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Olay Regenerist Luminous Tone Perfecting Cream, 1.7 oz.

Let your skin concerns fade away. Reveal your most pearlescent beautiful skin with Regenerist Luminous Tone Perfecting Cream. This lightly-scented fast-absorbing moisturizer hydrates your skin. Over 8 weeks its formula with a brightening complex fades the look of dark spots age spots sun spots and discoloration evening your overall skin tone. Simply massage the moisturizing cream into your skin each morning before applying make-up and at night after cleansing. Experience bright beautiful healthy-looking skin every day with Olay Regenerist Luminous Tone Perfecting Cream.

Key features

  • Facial moisturizer hydrates skin quickly and evens overall skin tone appearance over time
  • Reveals bright, beautiful and healthy-looking skin
  • Fades the look of dark spots, age spots, sun spots and discoloration in just 8 weeks
  • Formulated with a brightening complex that penetrates deep into your skin’s surface to help re-energize skin’s appearance
  • Lightly-scented, fast-absorbing and non-greasy

Honest reviews


Wonderful hydrating and brightening facial skin cream at the right price!

I have begun to explore the Olay skin care products as the moisturizers and facial cleansers I usually use have become way too expensive, and friends have literally raved about Olay skin care products, especially about "Olay Regenerist Tone Perfecting Cream."This fast-absorbing moisturizer really does hydrate one’s skin. I have been using this cream for 2 months now and I am totally satisfied with the results. This relatively new Olay formula, with a brightening complex, fades the look of dark spots, age spots, sun spots and discoloration – even one’s overall skin tone. My skin is a lot more evenly toned, (not my imagination – I have received compliments), brighter looking, and the dark circles under my eyes are lightening. My skin has the same "glow" that it did with the more expensive products I used before….and at one third the cost!Simply massage the moisturizing cream into your skin each morning before applying make-up and at night after cleansing. A plus, there is zero oil build up during the day. Highly recommended!JANA

Saundra Letts, IA

Effective but use sparingly

I’ve had good results with Olay products. I’ve used their Definity line in the past as well as other products. So I figured I’d give this cream a try to try to even out dark areas on my neck, face and around my eyes. The first thing I discovered is that I have to use this product very sparingly. The first time I tried it, I used an amount consistent with past hydrating facial creams. Although It was a small amount, I had a difficult time getting the cream to properly penetrate my skin and fully absorb. It seemed like I was rubbing in the cream forever. As a result, my skin never fully absorbed the cream entirely and I ended up with a lot of residue on my face. I also had a ghoulish pale skin tone from the brightening effect of the cream. I used much less in the following nights and found a sweet spot to get proper absorption without over brightening my face. I divide my face into four quadrants (neck, both cheeks and forehead) and use a dab in each area. I only use it at night because I still sometimes get a little residue left behind and I don’t want to risk going out in public with that on my face. I’ve had that unknowingly happen once in the past with the Olay Definity day cream. There has to be an common ingredient in the two products that I have a difficult time absorbing because I don’t have this problem with any other Olay products. As far as effectiveness, I definitely see and feel a noticeable difference in the texture and luminance of my face and neck. My skin is brighter, (naturally, not the artificial effect immediately after application), and softer to the touch. I haven’t used it long enough to completely fade the dark areas but I can see them already beginning to fade after only a week. And this is with just one application per day. I’m very satisfied so far. I just wish I could use it during the day without the worry of residue.

Kim Aurora, OR

Excellent Moisturizer, Tone Perfecting…. not so much

I have spent my life in the sun, my adolescent years on the beaches of Florida and by the time my generation realized that a healthy tan was anything but healthy… well, it was too late for my skin. My dermatologist says that the premature aging spots had their foundation laid by those early sunburns and all that is left now is to try and minimize the discolorations that have been showing up in the last few years. I have tried a lot of products without very good results. I have tried fade cream, cosmetic coverups, etc., and they all did pretty much what this one does… nothing. This product has excellent moisturizing value, but I could see no tone perfecting what so ever. I am happier with their other products for moisturizing and won’t be getting this again.

Charmaine Elko, NV


This has got to be the worst cream I have ever used. At first it didn’t seem so bad. It goes on nice & smooth, it feels great – at first. Unfortunately it goes downhill fast. The fragrance is overpowering. If you are sensitive to fragrance you want to run from this! I had trouble falling asleep due to the overpowering smell. When it dried, it was non greasy as advertised. But that was not a good thing. My skin felt papery. When I touched it, the product gummed off & created a flaky white appearance on my skin & a sticky texture & residue on my fingers. You cannot add more "moisturizer" to your papery skin, because that only makes the flaky bits even more tacky & gummy. During the day, I had a headache from wearing this. It took two face washing before I could get the smell off of my face. It seems that the only thing my skin absorbed was the powerful fragrance.For many years when I was younger, I used Olay products exclusively (lotions, face wash, serums, eye treatments – the works!). It has been a very long time since then & with how harsh the winter is, I thought I’d give Olay another try. What a huge mistake! I normally useWeleda Wild Rose Smoothing Night Cream. They have some very nice products for mature skin that feel great. My skin absorbs it & it doesn’t give me a headache. I have already gone back to using my Weleda products & couldn’t be happier.

Eunice Emigrant, MT

Improvements in 3 days!

In THREE days my skin is softer, smoother, brighter and more luminous than usual… enough already to be noticed by others and get compliments. I use it morning and night and have high hopes for it tackling discoloration and hyper-pigmentation in the recommended 8 weeks of use. I’ll keep you posted of changes as they occur.6 hours later… Face Dandruff … stayed in today just relaxing and doing housework no need for makeup or sunscreen on top of the “Luminosity” OR so I thought. Now I know why the Luminous cleanser has micro beads! My regular Olay foaming cleanser and wash cloth is no competition for this skin shedding/flaking. Next face washing will include something with cleansing grains or micro beads to get rid of the flakiness. I’m hesitant to put another moisturizer on top of the “Luminosity” for fear of clogging my pores/causing pimples which lead to discoloration/hyper-pigmentation. I could also NOT follow the directions and cut back to using it once a day, but that would distort trialing the product as directed.I’m leaning toward adding some buff-power to my cleansing process while using the product TWICE a day as directed and see if that helps. I use a small cosmetics spatula to scoop a small amount to use OR it doesn’t absorb well, you waste product and it leaves you looking ghostly … To Be Continued!NOTE: The price range on this product is 24 – 30 bucks. It just was launched in the UK and word of mouth is also very good!**UPDATE 6/1/2014:GOOGLE “Crilly Olay Regenerist Luminous” for A Model Recommends’ detailed info for what the ingredients do. I was freaking out over the amount of skin flaking and potential clogged pores, pimples and MORE dark spots resulting.I resorted to using the product ONLY AT NIGHT because my skin was flaking/shedding/turning over very quickly. I also continued using an exfoliating deep pore cleanser to insure I didn’t get pimples and clogged pores. This kept the shedding and flakiness from causing problems. I added the Olay Definity Eye Cream to my regimen too.I did notice that some of my cosmetics were very compatible while others were not due to product build up. So venturing back to using this TWICE a day, wasn’t the best idea unless planning on having a makeup-free day. You may have to do your own product trial-and-error testing for product compatibility.The 1st jar lasted 1.5 months and I purchased a jar to continue my new skin regimen. I keep watching to catch this on sale BOTH here and at local stores because the pricing has a very wide range… 14 – 42 bucks IS CRAZY!Three words to describe this product: Brightening, Moisturizing, Effective. I AM A FAN!

Johnnie Glen Head, NY

makes my skin feel great!

I have been using the night moisture regenerist for a few months now and this feels/works just like it but with a brightener. I think it has brightened a few discolored areas on my face so that they are not that noticeable any more to me. It has a light clean scent and hasn’t irritated my sensitive skin. A lot of these products tend to turn my skin red when first applied but I didn’t experience that with this cream. I also have dry skin and this did a great job retaining moisture.

Tamara North Monmouth, ME

Feels like I’m applying a coating to my face.

In the first place, this cream has 30 ingredients! Many are fairly innocuous, like water, color, fragrance (if you’re not allergic), vitamins, green tea and aloe vera, but others are of that multisyllabic variety that sound more like they should be used in your car, not on your skin. But I’m not a chemist or biochemist, so let’s just say they’re all OK, but, really, must there be so very many?But that’s the semi-purist in me talking. The pragmatist would say if it works, ignore all those big words and just slather the stuff on. But I don’t like the way this feels on my skin. No matter how small the amount, and I’ve tried a dab, a daub, a dib and a dot, it still feels like I have coated my face with something not quite pleasant and my skin is yelling at me, “Help! I can’t breathe”.So I tried, but I will not continue to use this on my face. Hence I have no idea if it satisfactorily perfects the tone of my skin. I would rather have skin that breathes than skin with perfect tone. For me, this is a 1-star product but since I did not test it adequately I’m giving it 3 stars. I even tried to test it on my hands, where even more tone perfecting would be in order, but it left the palms feeling icky, so I gave up.BTW, I’m a long-time user of Oil of Olay products. My favorite moisturizer isOlay Regenerist Daily Regenerating Serum – Fragrance Free Moisturizer 1.7 Fl Oz. That one leaves my skin looking and feeling really good.

Alma Semmes, AL

Great Moisturizer

I love this moisturizer and have been using it nightly. It’s pretty heavy and since it doesn’t have sunscreen, it’s perfect for night time use. It doesn’t leave my skin feeling greasy, but it does still feel soft the next morning.

Aileen Woodstock, NH

Penetrating, fragrant moisturizer

This new Oil of Olay product is manufactured in Thailand where many of the women moisturize and moisturize and moisturize as the sun really takes a toll on their skin. Thus, based on this fact and as I use about three of Oil of Olay Regenerist products for moisturizing, I’m giving this 5 stars BEFORE the 8 week time frame for reducing the appearance of dark spots.I’ve only used it for two days and I can easily testify to its ease of application, scent and penetration level but I plan on using it for 8 weeks to see if it really does reduce puffiness around the eyes because even though it says it helps the appearance of dark spots and discoloration, I don’t have these problems.

Sally Hart, MI

Less expensive than spa brands, but just as good

Similar to a very expensive cream that I have been using. This cream covers well and leaves a natural, but more even skin tone.

Shawna Fortuna, CA

A Success – For Me

This product was a success for me and my skin issues -I grew up during the sun-loving 60’s and 70’s when our idea of sun tan lotion w/sunblock, was baby oil infused with iodine for that extra crispy look! Now I’m plagued with sunspots, so anything that can fade them is perfect in my book.Be aware that this product also exfoliates, so when you notice that although it does absorb into the skin, it also leaves little white particles all over your face. That’s the dead skin cells. I was luc ky and it did not irritate my skin in the least.I can’t say that the manufactures claim to make me look younger in two weeks have come true. I think in order for that to happen, you might want to start using this product when you are a bit younger than I am. That is NOT to say that I don’t see *some* youthful appearing benefits – I do – I’m just not ever going to look like a 20 or 30 something ever again!

Denice Vermillion, MN

Leaves skin soft, no SPF

My wife has been using this product for a month and here are her impressions of this premium face cream.Pros:
• Leaves skin soft. she was very impressed with how soft, almost powdery the cream left her skin. She wondered if the cream had foundation powder in it.
• Lightly pigmented cream does reduce sun spots while wearing the cream – permanently? Well, that’s much harder to tell.Cons:
• She felt it would hydrate/moisturize her skin more. Yes, her skin was soft after using the cream but she still said she wanted some more moisturizing from the product.
• Expensive. Considering the category of this product, it’s pretty much to be expected but still, something to be noted.Debatable:
• No SPF. Depending on what you want in a cream this can either be a pro or a con.Summary:At the end of the day my wife did like the cream but didn’t exactly believe it was the miracle in a bottle that it touts itself to be – but is there really such a thing? Would she buy it again? Her answer was "I want something with SPF". She thought that considering the target market it was strange it didn’t have any.

Jean Fountainville, PA

No observable effect on dark spot, though it surely is a great moisturizer

Courtesy of the Amazon Vine program, I have received an 1.7oz Olay Regenerist Luminous Tone Perfecting Cream for review over the last month. I will be honest here: Olay claims we may need up to 8 weeks to see its desired effect, but Amazon wants the review back in a month. So here is what I am doing: I am writing this review on its effect after 4 weeks of use, and I have put up a calendar event to come back to revise the review after 8 weeks.4 weeks into bi-daily application of this Olay cream, I honestly have not observed any effect on my skin (I am close to 40, East Asian descent). I have been especially paying attention to the dark spots on my face and I have been taking pictures every day so as to detect any progression. I am sorry to report that at the moment there really is no detectable change.I will be coming back in 4 weeks to give you my 8-week review.8-week Update: I may be the minority here, but really this does absolutely nothing with my dark spots after 6+ weeks of continued using. I still appreciate the moisturization effect, but I am changing my review of this to 3 stars on the justification that I just don’t see any effect. Plus, I should caution that at least for me the jar is depleted shortly after six weeks.

Audra Bromide, OK

Perfect for my sensitive skin

I absolutely love this moisturizer. It’s thick without laying heavy on the skin, it doesn’t bother my sensitive skin, and I like the scent. The scent is very light to my nose as well. I have noticed a very slight difference in my skin appearing smoother; after cleansing and applying this, my skin also seems brighter. A little bit goes a very long way though, which makes the value you receive a good one.

Carlene Skellytown, TX

Scent is only okay, but product is good quality

I have never been a huge fan of Olay products, mainly because of the scent. Let’s just say it’s not a youthful scent.I’m still not in love with the fragrance, but this is a quality product. The bottle is classy and sturdy. The contents seem a little skimpy, but you don’t need to use a lot to get the stuff on your face and neck.The product does an excellent job of moisturizing my face. If you’re already a fan of the Olay products (and the scent), this might turn out to be one of your favorite Olay products.

Augusta Burton, OH

Fairly Good Moisturizer

As a guy, I am pretty much a "one lotion does all" sort of person. It is a guy thing. Many women, on the other hand, seem to want an array of moisturizers that do this or that or the other thing. I must admit that the significant other seems to love Olay’s Regenerist products; so much so that she buys them quite often.This moisturizer does seem to do a really good job of moisturizing my significant other’s face. Her skin does seem to look better (my imagination or real, I am not sure), and SHE thinks her skin looks better. Her skin seems to glow and various age-related defects seem to be diminished. Considering how much competing products cost (not that this product is inexpensive, but it costs less than many competitors that charge two or three times as much), this stuff seems to work really well and for a relatively affordable price.I have noticed that moisturizers, like many other face products, seem to work better for some people than other people. This one seems to work well for my significant other, and, more importantly, she likes it. It is hard to beat that.Enjoy!

Marian Hines, IL

Very nice

This Olay Tone Perfecting Cream is a very nice moisturizer. In the past I have not been impressed with claims of tone perfecting, reducing spots, ect. that other brands have claimed but with this one I think it is actually working. I’ve been using the cream for about 5 weeks now and I am noticing a smoother, more even tone to my skin. The cream has a very light scent and feels almost velvety when I am applying it. I’m very happy with it!

Jolene Ellamore, WV

Quality Tone Perfecting Cream, not perfect

I like this cream pretty well, it smells great, not too strong and feels really nice going on. I have noticed after using it daily for a few weeks that a few dark spots appear lighter, so I’m impressed. There are a few things that give me pause, though. I noticed that if I put on more than just a touch, I can rub little "flakies" off later on. Using a small amount has fixed that problem. The other thing that makes me wonder is why they need to put dyes in it. Most of the ingredients are fine, but red and yellow dye to make it whiter? I prefer not to have those type of things in my moisturizer, so although I like this, I probably will not use it as a regular product once the dark spots lighten up a bit more.

Alexandra Faunsdale, AL


First of all, no one should purchase this item off of amazon. $43?! no way, it’s about $23 in stores. I tried this moisturizer out for a week and the first time it was a pleasant experience. It smells great and left a matte finish on my skin without being too greasy. HOWEVER, after a couple of days I started noticing breakouts like crazy all on my cheeks and eyebrows! I stopped immediately and am returning it. If you have sensitive skin stay away from this product.

Yvonne South Windsor, CT

Good with Reservation

I could actually see an improvement with my skin within a few days. My lines looked softer, and the skin itself was brighter. I only have one dark spot and it is on my neck, and I can see a slight improvement with it. The reservation is that I am not able to use this product in the morning as directed, as it has beads to remove dead surface skin. The removed surface skin makes my face look as though it is covered with …..dead skin scales…which it is. But even using it only at night (instead of twice a day as directed) has made a big improvement with the two areas mentioned above. I haven’t found any irritation with this product and I have sensitive skin that often turns red with even the most expensive products. The price points on this cream is within my normal price range and I will purchase it after I use the one I received as being a member of Vine.

Adrian Whitesburg, GA

Didn’t go a thing for hyper pigmentation

I gave this product a try to see if it’ll do anything to get rid of the hyper pigmentation on my cheeks. I’ve been using it for almost 3 months. NO difference than from before I started using the product. And it kind of dries up my face a bit. Not much, but I can tell the difference in my skin.I only thing I like about it is that it goes on smooth and leaves your face feeling nice and smooth. I can do without the fragrance though. Too many products with perfume in it that I can do without.If I can leave a product review on the Olay site, I would. But you have to be a member to leave a review. Really?!?

Cortney S Coffeyville, OK

A little goes a long way

I asked my wife to try this for a couple of weeks. She’s always trying new beauty products and was happy to do so. She has very sensitive skin, so most products don’t meet her needs. After the first day she wanted to quit using the cream, saying that it is way too heavy and greasy. After looking at a few positive reviews I asked her to keep using it for a few days and told her to use as little as possible. After doing so, she admitted that the cream was not so bad after all, but she still disliked how it felt too greasy and didn’t care for the scent. Probably good for most women.

Margaret Flynn, TX


I’ve been so pleased with the Regenerist fragrance-free Micro-Sculpting Cream that I jumped at the chance to order the Tone Perfecting Cream, and didn’t bother to read the list of ingredients. That was a mistake. There are three dyes that are highly allergenic, yellow 5, yellow 6, and red 40. This product has two of them, yellow 5, and red 40. I’m allergic to red 40 as a food additive. I don’t know what would happen if I got it in my eyes, but I’m not willing to find out. Certainly I wouldn’t purposely put it in my eye, but I would use a product like this on the outer corner of my eye where the wrinkles congregate, and there is a chance that it might get in my eye. The Micro-Sculpting Cream has no dye. I don’t know why Olay had to add it to the Tone Perfecting Cream.This product also has added fragrance. I actually like the scent, but I find it to be quite strong, and don’t want to be breathing it all night while I’m sleeping.If you’re sensitive to dyes and fragrance this is not the product for you.

Phoebe Morrowville, KS

Effective at Reducing Some of My Sun Spots

After a few weeks of using it once a day (in the morning), the freckles/sun spots lingering below my eyes have definitely faded a little. I’m in my mid-40s and am relieved to find a fairly inexpensive product that does what more expensive moisturizers claim to do (like Le Mer). Whether this effect will be long-lasting or dependent on my using the cream consistently is the question. I like the fact that a little goes a long way and I use it sparingly after using too much on my first try (I ended up looking ghostly white).I take very good care of my skin, so I have to say that while the lightening effect was great, the cream doesn’t make my skin dramatically softer; in this area, the cream was about as good as others I’ve used. The glow is similar to the glow I get from my Cover FX Primer from Sephora. Since I often don’t wear heavy makeup and prefer a natural look, this cream is perfect. The one quibble I have is that I feel a slight cakiness when I first put it on, but that effect fades away fairly quickly. Overall, this is an effective product that costs much less than more pricey products that claim to do the same thing. Recommended.

Cassandra Sasabe, AZ

Moisturizes and seems to even the tone

Though this product recommends an eight-week time, and I have not been using this twice daily for eight weeks yet, I have already noticed a more even skin tone. I really enjoy using this cream morning and night. It feels especially refreshing right after washing your face. After a recent cold, I noticed that the cream helped heal the parts of my nose that tissues had rubbed raw – an unexpected bonus!The cream has a more feminine scent than some facial moisturizers and toners, so this is one that I won’t catch my husband surreptitiously using for his own facial needs (my more sterile smelling Clinique moisturizer seems to disappear at a more suspicious rate). The 1.7 ounce size does not sound large, but a little of this cream spreads a long way. And best of all – it doesn’t leave a greasy film on my face nor has it lead to any blocked pores like some other, lesser quality toners have in the past.

Tammie Ripley, MS

Olay Regenerist Luminous

Love it! I need a cream that provided a better coverage with moisture. Use it daily under my makeup and it lasts!

Nan New Market, MN

Elegant light moisture

Olay is the only brand of skin cream I use, for many years now. It makes my skin look and feel great, unlike any other brands I’ve tried. The difference is amazing with some of the Olay Creams.This comes in a more elegant jar than most of the Olay Creams, and the jar comes in a nice box. So right away you know this is a premium product. The cream is light with a silky smooth texture and a light orange/peach color. The scent is a very light peach/floral which fades away after a few minutes upon application. I find the texture, color and scent of this cream very pleasing. It’s a little perfumey but in a good way. In fact I would buy this scent as a perfume if I could.This has that water feel to it that better creams have. By that I mean you can feel a cool water sensation when you apply them, and they spread out and sink in immediately. It also is whipped slightly making it airy and lightweight.I do not get a feeling of moisturization, unless it’s very slight. I feel that this is more of a tone perfecting cream to even out the skin tone. I noticed a definite difference in a few days in my more even skin tone, and while I don’t have noticeable dark areas, my skin did seem to be more evenly tones and more glowy. I was disappointed it wasn’t more moisturizing.This did not clog my pores, which is important to me. It also works well under foundation since it’s so light and smooth feeling. I can feel the dimethicone in this, that silky smooth feeling that makes makeup glide on and look smooth. There is the slightest bit of tackiness after I apply this, a strange combination of that dimethicone silky smoothness combined with a tiny bit of stickiness.If you want help with your skin tone mostly this is an elegant way to even it out. It’s probably best to apply this morning and evening as the instructions in the box recommend. It does work well for that. If you are looking for a moisturizer, this isn’t great for that. And if you must have an unscented cream you won’t like this.I alternate this every other night with my beloved Olay 7-in-One Night Cream. It’s a nice regimen that makes my skin look great.

Lila Hermosa, SD

Made a Great First Impression

I’ll be honest here – I don’t have a lot of dark spots or freckles to speak of on my face. Outside of a few sunburns when I was very, very young and dependent upon someone else to keep me sunsafe, I’ve tried to stay out of the sun and use sunscreen when that wasn’t possible.With that said, I didn’t think this product would make much of a difference in the way my skin looked. I was wrong.First of all, it’s a fantastic moisturizer. Most stuff just sits on my very oily skin and doesn’t want to absorb – not so this. My skin drinks it right up. It feels very light on with no greasiness at all. It lends an almost matte look to my skin that lasts a couple of hours – and with my super oily skin, that’s saying something. Also, it smells great.Second, while I don’t have a lot of discoloration to fade, I did notice that it made my skin almost glow. I don’t know if this is a lasting effect or something in the product that deflects light (normally these products use mica, but since mica tends to really irritate my skin, I don’t think that’s the case here). The Amazon listing says that it will “Reveal your most pearlescent beautiful skin,” and that’s the effect I’m seeing. The product doesn’t add any color at all (trust me, I’d be able to tell) but my skin has a lovely pearly sheen afterward.The only downside is that it doesn’t contain any sunscreen. I’m fairly certain that a sunscreen would make it heavy and greasy feeling, though. So I’ve been using it at night and could see myself using it as a day cream under a foundation with at least SPF 15.For the price ($23.94 with Amazon Prime) I will certainly use it again.

Carmella Hambleton, WV

Creamy, leaves residue

Overall, I’ve yet to notice much ‘lightening’ effect on my dark sun spots after 1 week of use (1x/day)Pros:- Creamy texture but not oily, comforting to use as moisturizer (at night)- Light, pleasant scent.Cons:- Leaves ‘residue’. Cream doesn’t absorb into skin cleanly. I’m unable to apply any sunscreen or foundation/primer on top of this because of this flaking effect. This the most disappointing effect so far because it limits my use. I can only use at night time (or daytime if I’m at home).

Shelly Taylors Falls, MN

Best for night, not day use

When I looked at the description, I thought it said for day and night use (it did). That may not be true, at least for me. If you are like me, you need a lighter moisturizer for daytime, especially with other makeup being used. At night, a rich cream is great.This is too rich for daytime use. In fact, after I put it on (and I didn’t use gobs), I waited a bit and went on with my makeup routine. I usually use Benefit Porefessional or another primer like that. This seemed to go on and make my face have pilling on it, that icky residue that you get if you rub the skin around the jaw line. If I didn’t use any primer, that didn’t happen. But even so, it seemed too greasy for day, and I hate too much shine. I also noticed that my eye makeup (even with shadow primer) started to migrate and slide down, even though I didn’t use this around my eyes. I had raccoon eyes by noon. So there may be too much moisture in this that somehow doesn’t blend in enough.I tried it a few more times, each time making sure less got around my eyes. The raccoon eyes disappeared. But my face felt oily all day. I still needed to purchase a different day cream that is lighter.At night, it felt great and lush on my skin. A nice scent, it felt like a luxurious treat on my skin, and I didn’t mind the feel then.Prior to this, I used Origins Night a Mins at night and Origins Ginseng Day cream. They were priced about the equivalent of this, and seeing that I will still need two products, this isn’t saving me much money. If I could use it for day, that’d be a savings, but alas, my skin won’t permit it.The problem I have in reviewing is that it promises a great deal of tone perfection in eight weeks, but Vine requires that we review within 30 days. So, I will update the review when the promised eight week period is up and let you know if I have actually seen improvement in the tone of my skin. For now, I am pleased with this product.For the record, I’m 45 with combination skin, mild adult acne at the jawline, and a few ages spots on my cheeks.

Wilma Sykesville, MD