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Olay Regenerist Derma-Pod Eye System, Anti-Aging Triple Response, 24 Applicators, 0.016 -Fluid Ounce

24 Derma-pod applicators. 8 Weeks of treatment. Regenerist Derma-Pod Eye puts the benefits of 3 treatments at your fingertips for radiant, younger-looking eyes. Resurfaces. Regenerates surface cells, revealing younger-looking skin. Decongests puffiness. Massage helps remove excess under-eye fluids. Fills line & wrinkles. Micro-spheres help fill creases for a smoother look. Gentle to use around the eye area. Dermatologist and ophthalmologist tested.

Key features

  • A triple action system to resurface skin, decongest puffiness and fill lines and wrinkles
  • Leverages amino peptide complex and skin hydrators
  • Regenerates surface cells revealing younger-looking skin

Honest reviews


Clever gimmick – okay, but overpriced moisturizer

I was excited to try this to get rid of puffiness and wrinkles. I didn’t actually realize until I read the information in the box a little more closely that there’s nothing in the ingredients to eliminate puffiness. They claim the way it reduces puffiness instead is that since you are massaging around your eye it moves the fluid around and that massage is a proven way to reduce puffiness. In other words, no need to buy the product – just massage with a moisturizer of your choice.Like others this clever little “eye pod”, actually felt like it was doing more harm than good when applied. The whole system is a bit scratchy. While it moisturized around my eyes (as most moisturizers do) it didn’t live up to the hype or the price. My puffiness was actually worse than normal, and my wrinkles weren’t anymore minimized than a good moisturizer provides.BOTTOM LINE: This is over-priced for what it delivers, which is basic moisturizer in fancy, clever packaging. I have since found one that actuallty does work for me to reduce puffiness, lines and circles which I recommend: Revision Teamine Eye Complex .5 oz.

Angeline Russellville, TN

The Cost is for the Packaging

This seems to be the same type of serum often sold in tiny tubes. For the money, I’d rather have the tube. I can figure out how to put a drop or two on my skin without the expensive “delivery system”. Most of the money seems to go to the elaborate packaging, sponge system to apply the serum. What a waste! You can’t even tell how much gets on because so much is left in the sponge. Plus, the sponge is quite rough for the eye area. I don’t think this whole idea was thought completely through. Spend your money on the tiny tubes made for the eye area. This probably sounded a lot better than it turned out.

Renae Wewahitchka, FL

No noticeable improvement

This Olay Regenerist line seems to be kind of hit and miss for me. Some products work great and others, not at all. Unfortunately, this one is in the “not at all” group.I have used these, per instructions, about 3 times a week and have gone through almost the whole box. I have not noticed any improvement in the puffiness under my eyes, nor in the fine lines around my eyes. Frankly, I can’t see any change at all.The applicator is okay, but seems to be a real gimmick to me. It says to “massage” the eye area to help reduce the puffiness, but this is contrary to every other thing you read which tells you never to tug or pull on the delicate skin around your eyes, and despite my best attempts, there is no way to “massage” with this product without tugging and pulling the skin. So, I now just dab it on and forget about the massaging idea.In any case, I haven’t noticed any improvements at all, so will not be purchasing any more of this product.

Essie Gloucester Point, VA

Great product

I was a little hesitant at purchasing these the first time. I really enjoy this product. The only thing I do not like is the delivery system. While it works, I would find it much more functional if you could just buy a tube of this and use your own applicator or finger. The cream itself is wonderful and you will notice a small difference even after only one use. When used over time with proper skincare it definitely makes a larger impact. I would recommend these to anyone looking to find an affordable way to tighten up the eye area. Thanks Olay 🙂

Susie Sharpsburg, GA


My most beautiful wife (59 years old but looks 35 years old) has used Olay products for years and will use no other. Olay Pro-X is the top of the line. Highly Recommended.

Thelma Central Point, OR