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Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream Face Moisturizer 1.7 oz.

Olay skin scientists have formulated this anti-aging facial moisturizer with an advanced Amino-Peptide Complex to penetrate deep into the skin’s surface to visibly reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream, formulated with Hyaluronic Acid, Amino-Peptides and Vitamin B3, hydrates to lift, plump and firm skin. The luxurious-feeling moisturizer immediately leaves skin hydrated and softens the look of fine lines and wrinkles. It also firms the look of skin with plumping hydration. Dramatic transformation. Not drastic measures.

Key features

  • Hydrates to lift, firm and plump so that you can delay the need for a cosmetic procedure
  • This face moisturizer is formulated with Hyaluronic Acid, Amino-Peptides and Vitamin B3
  • Penetrates deep into the surface layers of your skin leaving it immediately hydrated with visible wrinkle results starting day 1
  • Best of Olay – Best Seller
  • One 1.7 oz. jar of Olay face moisturizer

Honest reviews


Excellent Face Cream

I tried this one while hiding out from the world in Crisfield, Maryland for the Christmas-New Year holiday season with my relatives. I like it a lot! I am an “Olay” fan anyway, but have also used some other products. I heard on the TV that the Olay Regenerist line was “the best” or something like that, so here is my story:It has a nice creamy texture. It goes on your face smooth and it just really feels good going on. It does have a semi-heavy scent blast that hits you when you put the first smear on, but it is not overwhelming and it seems to disipate quickly. My preference would be to have it without the scent. The cream just feels really good going on your face, kind of like putting your face on a cool satin pillow. The cream soaks in really nice too. It does not feel like it’s going to rub off on the pillow when you hit the bed 5 minutes later like some other creams do. It also does not feel sticky like some creams do. After 4 days use on my face and neck, morning and evening, my face and neck feel really nice and soft (silky soft). I would think (based on my initial results) that this cream would have really nice results when used over an extended period of time.I believe this cream holds its own against the other face products that I use, which include the Victoria Principal line, the Olay line, and the Seacret line (in the malls, from the Dead Sea). (I switch around between the products.)The directions are really hard to read on this 1.7 oz red jar but they say the usual. They tell you to apply in small circular motions and avoid getting it into your eyes and to rinse with water if you do. (Duh. A no-brainer.) It also suggests that you focus on areas like the brow and jaw line. Olay is a Proctor and Gamble product.I think it is also important to tell you that I am NOT one of those 25 year olds who has young skin anyway and is trying to tell you how beautiful my skin is. LOL. No offense, but the young whippersnappers haven’t had time to mess up their skin yet! I am 60 years old and am very pleased with my skin. It is equally important to tell you that I did nothing special to my skin until about 4 years ago when I began a regular face cream routine. Those 4 years have paid off big time, so if you think it is too late or you are to old to bother, that is probably not true. I have had plenty of compliments on my skin.With all that said, I recommend a good quality face cream, before bed and upon waking. This (and the other Olay products) seem to be worth your time and money. When you do your face, include your neck too. It shows. Rub it on in small circles, like they suggest, and rub up (not down). Ohhhh, might I also suggest no frowning. Only laugh lines are allowed 🙂

Sharlene Gilbertville, IA

Simply the Best

I have tried many creams over the years and keep going back to Olay. But, I have not tried the Micro Sculpting cream until now.It is fantastic.At 56, not only wrinkles but, sagging are big concerns.I’ve tried the big deal creams from Lancome to Estee Lauder to others. The results were always so-so and not really satisfying.I have these creepy lines between my mouth and cheeks and they are awful when seen in daylight. Creams and makeup do not hide these and they are stubborn. I hate them.Recently lines on the bridge of my nose and around my eyes – even with using eye creams – are growing as well.And the sagging around the jaw line.Since using the Olay Micro Sculpting I have noticed real improvements in days. Lines have softened and those creepy ones by my mouth are become less noticable.while I know I’ll never look like I did at 30. I just want to look better without alot of lines and sagging.This does it.My skin is much smoother and brighter. I love the way my skin is looking.I don’t feel self conscience now. I don’t feel old.

Rachelle Warden, WA

like but don’t love this cream

I preface this review by saying that I’ve been using night cream for years and have fairly good skin (except for the areas around my eyes). That said, I’m not sure this cream is any better than Regenerist Nightly Moisturizer. I switched over because of all of the hype but haven’t noticed any real difference or improvement. For those who are just starting a nightly moisturizer routine, this cream may be better than the less expensive Nightly Moisturizer. But, I think I’ll switch back. Both products are excellent.

Mitzi Mathias, WV

Probably not good for sensitive skin…

After reading so many great reviews and a few bad ones, I wanted to give this cream a try and see how it worked for me. Its a very rich, thick cream that feels like it really moisturizes without leaving residue nor an oily feeling. IT does have a strong perfume smell which is not bad nor too overpowering. My only complaint was that after a day of wearing it, i broke out.I am hispanic, dark hair, light skin and in my 30s. My skin is a bit sensitive and I have had acne. Now, and for the past 6 years or so, I get a random pimple here and there but nothing major. I do break out when I try new products that aggravate my skin, but that is more like a rash than acne. I think this is what happened when I tried this product.After wearking it about 24-36 hours my face broke out into a dozen or so red bumps and another dozen or so mini pimples. Not regular pimples just tiny tiny whiteheads? When this has happened to me in the past, I just wipe with astringent and it calms down the next day. Well, I forgot i was trying a new product and reapplied it after and it just got worse instead of better.My friend used it and her skin was fine but she has never had any skin problems. I think that maybe this product is not for those with sensitive skin or are/have been prone to break outs. I am sure that those that aren’t may benefit. I know my friend benefitted when I told her she could keep it. She loved the perfume smell. 🙂

Lola Jersey, VA

Wonderful for sensitive skin!

I have tried a lot of skin care products lately and I am very skeptical about any new ones because I use most of them once and never open again. Most of them make me break out, leave me to dry or oily, or simply don’t work. I gave this one a try after seeing all of the positive reviews. My skin is sensitive to fragrances and I did not have a problem with this one. I have found this is light enough to use in the morning before makeup and at night after cleansing. It really has improved the texture and smoothness of my skin. It also has minimized my combination skin “freakouts”. I tend to get dry and oily at the same time on different areas of my face and this really helps balance it. It doesn’t cake up on your skin or make it feel greasy and heavy. This will remain in my beauty regimen for a long time to come. To anyone who is on the fence about trying it, just try it once and you will love it too!

Kathrine Lewisville, MN

not for dry skin

I used moisturizing serum and lotion before I put this cream on. But I ended up getting eczema. Now I’m using something else. I don’t recommend this product to the people with dry skin.

Elba Sumner, NE

Actually Works!

Initially put off by price but wish I’d tried sooner – would have saved money from trying products that don’t work. With this, skin showed almost immediate improvement – even more with time. Pleasantly scented and initially soothing, this cream can also be put on over other (at least partially absorbed) skin products. Great results – Highly recommended.

Lora Bastrop, LA

Why no SPF in this product?

I am not giving this product any rating except for one star because I am actually writing to get the opinion of the Olay consultant (I noticed their comments on this site)on why doesn’t this product contain any sun block protection.Any anti-aging product should contain some form of SPF as this is what damages the skin to begin with (other than the age).Please respond.

Lelia Carrier, OK


My skin is ok with most of the face cream. I don’t have pimple normally. But after us this cream it make me break out a lot. It cause my skin come out with a lot of small pimple with whitehead after 2 days of usage.

Ashlee Bloomburg, TX


First off, let me say I am not in any way benefitting from this review…..I was amazed at the results. A little about myself: I’m 40 and have recently (intentionally) lost over 30 pounds, have had a stressful last six months, and have an expressive face (I wrinkle my eyebrows a lot). So I started to notice creases above my eyebrows. Stress, weight loss, and my continued eye wrinkling started to show. Ugh. I can’t afford medical intervention, but knew that I needed to do something. Just like everyone else … I had seen the Olay commercials. I’m a natural born skeptic and hate to waste money. $20– ok, worth a try.I used the cream (light, non greasy, lovely) one night before bed. The forehead creases are noticeably diminished after only one day’s use. I looked more rested and fresh faced. I was completely surprised. I am anxious to see what a week’s worth of use will do.

Corina Ferguson, KY

Perfect for sensitive skin

This cream is absolutely amazing. My face is so much smoother and my skin just seems brighter than it used to be. Also, I’ve always had very sensitive skin – I have to watch what moisturizers and makeup I use or I may break out. I had no trouble with this cream at all. I definitely plan to continue using this product and I highly recommend it to others.

Pamala Coulters, PA

Works great

Olay Regenerist Microsculpting Cream does what it is advertised to do. This is the third or fourth jar that I have had, but this is the first time I’ve ordered it from Amazon, and Amazon’s price is good.I’ve tried much more expensive facial creams and lotions and they either didn’t work as well, or for the money they were no better. The Microsculpting Cream is a rich cream that doesn’t go on heavy, but has just enough moisturization for my combination skin without being too much or leaving my skin too dry. The best feature of the cream, for me at least, is its sculpting ability, especially around the jawline. After a couple of weeks of use, I can always see my jawline tighten up enough that it’s noticeable. At 66, that’s definitely worth it!I chose to get the scented cream just because I enjoy a little scent to cosmetic products, but it is available in unscented. It doesn’t take a whole lot for one use, so this lasts a good while. Since I have a mild case of rosacea, I put a thin layer of Finacea lotion (from my dermatologist) on first, then the Regenerist Cream. It’s good for the neck, too.Highly recommended.

Milagros Belleville, NY

Works well as a moisturizer, but beware if you have sensitive skin (4- stars)

Olay Micro-Sculpting Cream is collagenic — that is, it can block your pores — so users may experience milia, those hard little white dots/deposits under the skin, or acne. When I first tried this product, I woke up the next morning with milia dotting my cheeks. I immediately stopped using the cream. A few weeks later, I decided to try it again. This time, it took three days for my skin to react. I figured then that perhaps my skin just needed to get used to it, so I waited a while before starting up again. And I was right. I’m able to use it now, although I’m very careful to use the cream only at night and another, noncollagenic moisturizer by day. I’m still undecided if I will continue once I run out. My skin feels great in the morning, but I remain wary.Since I use mainly unscented products, I was also surprised by the strength of the scent. My husband can tell I applied the cream from across the room. But if you tend to use scents, you probably won’t find it overpowering. Don’t even bother trying this if you have adverse reactions to scents; it will be a waste of your money.I bought this product because I read that it provides the best results for the least amount of money. Although that may be the case, the drawbacks are something to consider as well. I recommend buying the smallest jar you can when first trying this and see whether your skin can handle it. I was able to sensitize my own skin, but you may not be able to. If you have oily or sensitive skin, beware. Otherwise, it should make your skin feel smooth and supple.– Debbie Lee Wesselmann

Gertrude Rindge, NH

Must be working – I love the fragrance, sort of like a rose

I use this every morning. People think that my 50 year old son is my husband. I guess that says it all! LOL

Jaime Hartville, MO

I don’t like scented things

The one I received was scented and I am mad about that. I have not used it much because of that.

Jasmin Powell, WY


I am always happy with Olay products. I knew exactly what I was purchasing. I know that most of my friends also use this cream.

Dominique Soldier, KS

Didn’t suit me

I don’t know why I got this. I’m not old enough to use micro sculpting creams, but just wanted some lift on my chin area. This didn’t help. Worse, the smell is so sickening taht I wanted to puke the whole day, and I got a headache from the smell. Lucky are those who can bear the over powering smell.

Wanda Blytheville, AR

Does not absorb!

I’ve been using this for a while now, I also have the 3 point daily treatment cream, same problem. So can’t say at this point that I’m too excited with these products. It just wont rub in it leaves white residue on sides of my face. Problem with Olay is they have just too many different creams, lotions and potions and a lot of them don’t have SPF in it, you’re not sure whether you should use it as night, day or inbetween treatment just confusing!

Serena Gettysburg, OH


This Olay Regenerist Micro-sculpting Cream is not the product I wanted on my recurring list. I had arranged for another Olay product. discontinured sending that and offered the Micro-sculpting Cream. I agreed, but I find it thicker and not as pleasant to use. The price is the same, but I am disappointed that would do such a thing.

Shelby Orangeburg, NY

Very nice

I have used this in the past when I lived in the desert and it was great. I now live in San Antonio and the moisture seems heavy at times but my neck and chest love it. I continue to use the product just not as much alittle goes a long way.

Allyson Hurleyville, NY

Age is nothing but a number, but?

I order this cream to help my sagging skin, I have lost some weight and need a little pick me up here and there in the face area. I am aging gracefully but want my skin to look it’s best. I just received my package today, and put some of the product on, will let you know in a week or two how everything is working out with my skin. I am 70 years old and proud of growing to that age and many more, but sometimes we need just a little help. Thank you.

Claudia Venice, FL

best moisturizer and anti aging cream

I have acne scars and sun tan in my face and hands. so I use kojic soap to get rid of my pigmentation scars and sun tan and as this soap really makes my skin super dry, I started using olay regenerist cream for about a week now and my skin is well moisturized and even more as I am in my mid 30’s so started getting winkles and this cream is definitely helping to make it less visible. my skin is sensitive and acne prone and this cream doesn’t make me breakout.

Ellen River, KY

Great, non-irritating cream

I don’t believe there are any miracles in face creams, despite what the marketers would like us to believe. At 62, I swear I have tried everything in the department stores, including Creme de la Mer, and most of what is in the drugstore. What it finally came down to was something that was adequately moisturizing but not greasy, and above all, non-irritating. My favorite daily moisturizer is the Regenerist Serum without fragrance, and I use this one at night because it is heavier and a good moisturizer for the night. This cream is soothing, non-irritating despite having a bit of fragrance (hardly any). I’m quite pleased with it, and will buy it again. Is it as good as a $150 face cream? I’d say yes, it is. Olay also makes many of the big department store brands, by the way. I’ve bought Lancome, Lauder, Chanel, Clinique, many others, and with many I had skin irritations, couldn’t use them and returned them.So this cream meets my criteria for a good face cream and the price is right! I use the Olay Pro-X cleansing brush at night, followed by this cream and my skin looks great, I don’t know of anything better than this cream and you certainly don’t need to spend more. As for the “micro-sculpting” aspect of it…don’t believe it. If you want to improve your skin, use Retin A, good sunscreen, moderate your drinking of alcohol, don’t smoke, and take good care of your skin by cleansing it properly and moisturizing when necessary (it gets more necessary as you get older). I can say for a fact that what you do in your youth determines how your skin looks when you get older. If you severely damage your skin, there are no miracle creams out there, don’t get fooled into believing that.

Lessie Dayhoit, KY

best stuff ever for my 40-year-old skin

I have been using Clinique skincare for years. I use the 3-step, which gets a lot of haters, but it keeps my skin clear which is amazing since I’m prone to breakouts and reactions to stuff. I did notice that the DDML was just not enough moisture for me. I also wanted to start using something more anti-aging since I just turned 40. I was about to plunk down $60 on a Clinique moisturizer when my bestie and I were in Target. She swears by this cream, so in order to save some bucks I bought it. I am SO GLAD that I did! My face is more hydrated, more toned, it’s tightened yet more hydrated than its been in ages. My redness and scars are evened out more already in just one week. I have not had any initial reaction or breakouts, if anything my clogged pores are less so. My large pores around my nose are smaller too. I dislike the fragrance, but for this sort of performance, I will put up with it. If they come out with a fragrance free version, I’ll be a lifelong user. By the way, I don’t care about sticking a finger in the jar, after all, I wash my hands, then my face, so it’s clean fingers going in there anyway. I can’t imagine that anyone would put dirty fingers in a jar of moisturizer, but ok…

Lessie Stevens Point, WI

Lovely Product

I love this moisturizer, it hydrates well, it’s not too thick and it never breaks me out. The only negative is the ingredients ( I wish stuff that worked wasn’t loaded with chemicals) and the scent. It’s very strong.Now, about the age defying properties, I don’t think it actually does anything for the skin except moisturize and keep the complexion looking nice. I have few wrinkles but the lines on my forehead seem to remain despite using this product for a year consecutively. So, great moisturizer- that’s it.

Bridget Dawes, WV

Feels great on my skin – Moisture with no greasy feel

I have tried numerous creams over the years…this is my favorite. Feerls great and moisturizes well, especialy note a reduction in the fine lines around my eyes. Does not leave a greasy feel which can be a problem under makeup. Absorbs in nicely. Seems to have evened skintone and eliminated a few chronic dry patches. Great choice for overall moisturizer/wrinkle reducer.

Mildred Brecksville, OH

love it!

I have tried both the expensive and drugstore skincare products and convinced that Olay products gives you the same results as the cosmetic counter brands. This is a great moisturizer at a great value! I have very sensitive skin and use this as a night cream. It makes my skin look better and even toned after applying! I paired this with the regenerist cleanser and get superior results.

Cheryl Spring Glen, NY

Used to love it but it feels a lot more silicon in it now

I’ve been using it since 2009 and nothing could replace it. I still like it over some other brands I tried lately, but I started looking again because this cream seem to have a lot more silicon in it now. I usually use BB cream or foundation over it, now I could hardly get the cream absorbed enough even after 10 minutes. I really hope Olay would stick to the original formula! I’d give it a 5 star if there is not that much silicon.

Esperanza Ashland, KY

I do not know…

I do not know, smells nicely. I am still waiting for the results. After one month all the wrinkles in its place,

Sherry Comstock, NE

Worth its price

I don’t know who comes up with the names for products, but you have to laugh at some of them. “Micro-sculpting?” If it is “micro,” what’s the point, as any firming would be nearly unnoticeable, lol. In any case, a good product, when used with the overnight product, that really does leave your skin nice and soft and doesn’t have any unpleasant smell to it (as many similar products do). If used as directed, a jar of this should last you 2-3 months (if you use it in the a.m. and p.m.). Generally I like the Olay Regenerist line. I am not a particular fan of a lot of Olay products, but the Regenerist line, I’ve always been pleased with their results. (I’m 47, very fair skin, only a few small wrinkles, or I guess they’re called “laugh lines”–except who actually laughs at getting wrinkles?–not prone to blemishs/acne etc. I use sunblock in the summer since I burn easily. My skin tends to run slightly dry, and more so in the winter months. This, combined with the overnight sculpting lotion, never fails to leave my skin soft. I definitely notice when I do NOT use it.Would recommend.

Jayne Rosston, AR