentle, has no odor, goes on smoothly and absorbs quickly. By the time I’m done with the second eye the first one is dried and ready for makeup.The lash serum is what really shines for me though. Mine were never too short, but the grew out almost straight and were pretty lackluster to me. I used this for two weeks daily and my lashes look amazing now. I’ve seriously been asked if I’m wearing falsies a few times. It doesn’t do much for increasing the density of your lashes, but holy cow does it make them longer! My lashes are constantly hitting my glasses lenses now and I’m not even upset that I have to keep cleaning them because of it. I think this may be my Holy Grail lash serum, it’s really good!So this is a great product and I love the results it gives me. The only thing I don’t like is the price tag. It’s a bit pricey for a college student like me, but I think it wouldn’t be too bad if I had a decent job. Just my little complaint, but it’s not a biggie.

Kerri Brashear, MO

eye cream same as any others but like the eyelash serum

Ironic..on Dr. OZ the other day, beauty experts were on with myths. One was that women needed eye cream…I’ve always used it..spent tons on it!…They showed several eye creams & regular facial moisutizers; they did this to show they both have the same ingredient except for one and it was last on the list! All in all saying eye cream is the same as moistuizer. They said Retin A was the only thing that helped. Hope fades far as the Olay eye cream, honestly, it is the same as others..nothing special, saw no change&have; used it for weeks&weeks; now. The serum I DO like because it gives my thin soft eyelashes some texture to them so mascara seems to go on better..doesn’t make them grow tho.

Fern Kannapolis, NC

I can flutter my eyelashes again!

Full Disclosure, I got this free from Olay.I started using this a couple weeks ago. I had been using the regenerist MicroSculpting lotion so I thought this would be good as well.As an eyecream it’s pretty good. I don’t see plastic surgery cancelling results but my eyes look less tired.My lashes, on the other hand are kind of a big deal. I hadn’t been using it twice a day as I should, but rather just before bed, (I wasn’t sure if it would make my mascara flake off or something) but I went to put on mascara yesterday and WOW! My lashes are a bit fuller and longer than they were before!I plan on buying it when I run out because my initial impression is very good.yes, the wand is kind of stiff like a comb, but I am pleased with the application and especially the results!EDIT: I have reached a point that when I have mascara on, my lashes leave ‘marks’ on the inside of my sunglasses. They are definitely longer and fuller than they were a month ago.

Nona Demopolis, AL

works but at a cost

First of all i have sensitive eyes and especially the cream seemed to burn my eyes, but i had better luck being careful not to rub the cream over my eye just around. The product does give great results for the price with continued use. After primer dries on eyelashes top with mascara for great results!

Juana Arcola, MO

Did Not Work For Me! Not happy with this purchase!!!!

I had heard that this worked really good for the eyes so I thought I would give it a try. Sadly I did not notice much difference with the appearance of my fine lines around the eyes or growth to the lashes. I did use the entire tube just to be sure to give it time needed to get any results. Will not purchase again.

Concetta Johnson, VT

Lovely Lashes

This product really enhances your lashes and the cream is very soft on your lids and makes them smooth. I am most happy with this product and will be purchasing again,

Jenna Lexington, TN

Sell the eye cream separately, please.

This is a great line (micro sculpting) and a good eye cream…but the lash product is useless to me. I don’t wear mascara, so don’t really need to ‘condition’ lashes and I’m not sure that this gel would do the trick if I did. The application wand is DEADLY stiff..for what reason?

Adeline Montpelier, IA


I have used so many eye creams that I lost count a long time ago… This one is different. Not only is it good for wrinkles around the eye area…but you can use it on the eyelids as well! That is a plus…for an area that is often forgotten by many companies. They can wrinkle too and your makeup doesn’t wear correctly if the skin there is dry. This one keeps it moist enough to apply makeup without becoming too oily! Much better than the higher priced products that I have used in the past!

Eleanor Skipperville, AL

It’s ok but no results

Thought I’d try it in light of mostly good reviews. Been using it faithfully 2x/day for 6 weeks & see no changes. The primer on lashes makes it hard to apply mascara (lashes are gunky despite letting it dry). Eye serum is avg. No silky feel like the prestige brands have. Yet, I find prestige brands feel great but don’t provide results either. I have tried a number of eye creams & can’t say I have ever found 1 eye cream that changes things, and my dermatologist agrees. Trying Nu-Face microcurrent toning device now to see if that helps with puffiness & lifting eyelids – which I think it is.

Dorothea Hartford, WV

Really works

If you use the eye lash serum daily, you will notice a difference, especially when you put mascara on. The eye cream helps tighten skin and minimizes the dark circles after a week or so. Work great for me.

Diann Brooklin, ME

Decreases fine lines.

The eye cream definitely decreases the appearance of fine lines . It also helps to lighten dark circles. It feels really smooth. The eye lash serum separates the eye lashes so when you apply mascara lashes are more defined. Would definitely recommend.

Alicia Vincent, AL


Love the lash serum also. I would recommend clay always!! So far anyway!! I also like that it’s a duo.

Adrienne Houghton, IA

Love it!

Nice little due here. Thicken the lashes and eye cream and you can’t go wrong with OLAY. I absolutely love it!

Dora Sharpsburg, IA

Waste of time and money

ok not a great product I really did not see any difference. I think these products are a waste of time and money. There are much better products out there that really help to thicken your eyelashes as well as soften the lines around your eyes.

Jo Southmayd, TX

Like the eye cream…

Love the eye cream. I noticed a difference in a couple of weeks. I am only 32 but time is aging us all. As for the eyelash serum…don’t notice a difference and the brush is not comfortable to apply the serum to the lashes. Its really scratchy. I wont buy this combo again but I am going to continue to buy the olay eye cream.

Deanna Sunderland, MD